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The nice feller who runs this blog has been a great supporter of and contributor to HR these last few months and we’d like to thank him for all his efforts.

Do check out his blog, as there’s some very insightful stuff on there about SRA hoaxes (and more). Here’s the link:

And these are some posts specifically related to the Hampstead hoax that are well worth checking out:

“…The witchfinder generals of the world are at a new low. Reading some of the stuff they’ve sent to each other, it feels like they know absolutely nothing and spend a lot of time fighting each other instead of the mythical ‘satanic’ cult they’re up against.”

“…Enter every crazy Christian evangelist and conspiracy nutjob in Britain to make sure the names, faces and other intimate details of child victims of abuse, including police video interviews and medical reports of examinations of the children’s sexual parts, were posted all over the internet for the consumption of millions of people…”

“Hampstead Research blog’s claims…are so far-fetched that even many truthers have disowned these nutters…The innocent families, teachers, priests and business people the truthers behind the Hampstead Research blog are relentlessly harassing and defaming are neither Satanists nor involved in child abuse or murder…The blog supports child abuse because they undermine and sensationalize sensitive pedophile investigations into the British establishment via wild and false claims of ritualistic abuse and murder of children by Satanists.”


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    • I’m going to read it this morning.

      Had an early morning swim at the local pool, the changing cubical was a bit crowded though. Then went on to church, the vicar gave a lovely sermon on ritual killing so I’m feeling peckish and currently on Hampstead McDonalds free Wi-Fi, too late for breakfast though so I missed out on the baby bagels.

      I’m off to the tube station, I heard that I can have the heels repaired on my baby skin shoes.

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  1. Satan’s sausages…..Beelzebub Bacon ….Deviled Eggs ….and some toast that pops out of the toaster with the face of Jesus on…..:)

    followed by hemp tea and a good dollop of YOGArt…..


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