Rupert advocates kidnap, arson, bullets to help father get son back

Now that Rupert has finally screwed his courage to the sticking place and shown up in London, we thought our readers might be interested in another example of his bluster and threats, in a child welfare case that’s unrelated to Hoaxtead.

We’re all far too familiar with Rupert Quaintance’s threats to invade, disrupt, and attack innocent citizens in Hampstead, simply because he can’t be arsed to do half an hour’s research and determine for himself that the allegations against his proposed targets are a lot of horse piddle.

But did you know this isn’t the only situation he’s planning to rectify with good ol’ ‘Murrican know-how and a shitload o’ ammo?

The other day on his American Freedom Radio broadcast, Rupert talked to a Jewish Ukrainian pianist in London, whose 13-year-old son has been removed by Social Services. According to The Telegraph:

A Jewish Ukrainian concert pianist whose father survived the Holocaust has lost custody of his teenage son after police found the boy cowering under a piano in squalid conditions.

A court ruled that the 13-year-old boy must live with foster carers and his musician father has been told that he can only see the boy six times a year….

Lawyers said the man had “sought to involve the media” throughout the proceedings and had “no boundaries” as to what information he was prepared to put into the public domain.

They said the man had also approached children at his son’s school and had “protested” at the school on his son’s 13th birthday….

Mrs Justice Theis said the boy had first been removed from his father’s care in 2012. She said the youngster, then 10, had been found home alone after fire-fighters were called following a report of a fire.

Medway Council had started family court proceedings and a judge, who was told that the pianist had left the boy home alone more than once, concluded the youngster was at “risk of significant emotional and physical harm”.

But the boy had been returned to his father’s care in 2013 after the musician completed a “parenting course”.

Mrs Justice Theis said in March this year police had called social workers.

Officers said the pianist had called an ambulance saying that the youngster was “violent” and “smashing up the house”. The judge said police had “reported unsuitable home conditions”.

In April, police had been called again after the pianist said the youngster had “trashed the house with a hammer” and fired air gun pellets at him.

“When the police arrived, (the boy) was noted to be hiding under a piano and was emotional when the police spoke to him,” said Mrs Justice Theis.

There’s more to the story, which you can find at the above link, but basically the child was removed due to a combination of neglect and the father’s inability to be a proper parent to his son.

Rupert could have found the story too, had he been inclined to do so. But he wasn’t. Too much like work, don’t you know. Instead, he accepted the father’s version of events unquestioningly, and immediately began planning a violent response on the father’s behalf.

Rupert’s super-awesome analysis of the situation

Here’s Rupert’s brilliant theory about why the child was removed from the home. It’s all about the father’s accent, obviously:

“In my professional opinion you’re being picked on cos you’re foreign and he’s even more foreign than you are and that’s why they’re doing it because he’s young, you’re not from there, but you speak English fine. I don’t know why that would be an issue. You do have an accent but you speak English just fine.”

Rupert’s kidnap threat

As usual, Rupert jumps straight to a criminal solution:

Rupert: “I’m gonna work on a Plan B for this thing. There’s gotta be a way that erm…they’re physically holding him from you. Why can’t we just physically take him back? All this passive crap….

I tell you, V: …I got a couple of people I’m gonna talk to and see if we can’t come up with something. You do your best to find out where that kid is….

Is that a kidnap threat we hear? Certainly sounds like one to us.

When in doubt, burn it down

Rupert expresses his rage at the authorities:

“They deserve to have their place burnt down.”

And he winds up with an ode to guns as a practical way to keep the authorities from removing children from their abusive and/or neglectful parents:

“I don’t [see?] some parents I know letting you walk off with the kids. My brother would kill you. He would straight up kill you. He’s strapped all the time. He’s got a gun in the headrest, he’s got one in the drawer, on his side, on his person. His wife’s strapped, my mom’s strapped, everybody’s strapped. Come near the kids. You like lead? That’s one thing I like about America is the gun thing….”

Guns might be something Rupert enjoys about his home country, but as far as we’re concerned he can keep them. His John Wayne act probably plays better in Peoria in any case.

And we certainly hope he’s not planning to add a side of kidnapping, arson, and murder to his stated plan to kick down doors, rape children, and attack innocent adults in Hampstead.

Silas from DaVinci, Silage from VA

115 thoughts on “Rupert advocates kidnap, arson, bullets to help father get son back

  1. This is even more disturbing if Quaintance really is in the UK as claimed.

    ## Can I suggest Hoaxtead also list an email contact on their *contact” page. I know many people hate using those contact forms as they are never sure if the message gets through. Also if I want to include a Hoaxtead email in an email I send I can’t do it!!

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  2. Rupert quoth: “In my professional opinion…..WTF?

    Boastful,bragging,conceited,egomaniacal,narcissistic,presumptious,selfworshiping,vainglorious,egomaniacal,self-admiring,meddling,thieving shitfaced,wanker opinion more like.

    Obviously he has must have completed a “professional”crash course from Oldcastle Univershitty in “how to destroy other peoples lives having all ready destroyed your own whilst spouting,incomprehensible gobshoite”.

    Rebel without a clue and arch prat.

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  3. A self-description.

    Who else would call Rupert a professional?

    A professional conman and no more. Certainly not a professional in any way positive.

    Btw, I see that Jake Clarke has donated $14 to allow Rupert to stay in England for even more of a free holiday.

    I’m a bit surprised Rupert hasn’t booked a room at the Clarke residence or won’t Jake’s Mum allow it?

    I suspect now that it is rumbled that Rupert is in Bexley or thereabouts he will move on, perhaps along to Kev Weaver’s or has he made it to Scotland for his holiday yet?

    Is Angela planning a meet up with her beau at Neelu’s sisters in the near future?

    What a scamming sham.

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    • $14 must be Jakes whole weeks pocket money.It could however be all the cash Ruperv needs were he to invest wisely in a handy tube of lubricunt to dislodge his head out of his rectal passage.
      Given the cranky yankies gilf fetish Jakes reluctance to offer sanctuary at his gaff suggests at least a couple of his brain cells are managing to communicate with each other.So there is some hope.

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  4. Barnett Police must be alerted to the fact Quaintance is in the UK and planning to harass residents.

    This is a real plot to attack and potentially harm innocent British citizens. His visit has been financed by Hoax supporters and Quaintaince has expressed a desire to obtain a weapon or has claimed he knows people who are armed and will execute those he deems to be pedophiles.

    Police do not support vigilantes like Stinson Hunter but Quaintance and his financiers are even worse as those they intend to harm have only ever been falsely accused on the internet.

    Those who have funded his visit know the purpose of his visit and are supporting this. This is an act of terrorism and all the elements of a terrorist plot are there. If authorities do not question him at the very least then they are dangerously avoiding their duty.

    Angela Power-Disney, a financial supporter & colleague of Rupert Wilson Quaintance now claims she is in touch with Filipino murder squads sanctioned by the new Philippine’s president who has just threatened the life of the US ambassador there. Power-Disney has boasted of links with the IRA.

    Does there have to be a death of an innocent person before police take action?. Both Quaintance & Power-Disney need to be reported here:

    This is the contact for the UK Anti-Terrorist Hotline:
    I quote them :
    “It’s probably nothing but… If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. Our specially trained officers will take it from there.”

    “We know you may have concerns about speaking to the police – possibly because your friends or family may find out.
    But all information passed to the police is treated in the strictest of confidence. It is thoroughly analysed and researched by experienced officers before, and if, any police action is taken.”

    # note President Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis very wise words to Donald Trump on his seemingly dangerous exhortation to people to do something about Clinton and how a lone nutcase was inspired to shoot her father:

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    • i can assure you that if angie ever had IRA links they will have disowned her when she backed annett and spread his lies about tuam, my family have big ties to the 1916 uprising and the civil war and they class people like angie as traitors, there are many viewpoints that divide people to this day but people try to at least keep a veneer of unity

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    • the hampstead people who were named, surely they have a police liason? did anyone inform them of rupeets threats? if so he wouldve been stopped at the airport etc, something went seriously wrong here, either that or he sneaked in but i doubt it

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        • I’m really pleased to hear that re the liaison officer.

          I hope some positive action will be taken in keeping Rupert, Angela et al well away from Hampstead and any children elsewhere for that matter.

          Angela needs to be deported back to Ireland if she sets foot in England.

          Anyone know what kind of passport she has?

          And Rupee Roo can be deported on the next plane back to the USA considering he cannot support himself and is begging for assistance.

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  5. Wow.

    Don’t you think we need his actual address so he can be quickly arrested?

    He may have moved on by now, especially when he has been located in the Bexley area by people’s research here.

    That video of yesterday could have been made several days ago, though by the look of the weather I would have said yesterday.

    Contacting Barnet Police is a very good idea.

    I would have thought they need to be on high alert for him and his supporters and they must not be fooled by “innocent” looking old ladies with walking sticks or crutches.

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    • The location of the house shouldn’t be too difficult to find with Google Earth from the clues in the video.


        • I spent some time looking without finding as well. The house is a Victorian semi with a terrace almost opposite. The end of the garden backs onto a cul-de-sac with terraces on either side. Quite distinctive, and has a side long view of what we think must be Bexley URC.


          • No, it’s not the URC unfortunately…. In the wee sma’ hours we managed to get the video converted so that we could analyse it on a proper edit suite. – The ‘spire’ is in fact part of the roof structure and close to one end of the ‘church’. – The URC has a separate spire and a smaller one roughly central on its roof. It just doesn’t fit. – Can’t get back in just now to extract stills as it’s in use all day and much of the evening.

            BUT – We do have some clue as to the orientation thanks to the satellite dishes and TV aerials. In the UK, most dishes will be pointed at Astra and face exactly 28.2 degrees east of south. The cul-de-sac (and the garden) lie on a NW/SE orientation as the dishes are almost flat to the gable walls of the cul-de-sac houses.

            The TV Aerials are mostly pointing West; roughly towards the ‘church’ and I guess between 45 and 60 degrees west of south (about 90 degrees west of the dishes)…. They will be pointing to Crystal Palace Transmitter…. if anyone’s handy with a map, there are some rough bearings for you.

            I think it would be useful to know who exactly put him up.

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          • Looking at it again I would say it is a ventilator on a school or public hall built in the second half of the nineteenth century. I would make a stab at guessing the rest of the building is red brick Victorian Gothic. There are probably quite a few buildings of that description in London.

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          • I don’t think it is the famous Red House by the way, though that is in the area and surrounded by suburban development.

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          • Awesome work, Joe. 28 degrees just doesn’t seem to work, though. The direction the house would be facing and the direction of the church from the house wouldn’t tally with the map.

            Hope this makes sense:


          • You’d need to flip that protractor over to get the correct bearing….

            The dishes point TO 28 Degrees East of South. Which means if you were standing behind one you would be looking 28 degrees east of south…. If you’re facing the dish you will be looking 28 degrees West of North…… The reason for this being that TV satellites are placed in geo-stationary orbit over the equator, so they always face the southern horizon. You’ll notice the further north you go the further down they point as well due to the curvature of the earth….

            The Spire, vent, whatever it is, is WEST of wherever Rupert is standing, and roughly the same direction as the TV aerials – which point to Crystal Palace. – It might be late on before I can get back into the edit suite and try to grab some better stills. But I think that ‘spire’ might be windowed.

            Rupert’s location will probably lie within the yellow-shaded area in the map below – and, obviously within the Bexley Borough boundary. The spire will be to the West of his location (which of course places the location to the right of the spire on the map) and the garden, as well as the cul-de-sac will be in a roughly similar orientation to the ‘dish orientation’ in Green. – We’ve allowed quite a wide 30 degree ‘error’ from Crystal Palace, but the general feeling is that along the blue E-W datum line is the bast place to start looking……

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          • Simple crop from the 1080 Still… Again this hasn’t been re-compressed, the image ‘rigning’ is fromthe original video. But you can see how the spire is shouldered into the roof. And that it does appear to be transparent. – Possibly a belfry? Either still open or now glazed?


          • That’s as good a call as any Norman…… There are though pockets of housing like that throughout the borough. – It’s a frustrating process. But ‘m sure somebody somewhere must recognise that building. – FWIW my money is on Berry or one of her relatives.

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          • The church is St Paul, Northumberland Heath, Erith. Check your mail EC. I don’t want to put everything I know out in public yet.


      • And for handing over her sister’s precious and probably hard-earned legacy to a total scumbag like Quaintance so he could buy drugs, bonk a few whores in Amsterdam and harass innocent people.
        Power-Disney has an appointment with Satan but not the one she is expecting- he has a special spot in Hell for the hag as when she gets to the Pearly Gates, Peter will tell the batshit loon to piss right off & take the down escalator.

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    • Speaking of barking mad loonies : I know you have been threatened by the appalling Fiona Barnett who claims she has been abused by every famous person on the planet (no non entities for Barnett) but I’ve just starting looking into her claims and her lies have begun unraveling within the hour.
      She now claims she was abused by Walt Disney at Bohemian Grove.

      Walt Disney died in 1966. Fiona Barnett was born in 1969.

      Of course it was always rumoured Disney had his body cryogenically frozen but maybe he was taken off ice so he could have a go at Fiona.

      She publishes a letter which she says is confirmation from the Catholic Church that Satanic abuse happens. The letter says no such thing.

      Lying is second nature to these nasty crackpots but while famous people probably dismiss them for the lunatics they are I know one prominent political family whose relative she accused had to move a grandson from his school after he was teased & bullied by classmates who read Barnett’s filth on the web. He had to receive counseling. She really is one of the nastiest on the planet.

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  6. Check out this fruitloop, with the most tragic user name ever:

    By the way, it’s ironic to see Kevin Weaver supporting his t-shirt campaign, seeing as the sad twat likes to go everywhere topless.

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    • Lol.

      What’s the name of that page meant to mean?

      He disappeared for a year and said recently it was over.

      Had a change of mind then it seems?

      Of course he has, anyway to sell a few £1 t-shirts for £10 or even more.

      Oh dear! Another one cashing in on the suffering of children.

      Don’t all the ones that are really vocal try to make money out of others misery?


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    “There’s a word going around – ‘Brexit’…I don’t know who or what Brexit is…I’m 80% sure it’s a man who’s involved in politics but I could be wrong.”

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  8. There is more to the story. Of course I feel for the father, but I am afraid to say he isn’t squeaky clean.

    The court cases are on Bailii, anonymised. The father has had Twitter discussions with Sarah Phillimore.

    I can actually see how the whole situation came about, and it undoubtedly a sad outcome for everyone.

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  9. INTERIM goal is to be able to transition from full time Carer for my youngest son with a visual impairment

    ¨I am a graduate of The University of Warwick in English, French and American Literature & Theatre. I am a published journalist and writer and did post-graduate studies under Maurice Sweeney the then Features Editor of The Irish Times.

    On a personal level I am a surviver and overcomer of child sexual abuse, covert post WW2 medical research and no consent experiments and what is broadly called MKULTRA. I write and vlog on family dysfunction, mind control, finding a voice, de programming from false concepts that limit us, full self-expression, reaching our potential and fulfilling dreams and destinies.

    I am looking to find a new way to make an honest living as a journalist and writer, in this day and age when everything is online and most of it is free! Just as musicians went through challenges when they could no longer sell albums/cd’s etc, so writers and journalists especially online are struggling to find ways to do what they do best and make a living at it.


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    • And double bollocks.

      Perhaps her benefit money has been stopped, though I seriously doubt it, what with all those holidays every couple of weeks to Lanzarote.

      Possible the boy is going to Uni in Sept ember so she can’t pretend she is caring for him any longer.

      She’s not caring for him at the moment, though no doubt she catered to Rupee’s needs.

      All her claims are treble bollocks though.

      I don’t believe any of it, not one iota.

      Lots of tales she made up to scam the system after she split with her husband.

      It all adds up, I’ve joined the dots.


      • Totally agree FA.I suspect like Ella she is the classic woman scorned and hell knoweth no fury.
        An aspect of such fury is to deny the father the fruit of the relationship, the children.
        We have seen her coaching and grooming her children and it is abundantly clear they have been her meal tickets and victim pawns in this inadequates loathsome game.
        Like Ella she has no regard that by poisoning the children against the other half of their genetic make up she is potentially damaging their perceptions of who they are.Angie doesnt give a shit about them and when she is no longer receiving financial assistance for them she will turf them out pronto.As ever she will justify this as an act of deep compassion and that they have to find their way in the world.
        Only away from her grip will they stand a chance of productively developing their lives.
        Angela and Ella are not Woman-mothers they are Woman-prostitutes both.Everything including children has a price and unconditional love not within their psyche.

        Angie is candidate to be a very sad and lonely old woman, she may receive occasional visits from her children but it will be from duty alone.The rest of her time will be spent with only the memories of a life that never was.


  10. Well done to all.
    Through the rollerc coaster of laughs and the tears,the spilt coffee and decent from chairs.We shall fight them on the beaches,united we stand,once more unto the breech etc

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    • So yet another of their friends turns out to be a very nasty sexual abuser. It looks more and more like Sabine and Belinda’s real business is making a thick smokescreen to hide the real perverts.

      Go and ask some questions about that Rupert. Post a YouTube video of Sabine’s face when you ask her why so many of her friends are paedophiles – that would be real journalism.

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      • I wouldn’t doubt that’s part of Sabine’s and by association Belinda McKenzie’s agenda for a minute, whether by design or consequence of their more money-driven agenda I don’t know. I’m also aware that there are links between factions among swingers groups and child abusers, prostitution and the production and sale of illegal forms of pornography. – But that’s not actually enough evidence to directly join those two dots. And trust me; there are a lot of people who would be interested to know how and where these things connect.

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  11. Yes, great plan Rupert. Shoot the social services and go from seeing your child 6 times a year to seeing your child 0 times a year. And if you are lucky, you won’t be shot dead in return fire, and will spend the rest of your life in jail. While your child spends their time in care….and traumatised.

    What a twunt!

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  12. A fine young man, he has the qualities we look for at the ITCCS in Brussels, we would like to offer him a job where he can follow in the footsteps of fine upstanding people such as Kevin Annette, Mel ve and Alfred Weber.

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    • You need all the help you can get what with arresting The Pope and HM Her Maj. Just rounding up every living Hollywood celebrity who has abused Fiona Barnett- one of the new ITCCS cases- and every ex-US president ( sadly Richard Nixon who flew to Canberra one Saturday morning just to assault Barnett can’t be pursued beyond the grave) must take a small army but with Roopie The Enforcer onboard they’ll behind bars quick as a flash. Just pay him in spliffs.

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  13. Uhm take a look on Rupert Wilson Quaintance fb page, someone Josh Power-Disney to be precise has put up Rupee’s address in Erith.


    • I can see Josh’s photo but no address. Someone called Wayne Colloon has put up what appears to be the first (and last) letter of each word in the address (assuming it’s correct) but I’m not seeing an actual address. I’m still studying the map trying to work it out, lol. I’m still erring towards Erith, just because of the style of the houses seeming similar to those in Rupert’s video, but it’s real needle-in-a-haystack stuff. Mind you, Wayne says “E…h”, so maybe I’m on the right lines after all!

      Am I to take it that someone has worked it out now?

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      • I don’t know how but the full address seems to have been put up on here now though like me you didn’t see it, I have just seen it now!


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  14. Its interesting to see that the address is within the Blexley borough and is only a few miles from central london, with easy access to London City Airport or the Dartford tunnel.

    Its easy to confirm that is the correct address from public domain sources and photographs.

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    • It is indeed fairly obvious from Google street view….. It ties in with the predicted orientation and relationship to the church in the background. No doubt about it. That’s the place allright.

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        • Well, Norman, you were absolutely spot-on with Erith so hat’s off for that….. Looking at the map again it should have been more obvious as the A2016 is right on-axis and that gives clues to the local contours and how the rest of the streets will align. – I’m now told by out chart-reader-in-chief (my dad has a fishing dingy) that we set the error in the wrong place and the southerly edge should have been on the blue line….. anyhoo…. He’s been tracked down now!!

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  15. If Rupert were to commit criminal offences such as for instance his threatened acts of terrorism then anyone knowingly aiding and abetting him can be charged with the crime even though they are not the principal offender.
    Just a thought.

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      • Much would depend on the seriousness of the incident but yep technically anyone assisting a crime,harbouring a criminal etc is right in the frame,including if Rupert went AWOL after an incident.
        Some mistakes can be very expensive!

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        • True as things stand Spiney but were Rupert to carry out his threats of terrorism etc any support network aiding/abetting him could find themselves in some very deep doggy doos.
          Hopefully from everyones point of view Rupert is just an obnoxious,gobby twat bigging himself up to grift cash and impress his Gilf.
          Time will tell.

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  16. Cheers Wayne…… The Techs will be pleased! Looks like we had the orientations correct but were quite far south of the target.

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  17. It seems Rupert is staying with an Adam Cheriton and he’s not happy that the photo of his house keeps appearing on Rupee’s, Rupert Wilson Quaintance fb page.

    He’s the owner of the dog that took a shine to Rupee.

    No! Not Ange.

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