Screaming ‘false flag’ doesn’t make it so

Truthers are so predictable.

When news started to trickle in yesterday that Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, had died from her injuries following a brutal broad-daylight attack in Birstall, West Yorkshire, our first reaction was horror and sadness.

Such a terrible loss for those who loved her, for those who worked with her, for her family and friends.Jo Cox 2016-06-16This murder left us all a bit diminished.

And yet these days, whenever some great public tragedy occurs, you can set your watch by the inevitable reaction: it wasn’t half an hour before the predictable howls of ‘false flag!’ began to emerge from the bowels of the conspiraloon brigade: False flag-Jo Cox 2016-06-16It happened earlier this week, as well, in response to the mass shooting inside the Orlando nightclub, where 49 people were gunned down in the early hours of Sunday morning. Tina Kachina Orlando false flag 2016-06-16Maria MacMahon Orlando False Flag 2016-06-16Angela-Orlando false flag 2 2016-06-16Angela Orlando false flag 2016-06-16The usual cabal of Hoaxtead pushers and other truthers just couldn’t wait to start cranking out the false flag bilge.

The hypocrisy is stunning: these people claim to be the moral guardians of the world, dedicated to saving children and babies from elaborate scenarios involving imaginary cults.Their hearts, they claim, overflow with compassion and the milk of human kindness. They are selfless crusaders, they’d have you believe.

But when real people are gunned down, whether on a street in West Yorkshire or a nightclub in Florida, all human feeling vanishes instantly. When terrible things happen, the false flaggers say, they must be some sort of elaborate ploy to trick us into thinking what the ‘powers that be’ want us to think.

Never mind that real people are grieving for their lost loved ones, for children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers who will never come home again. Never mind that innocent lives have been cut brutally short. Forget about those who must somehow carry on, knowing that their loved ones died random, senseless deaths, terrorised and suffering.

None of that matters to the false flag/crisis actor crowd. To them, it’s all a game. It’s an opportunity to pretend superiority over those of us who are foolish enough to actually weep tears of sympathy for the fallen or those who remain behind.

The irony, of course, is that the false flag/crisis actor mob are the ones hiding their heads in the sand. Unable to cope with the reality of tragedy, they turn it all into a game, an opportunity to show off their cleverness as they point out tiny, inconsequential ‘clues’ which, they believe, will make the bad scary thing go away.

This is the reality: bad scary things happen. Pretending that they don’t won’t make them stop happening; it just cuts them off even further from their essential humanity, and makes the world a far uglier place. 0rlando mourners

52 thoughts on “Screaming ‘false flag’ doesn’t make it so

  1. Speaking of which, this is a new low from the troofer “community”. No surprise that it was liked by that vile disgusting insensitive pig Angela:

    I think it’s time we took her “logic” and started asking some uncomfortable questions about her sister’s alleged “demise”. Why was she killed? Was it a false flag to deflect attention from Angie’s charity scams? Was she even killed? Did Angie even have a sister? We’re through the looking glass, people…

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    • I agree.

      We only have Angela’s word she had this sister.

      Angela’s word, huh!

      Proof of claim I say Angela please, if you could be so kind.


    • Can you imagine the hue and cry if we were to suggest that Angie was making her sister’s death up for her own nefarious purposes?


      • Yes, Angela would probably say we are low life scum to suggest such a thing.

        However, Angela could well be making up her sister has died.

        Was there an Obituary?

        I have a faint memory that there may have been.

        Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, Angela is an only child until she proves otherwise.

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  2. Regarding American mass shootings such as the Orlando tragedy, what exactly do these troofer twunts think the motive is for such “false flags”? Seriously, what would the “Illuminati”, the aliens, the lizard people, the Jews (or whoever the f*ck they’re blaming for all the World’s ills this week) get out of it? A number of videos and comments I’ve stumbled upon seem to suggest that it’s to turn people against guns. Because hey, there are only 13 and a half thousand gun murders and 19 thousand gun suicides a year in the US, so obviously there’s a real need for the powers that be to risk everything to engineer another one in the vain hope that the next “Are you for or against gun control?” survey might nudge the former from 55% to 57%. Yeah, that’s logical.

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    • Essentially they are co-opting every terrible tragedy and saying..

      “no it’s all about me ..ME !. I know the truth of these events which are all false flags and you are dumb sheeple. This murder in the street shows how superior I am because I know the truth and you don’t”

      They really do sicken me & they seize upon the slightest ‘fact’ to support their case. An event like Orlando will take months to sort out the truth of the events but they have seized upon one claim that someone held a door shut so there must have been more killers and when a man tells the truth that he inadvertently held a door shut thinking he was keeping out the shooter they instantly accuse him of being a “crisis actor” without a thought for the awful trauma he has just been through.

      These utter slimeballs can’t even wait until the family of a murdered MP and her community comes to grip with the events before they surf the net and soak up every false claim. I would have made a terrible Landed Gentry Squire in the past- I would have been horsewhipping morons until the cows came home.

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      • I think you’re right, Sam. It all boils down to the troofers themselves. Like Kane Slater and his desire to be “the most famous person in the world”, the false flaggers want us to look at their clever reasoning, their alleged expertise, and tell them how smart they are.

        They’re disgusting. And as HFH said above, can you imagine what would happen if people began accusing them of faking the tragedies that will inevitably happen to every person in a lifetime: death, illness, divorce, loss….

        “Oh, no, sorry, we know you made it all up. Here are the inconsistencies in your pathetic story. Didn’t happen. How much did you pay the video producers to stage this? What are you trying to hide?”


  3. Rupert the Bairn has posted a surprisingly neutral Orlando vid. But what caught my eye was, firstly, that he’s STILL promoting Angiesabelinda’s GoFuckMe campaign to fund his trip to the UK (despite the vast wads of cash he’s blowing on his Italy/Holland “jolly”); and secondly, the intriguing comment about “Kevin” underneath:

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    • The druggie and APD’s toyboy has posted a screenshot of Hoaxtead with the accompanying text:
      “You protest too much. How much you wanna bet they won’t talk shit like that to my face? Freaks.”

      Of course the real question is will Rupert confront some citizens of Hampstead and accuse them of vile crimes to their face?. We need to issue the challenge to him. Anyone he wants to converse with should also be informed that Rupert Quaintance has expressed a desire to “f*ck a child in the ar**h**e just to see what it’s like”.
      Do they know what the word ‘nonce’ means in the US?

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      • Puh!

        Why would anyone have anything to fear from Rupert?

        Is he admitting he is violent or something?


      • Yes they have never been mentioned again. Perhaps they slowly faded away and ended as little puddles of fat on the Vatican forecourt. Or did the Swiss Guard, who are of course members of the Illuminati Rothschild Cult, whisk them away while they were weak from hunger and they are now languishing in the Vatican dungeons?


    • Interesting…but you know, perhaps Rupert is planning to go home the chemtrail-free way? I heard he’d booked a ticket on the Titanic.


  4. I’d already been taking the fight to the idiots calling false flag on the tragedy in Orlando. But yesterday…
    I’m a Leeds lad, it’s a pretty chilled city. Whilst the rest of the UK was rioting, Leeds remained calm, no trouble. There’s good integration of the communities. And Jo, she’s one of the good guys. She campaigned to allow 3000 unaccompanied refugee children into the UK. A humanitarian act you would think that would be universally accepted, although her commons motion was defeated. The rise of the fascist right in the UK, which it seems yesterday has claimed its first victim in a terrorist act (and yes, it is terrorism) needs to be stopped. And people who wish to use these events to further their own ends, claiming false flag to gain some sort of kudas within the snakepit that is the online truther community (believe me, I know more than most this to be true). This will not stand, not on my watch and definitely not in my back yard.

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    • Just such a tragedy in every way and it’s pretty obvious she was a well loved representative for the locals and admired & respected by MPs of all parties.

      I won’t forgive the hoaxers & false flag flamers. Clearly her killer is deranged but these creeps inflame mentally unstable people to commit terrible acts.

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  5. Well crafted read as ever EC.

    How deep into the mire are these empty vessels prepared to slide to verify the pointlessness of their existence?

    I feel sure some punch the air on hearing breaking news about an event involving human suffering.These souless vacuities can virtue signal all they like but it only serves to confirm,compound and advertise to the world their complete and utter futily and failures as living loving entities.

    Fortunately the only false flag the vast majority observe is the one sticking out of the place where the sun dont shine.Ekh!!

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  6. False flag/crisis actor is something that I had not heard of before I peered into the rabbit hole of conspiritard claptrap. I’ve been on the Internet for over 25 years and been through the usual Holocaust and 911 troofer nonsense type debates, but during 2015 and Hampstead I really opened my eyes to the sheer number of complete and utter loonies there are out there on YouTube!

    It is actually quite frightening that some of these could ruin your life at the drop of a hat.

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    • Oh but it’s an Establishment Cover-up by the security services according to them. Once accused no-one is innocent. A 75 year old performer much loved by millions of people is not allowed his innocence & to live his remaining years in peace. It’s all a plot.


      • It would be interesting to know the accusers names and if they had a connection to other high profile accusations.

        Look at me, starting my very own conspiracy!


  7. NOT endorsing the ‘false flag’ nonsense…….. And to some extent I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here……

    However this morning I heard a bunch of politicos banging on about how the public need to change THEIR attitude to M.P.s in the wake of this tragedy! – It’s the people’s fault, not the ringmasters of the intelligence-insulting circus that is British politics and in particular the ‘Brexit’ ‘debate’. And one cannot escape the fact that tragedies such as (purely as an example) Dunblane, which lead to our draconian gun laws, could have been prevented if only the law as it stood, and local intelligence, had been heeded.

    So I’m afraid there is much evidence that it is not just the ‘conspiraloons’ who seize on these tragic events in order to milk them to their own advantage – one side seems to feed the other!

    I grew up in Easterhouse in the 70s; I was born there. There was no general gun problem then. Yet I’ve driven through both Easterhouse and Wester Hailes in more recent times to see groups of young thugs openly sporting shotguns (most shortened) , and handguns in the streets. In fact, this was the first time I’d ever physically seen a gun other than those that used to grace the windows of posh sporting shops. – Certainly the first time I’ve ever seen a handgun let alone a ‘sawnoff’!

    – Why? Our ‘brilliant’ gun laws have driven most sources of intelligence as to who is a ‘wrong un’ either out of existence or underground and over to the other side. The ONLY trade in handguns now is a black market – and it exhibits few leaks. We now really DO have a gun problem! and no tools to deal with it!

    – I mentioned yesterday the character who had been involved in the Hollie Greig case who had applauded the murder of Anna Lindh back in September 2003:

    “Ms Lindh, 46, a leading proponent of the pro-euro campaign in Sweden which culminates today in a referendum on whether to join the currency, was stabbed by an unknown assailant…

    He calls British ministers ‘traitors’ for signing away the UK’s sovereignty and says they should be tried for treason.

    In e-mails sent to a variety of organisations, he said: ‘I do hope there will be patriots in Britain with the courage to deal with traitors that has been shown in Sweden.
    Related Articles

    ‘If our corrupt politicians force us to take the same route to defend our economy and country . . . then I suggest the first patriot to take direct action is remembered by putting his or her statue on the remaining plinth in Trafalgar Square.”

    – I need to put my own cards on the table here and state clearly that I am very much pro-exit from the EU. but obviously distance myself from maniacs like that above! – As indeed did UKIP (no – I don’t support them either!) who seemingly found him too much of a looney to admit….. He’s been throwing his toys at them ever since!

    The question I pose in relation to that man is what side is he actually on? – It’s said that he is a spy. And certainly he promotes a number of grandiose delusions of daring do. And suspiciously, like Belinda McKenzie, he is apparently ‘Teflon coated’. – His words, rhetoric and actions before and since that published lunacy have all been geared to painting a picture of pro-exit campaigners as lunatics – “Cranks and Gadflies” as one book is titled.

    I do wonder to what degree that half-educated mentally-ill man who drew what is variously reported to be either a vintage handgun or a sawn-off and killed that young Mother wanted HIS statue in Trafalgar Square? – To some degree this IS a copy-cat killing. And it was almost-immediately harnessed to discredit the pro-exit agenda……. Now, as I said, it is being harnessed by politicos for the purposes of ‘public attitude adjustment’. – When really it’s the politicians that need their attitude adjusting!

    As I suggested in my comment yesterday, it’s very much a case of monkey-see monkey-do.

    To be clear, I do not doubt for a moment that this is the act of a single dysfunctional lunatic who was possibly influenced by the sort of rhetoric explored in that Telegraph article. – It’s exactly this sort of half-educated, feeble and damaged mind that these ‘self-serving, self-aggrandising, sad, sick individuals (paraphrasing the fruitloop himself there!) target.

    “Yes, I do support the execution of elected politicians when they seek to betray the electorate and their country,” he said. – Clearly the mindset of a madman.

    But IS it really beyond the level of corruption and contempt for human life that defines our politicians and political system that they might ‘sacrifice’ one of their own to score political points? When I see the cruelty and inhumanity politicos casually inflict on ordinary citizens I cannot entirely dismiss that possibility.

    Is it really any wonder that politicians are so despised by so many people? – Certainly they do serve themselves, not the public! Panem et circenses is the way of today! And with that unfortunate young woman’s body lying in a morgue politicos clearly have no hesitation in tearing at her carrion; it’s the public that must change, not be offended as it is bled dry by political animals…. There is no thought of the servants going back to their quarters and returning to their duties!

    Monkey see, monkey do…. The problem is far bigger than a few conspiraloons jumping up and down in their cages. – They’re just a few flake in the kaleidoscope.


    • I’m quite depressed over the quality of debate over Brexit from all sides. I’m in the stay in camp for quite selfish reasons but living now in Oz I don’t feel I have the right to vote either way. Especially as my last UK vote was for the launch of Tony Blair on an unsuspecting public.
      The politicians have a point but they are part of the problem. As for the murder of Jo Cox, it’s struck a chord in Oz like I haven’t seen before. Quite apart from the huge ex-pat population here (now over a million) this is being seen as such a shocking tragedy and every person I’ve spoken to today has been quite upset by it.

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      • Both sides have steadily evaded the real issues – or at least where they have touched on them they’ve conflated them with other agenda. Bearing in mind I advocate leaving, the ‘leave’ campaign’s ‘political broadcast’ was the most shocking piece of intelligence-insulting shit I think any group of politicos have ever come up with… Cameron & Co are basically down to cheap threats and intimidation.

        There has actually been no cogent debate; just a stupid bitchfight between sparring politicians each seeking a place at the trough. – British politics are almost as ludicrous a circus as the American version now. I’m half expecting to turn on the TV to see Boris and Cameron chasing each other round a circular track on monkey bikes wearing Fez and little red-sequined waistcoats! – With Donald Trump doing the commentary!

        It’s many decades since there was any agenda to serve anything but their own interests.

        The politicians ARE the problem in my view….. They need to take a long hard look at themselves and face up to why they inspire such hatred. – I AM now hearing from credible sources that the detained individual had mental health issues coupled to other difficulties. I have had to spend part of the morning monitoring social media channels (for work purposes) as well as the comments emerging from the politicos. What is emerging – to me at least – is how very VERY remote the perspective of politicians and political commentators is from the reality.

        Spivey? He’s part of ‘something else’. A spud-on-legs with a motor-mouth who seems to have involved himself with the conspiretard circuit in order to deflect attention away from his own sordid, dysfunctional life. – I am of the opinion he’s fairly typical in that respect; a good many of the characters making much of the noise on the shan-politico/conspiritainment circuit do seem to be out-and-out benders with criminal tendencies.

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    • Yes, I agree that politicians of all stripes often pick up on these things and use them to their own advantage. No doubt about that, and it’s a terrible thing to do–not least because it does fuel the conspiraloons in their delusional thinking.

      They can point to our supposed leaders and say, “Look! S/he’s making hay out of this—so obviously it was planned in the first place!”

      In the troofer mindset, there is no room for the fact that sometimes tragedies just happen.


      • Rain just happens – but it’s not more-formally called precipitation without a good reason.

        Clearly all the crap about ‘crisis actors’ and ‘false flags’ is just that – a load of old crap. But equally well I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that someone somewhere passes out ropes in the hope that some clown hangs themselves on one.

        – I’m not sure if anyone other then the perpetrator could have predicted this one, but the similarity between this murder and that of Anna Lindh seems just too close for comfort. And clearly ‘somebody’ – some set of circumstances – pushed this guy’s buttons.


  8. the worst of these false flag idiots is the vile chris spivey, he was convicted for running a hate campaign against the family of lee rigby and also called the woman that gave aid to the dying soldier a c..t. if you havent heard of him google his name.

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  9. It’s at the stage they are posting comments declaring ‘false flags’ before any real information has been released. They then go looking for things to try claim as evidences. Some of the stuff is mind bogglingly stupid.
    What I always find funny is they say “i’m just asking questions”, and yet when they get the answer they still keep asking the question.

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    • As the article suggests, it is indeed quite predictable, almost scripted… Coordinated. I suppose the irony of this is quite, quite lost on those who scream of conspiracies.

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  12. I’m sick to death of the internet being awash with conspiraturd videos following any shooting or celebrity death, or any grieving family member being called a ‘crisis actor’.
    Their only response is “You need to wake up!” or “F**k off, Shill !!!!” They’re all so predictable.

    I was shocked there were more hoax videos than serious reports on YT following the Orlando shootings.

    We’re living in very sad times, when we can’t respond under a video saying how tragic something is, without some crazy conspiraloon offering the brain-dead response of “Wake up!”


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