Jacqui Sucking Up To Chris Spivey



Chris Spivey – who he? He’s a notoriously idiotic troofer who declares pretty much every major news event as a “false flag psy op”. Oh and he is currently on trial for child porn offences, having been caught red-handed with a vast amount of child porn on his computer. He also went into meltdown mode over Social Services, after they accused him of, among other things, smoking around his young child. He vehemently insisted that he never smokes indoors, only outdoors. However, as you can see in this gruesome video of him dancing in his underpants, he is enjoying a nice fag in the comfort of his own living room. Oops!:

Great to see supposed anti-child porn campaigner Charlotte sucking up to a person like this, isn’t it.

Oh and just for shits and giggles, here’s Spivey’s attempt at presenting a logical argument. His “proof” that the Woolwich murder was faked hinges on the “fact” that CCTV footage is inadmissible in court if it’s more than an hour out. And this CCTV was showing the time as 1:26 when it was actually 2:20. So…er…it was “one hour and six minutes out”. Right? No? Enjoy:

4 thoughts on “Jacqui Sucking Up To Chris Spivey

  1. I have only recently seen his pictures of Lee Rigby and the people he believes were really him,or something like that,lol. They don’t look alike at all.

    So that’s Abraham, Spivey, Brian Pead and Viktor Seymour all accused of child abuse…and all supported by Jacqui Farmer. Filth!

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  2. Let us not forget that her own computer search results “informed” Google that she’s interested in kiddy porn, which obligingly served it up to her so she could claim RD was a child pornographer!

    Self-projection much, Charlotte? You’ve already admitted to an interest in BDSM…so apparently your tastes do run on the kinky side of the street.

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