BREAKING: Rupert in London

Rupert Quaintance, who has been threatening to visit London to “kick down doors” in his quest for imaginary paedophiles in Hampstead, has arrived in London.

He appears to be broadcasting from a back garden near Gatwick Airport, so presumably he’s staying with the same person he visited on his way to Rome in the spring.

He refers to himself as the “tip of a spear”; we’d suggest that he’s the tip of a something, all right. We won’t even get into his bizarre and ill-founded ideas about the nature of paedophilia.

This video is just another rattling of his begging bowl, and he clarifies that his goal is not to actually help victims of child sexual abuse, but to make a video that will be palatable to, and viewed by a U.S. audience…thus making Rupert ‘famous’. Er, right.

Note to UK officials: Rupert will be working in the UK without a work visa. Just saying.

And to our friends who live in Hampstead, who have spent the past 20 months being targetted by wave after wave of delusional witch-hunters: please, don’t try to engage with Rupert in any way. If he attempts to approach you and won’t leave you alone, call the police immediately.

Rupert is nothing more than a festering pimple on the arse end of Hoaxtead. Treat him as such.

Rupert-Horley 2016-05-09

Rupert on his last visit to Horley, en route to Rome


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  1. This is completely unacceptable performance on the part of UKBA and the Police… This man is a known drug addict who has stated his intent to visit the UK in order to terrorise a community. Why is this criminal WASP allowed onto our shores? Or does his lack of brown skin and Asian relatives negate his terror threats? – Terrorism only being that which fits the stadt-defined stereotype and agenda?

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    • Yes–terrorism isn’t limited to people with brown skin who speak foreign languages. Rupert has been expressing his intentions for some time now. We are very disappointed that our warnings haven’t been heeded.

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      • ….There was an incident earlier this week where one of the lads who works from the office – who happens to be Asian – was ‘hassled’ by the Police as he operated a portable video light off what’s called a ‘pag belt’: – It’s a belt with 12V batteries sewn into it…..

        A fairly standard piece of professional video equipment. Fortunately these belts unzip to reveal the batteries inside. And several other crews came forward to prove the item was what it was….. As well as make it clear to the Police that they were bang out of order and were risking ‘stardom’! – But Our freind, who is Sikh and wears the turban had a terrible time! Since when were Sikhs part of the supposed terror threat? He’s a perfectly respectable chap, born and bred here, decent family man, and he’s getting this shit. – He tells me ‘it’s OK, he’s used to it’! ‘Doesn’t want any fuss’! Meanwhile that fucking nonce Quaintance drifts in without a care!

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        • I suggest:
          a well written and concise email is sent to every British tabloid (they all have “tip” contacts) with links to Quaintance’s offending videos , which lists his threats to “kick down doors”, try child rape “to see what it is like”, his drug claims, claims to have friends with guns who will murder and so on.

          They are all in fierce competition and Quaintaince has declared he will be an active vigilante and the Hampstead case was reported widely.

          The message line needs to be concise to grab their attention ie : “Hampstead residents in fear as US ” Satanist” vigilante vows to “kick down doors” and assemble armed murder squad”

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          • I might add my Hampstead friends while not involved with the Christ Church matter but who have neighbours who were, say the atmosphere among many residents is one of despair and helplessness and disappointment at the failed prosecutions especially as the 2 offenders mock the courts.

            They feel there is a never-ending dark cloud that hovers over the area and a previous joie de vivre has vanished as the case and endless repercussions are always in the background threatening to re-surface.

            Reading Neelu’s “comedy” rant you will see one witness was upset police originally did not take their concerns seriously.

            I think this has been a complete failure by authorities although some police officers appear to have been very vigilant and have done their best.

            It will serve them right if their names – as they now are – end up on the net and they are falsely accused.

            I’m not sure how they will feel when their own children and relatives read that they are all part of a Satanist baby murdering cult.

            The judge in the recent case appears to have been scrupulously fair in applying the law and is a credit to our courts but his efforts are simply mocked by these morons. All very depressing.

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    • She does live in that area.

      He could be anywhere though couldn’t he?

      Plenty of terrace houses look like that one all over the country.


  2. “They’re really close to legalising paedophilia in this country.”

    Nope. They are not. Sorry to disappoint you, Rupert, you odd little man.

    Other things that are illegal are issuing death threats, calling for innocent people to be murdered and attempting to obtain a gun. So good luck with that whole “I haven’t been arrested” thing.

    Oh and pssst: I notice you frequently refer to the UK as “England”, which is like calling the USA “California”. Duh!

    As for chucking anything into your begging bowl, thanks for asking but I’ll pass.

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    • He’s basically saying that because some academics debated something at Cambridge Uni (as they’ve been doing for hundreds of years), it means the UK government must be “really close to legalising it”. No scaremongering to raise funds there, then:)

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    • Has he got that from one thing a sole right wing American politician said was in a secret memo from the EU, but was spectacularly unable to produce. Or maybe it was the proposed treatment programme in Germany where the psychiatrists wouldn’t automatically share records with police?

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  3. One minute Rupert’s saying that paedophilia “isn’t a disease or a disorder”, the next he’s referring to paedophiles as “sick”. Make up your mind, Roops!

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  4. “If you don’t care, move on to your next stupid YouTube video.”
    Will do, Roops. I’d rather watch funny cats than a whining pussy.

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  5. Unbelievable! Its bad enough that authorities have allowed this dangerous individual into this country.In the event he actually carries out or orchestrates his stated terrorist acts against individuals there will be all hell to pay by those who have neglected their duties.
    I feel so disapointed for the law abiding people who have been let down in this manner.
    As Joe points out does he have dark skin and a rucksack with wires hanging out before law enforcement/border control decide it may not be a great idea to allow this scum to wander free in these isles?
    We just have to hope he is being monitored in some way and that he is just on a jolly and he will end up of stoned and pissed till he fucks off.

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      • He’s claiming he is skint, otherwise the greedy weirdo needs to stop begging for money.

        Surely, you’re meant to have a certain amount of money before you’re allowed to enter a foreign country, i.e. England?

        How long is he intending to stay?

        He’s shown here he doesn’t have enough funds.

        Rupert needs to leave England on those grounds alone, of course he should not have been allowed to stay.

        If people pay into this GOFUNDME account isn’t that working in England, without a work permit?

        He has said he’s making a video.

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      • He is entitled to have his pathetic stereotypical views on British people and he just loves the sound of his own voice this combination in the wrong setting could well leave him ending up truly broke.
        I dont condone violence in any form but there are folk out there with short fuses who dont tolerate gobby arseholes sounding off and dont do Jeremy Kyle either.
        He seems on collision course for something thats for sure.

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  6. Is he really in the UK?

    Where was his port of entry.?.

    I would agree that looks like Sheeva’s place. Guess he will be moving very quickly.

    Is he in the UK legally?

    I suspect NOT

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    • If he’s here, I’d like to know where he entered as well. You’re right–despite his claims, he could have made that video in almost any back garden in Ireland.


          • Nice thinking! Really trying and it comes into shot so many times but I can’t quite match it to any of the obvious council logos.

            Meanwhile, does anyone recognise this church-type building behind Rupert?

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          • Yes, and her sister and husband were in trouble at one point for renting out flats in their home. So they’d definitely have space for Rupert to stay in.


          • Looks like this is the wrong church!

            We downloaded the video and ran it through some conversion so as to be able to pull it up on an edit suite. – Once cleaned up and on on a bigger screen it’s apparent that church ‘spire’ is part of the roofline of the building – not a separate spire nor the central ‘sub spire’ of the united reform church.

            Our tech has also pointed out that most satellite dishes in the UK point 28.2 degrees east of south. Which means that garden he’s standing in runs NW/SE with the church on the West of it, not far either. He also points out that from Bexley it’s probable the best TV reception is from Crystal Palace…. Note that most of the TV aerials are roughly at 90 degrees to the satellite dishes and pointing pretty much towards that spire…. Which means that going to be a few degrees south of West placing the location towards the north of the borough. Unusually too that garden seems to be at a point where the back access lane of another street meets at 90 degrees. – quite run down too.

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          • Looks more like north London to me tbh. I had thought about St Andrews Orthodox Greek church in Kentish Town but if the spire is attached to the roof that’s not the case.

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          • We know it’s in the borough of Bexley from the bins…. And we have rough bearings from Crystal Palace and 28.2E – It just takes someone to recognise the building, which could be an old school converted church or even just a house or an old inn. – Cant get near the tech stuff just now as there are people round here who think it needs to be used for work purposes! 🙂

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      • And those crumbling back-to-back terraced houses definitely don’t look like West Sussex, which is a very salubrious region.

        And does he think that Gatwick is in London? If he’s near Gatwick airport, he’s in West Sussex, a long long way from London.

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  7. If it is Sheva’s place, let’s hope she’s going to get plenty of information out of him.

    I don’t think Sheva would have him stay with her, she can’t stand Angela along with lots of us.

    No. I reckon he’s at one of Angela’s relatives and that dog that he has mentioned on fb that is licking him or whatever, is not a Pitbull but a Staff.

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  8. Yet again he talks about anal sex with children – of all the forms abuse might take, this seems to be Rupert’s obsession.

    I can only hope he will get his collar felt soon.

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    • Yep had that on in the background FA.So far shes just spouting the usual pretentious self inflated crap.I believe she is back in Oldcastle.

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      • Yes it looks like it.

        I don’t go a lot on her decor, but hey ho, we’ve all got different tastes.

        I wonder if the 2 lovers are missing each other?

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        • Perhaps one of the lecturers said it to her to try and bed her.

          That’s Angela though, always trying to leap frog her way to the “top”.

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          • “Leap frogging”?

            I suppose she might have bent over and shouted “I’m ready!”, but I don’t think she was playing leapfrog.

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        • @Spiny Norman NASA once phoned me and asked me to captain the space shuttle. I explained that all I had were three O levels and a ham sandwich but they said it’d be okay and the next thing you know I was strapped in and feeling the force of the main engine. I kept thinking about how the folks at home would see me on the telly and I’d be the talk of Milton Keynes. Then I woke up. Or maybe it was a recovered memory. Is it medication time? (I’ll get my coat.)

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        • It’s been a sad life of missed opportunities for Angela. Missed out on a Professorship at University, movie stars Ben Afleck and Matt Damon steal her film script, her first hubby turns out to be a pedo & now her latest flame is a drug addled big-mouth who wishes to try child abuse to “see what it is like”.

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  9. Gosh, just seen the viewing figures for here.I wonder if EC and crew have a prize for on ice for the lucky reader who strikes the 500k view?

    Just got to the bit where Angie suggests she may disapear during the rapture.Well that gets my vote….now shes pleading poverty and how she doesnt like money.


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    • We’ve got our eye on the page views too, Mik—it’s rapidly closing in!

      Personally I’m hoping the rapture comes soon. I need a new car and I’m thinking those who are whooshed up by the Holy Hoover won’t mind if I take one of theirs.

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  10. I dont live in Greece. I Live in UK , And I am not a travel agent either. So you have to find a Hotel for your mate whom I am sure you will donate few £££ I am willing to donate my fist in his fucking ugly face


  11. The Cambridge debate included speakers from the US and Japan. I imagine speakers from other countries also attended. It appears to have been about how to classify paedophilia within psychology,not to write it into law. I think it is actually a good idea to study paedophilia and debate any research or findings. That way it is tackled head on, rather than burying our heads in the sand. The only way to find a solution to a problem is to understand the problem.

    Rupert harassing a few paedophiles is not a long term solution and does nothing to prevent people from becoming paedophiles in the future. The question is whether Rupert cares about the problem, or cares about the Go Fund Me income. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that. Making money off paedophilia ain’t a good look Roops.

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    • And Rupert won’t even be harassing paedophiles if he’s planning to target the people of Hampstead. He’ll be harassing people who’ve been accused of paedophilia by a bunch of unhinged conspiraloons. Big difference.

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      • Absolutely, but I get the feeling his strategy will be to harass known paedophiles and conflate that with the Hampstead Hoax, because he knows there is no evidence against the people of Hampstead. He could get arrested for harassing either and hopefully will do.

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  12. Having watched (nearly) all of Ruperts videos, I can only say that He is a terrible comedian, a Narcissist, a piss taker, but a clever scumbag because, he finds an excuse to convince people to fund his holidays. He is 37 not married, has no partner, no children. In fact in one of his videos With Angela Powers he calls the kids “fucking crazy” and in another video with Angela he said that kids under 18 deserve to get smacked.
    In more than one video his smokes pot and he shoes a back of something that I think has to do with legal highs.

    He reminds me of this Woman Sands who was screaming “Christchurch dot com” but in a smaller scale.

    On this video made in someones back garden, he says “I am alone” then towards the end of the video he says DONATE DONATE DONATE giving us the impression that if we fund his drug fueled travels He will help us get rid of pedophiles.
    He is a nasty piece of shit,he is a liar, anyone can see that he suffers from some mental illness,. Narcissism been the top on my list.

    If anyone of you reading this blog thinks that Rupert cares about children then you must be high on something.

    he has No friends, He has no supporters other than some British women who are desperate for attention seeking embracing the company of a psycopath drug addict, and suspicious character called Rupert.

    He incites violence , but he is a coward, appealing to anyone for help He says he has an Army of tough guys. (Don Kihote of Fernadez).

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  13. A last ditch attempt to raise funds for ground breaking surgery for a young Oldcastle student with a serious visual impairment, is currently underway in Oldcastle.
    A local fund raising committee has already raised €6000 for Jamie Power Disney, but a further €19,000 is needed by mid August 2015 if he is to receive the treatment he needs.


    • I think that was actually a legitimate fundraiser. It is mainstream treatment that her son does seem to have had.


  14. Her “sick son” Jamie for whom she was collecting money, supposed to have donated 600 euro!!!! I cant get it


    • @crazy mf – That was a while ago. Her son had a serious optical problem. Angie shared videos of conversations with the US surgeon at the time.


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