UPDATE: Sabine gets bail conditions removed

Last week we reported that Sabine had been arrested for violating the restraining order imposed upon her by the judge following Sabine and Neelu’s ‘not guilty’ verdict in their trial for conspiracy to intimidate witnesses.

Bail conditions from that arrest included forbidding Sabine to publish online, and forbidding her from leaving the country.

Yesterday Sabine and her solicitor were successful in having her bail conditions from that arrest varied. She is now permitted to publish online—although she must still abide by the terms of the restraining order—and she is free to leave the country should she choose to do so.

Sabine-bail condition variance 2016-08-11

12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sabine gets bail conditions removed

  1. Hang on, the restraining order says ‘ not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by republication of material already made public before the making of this order’.

    So isn’t she, by publicly referring to a link made in January 2015, breaching the order?

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  2. I would say she can publish online but must obey the restraining order in that she cannot refer to the Hampstead case.

    But she’s like Neelu who thinks because she has filed some bizarre unreadable writ in a higher court this automatically wipes out her restraining order and because she has invented a Royal Commission that hasn’t yet taken place the judge in the case will be executed. These two are not in touch with reality & seem oblivious to how the law works and I would warrant their disgraceful lawyer is encouraging them to breach the law.

    My view is this whole case is an example of the utter inefficiency of authorities to enforce the law and by bumbling two cases now the CPS insult us but they are right on the ball because a judge rightly told a thug he was “cunt” too. You know things that really matter.

    If you do read Neelu’s bumbled account of the proceedings you will see one woman had to actually move and was in fear for her & her children’s life but these revolting creatures like Berry & McNeill and their creepy supporters mock this woman and don’t give a single thought in their addled heads to the harm they cause.

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  3. I think it’s only a matter of time before the Police speak to her again. She has no clue on the difference between her bail conditions and the RO!

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  4. Oh, I think she knows the difference damn-well. She is (in my opinion) deliberately manipulating the situation, and will later plead ignorance. – Which, last time I heard, wasn’t a defence in law. Her most recent statements are a flagrant and additional breach of the order.

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  5. I agree with Joe.

    Sabine knows exactly what she is doing but she is playing “innocent” in what she is deliberately doing.

    Pretending she doesn’t understand when she knows, well, well, well.

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  6. Thumbs up times 100, Sam.

    I think Judge Worsley hit the nail on the head when he said that Sabine and Neelu are “irrational, obsessive, delusional, and odd”, and that the only way to stop them would be via restraining orders. That said, the question becomes: how efficient, timely, and proportional will the response to violations of the restraining orders be? It’s early days yet, so I don’t want to be unnecessarily pessimistic, but I haven’t seen anyone springing into action so far.


  7. The pattern that emerges from this type of case is that the official response is likely to be both wholly inappropriate and completely ineffective. On the assumption that those in control of these things are not stupid or incompetent, I become ever-more persuaded by the argument that there is some hidden agenda to cause these things to fester and develop. – It’s that or our law enforcement and justice systems are not fit for purpose.

    These hoaxers are costing ordinary families their homes, businesses, and children their innocence….. On Rupert, it appears that despite warning UKBA has allowed a terror threat into the country; or are you only a terrorist if you have dark skin and fit the current political definition of a bogeyman? – Insane drug-addicted WASPS are welcome!

    Why aren’t the authorities working to protect law-abiding British citizens?

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