Belinda spills evidence that Abe is ‘sexual abuser’

Today we’re going to travel back in time…way back, to the days before Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement on the fact-finding case. We’ve managed to track down a real blast from the past: one of Belinda McKenzie’s ‘rally the troops’ emails, from 10 March 2015. We think it offers some interesting insights into Belinda’s strategies, and there are a couple of sweet ‘Easter eggs’ in here as well….

Subject: BATTLE NEWS 8 March 2015
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 22:45:07 +0000

(having problems with my mass-mailing programme yet again so having to send this out in small clumps over 2-3 days…)

Dear All

Thanks for joining this list which gets longer and longer with every passing day. Because of lack of time once again I’m incorporating newcomers into my old ‘Battle’ list (Battle for Britain’s Children 2014 & 2015) and please forgive me for not being able to answer you individually, at least not yet but I hugely appreciate your support, thank you, especially to those who have sent donations via The Knight Foundation.

Interesting, isn’t it, that she got the Knight Foundation set up just in the nick of time to accept donations from well-meaning dupes. Belinda really does have amazing luck!

As for this ‘Battle’ & ‘Britain’s Children’, these could be children of any nationality under UK jurisdiction and at risk from its notorious ‘child protection’ services – foreign families as we know are frequently targeted. Having been torn from their loving families and communities the children effectively become ‘orphans’ – who from that moment is really listening to them, who really cares about them, what does the future hold for them?

Worst of all, we know a significant proportion of them will suffer sexual abuse and cruelty in care which is why they are there: Britain’s paedophile and sado-paedophile community needs ready access to children. Also, the ‘child-protection industry’ is a multi-million, billion pound industry; another sad reality is that we are battling greed for money here as well as paedophilia and worse.  

Here’s the warm up to the real pitch: Belinda uses evocative words like ‘orphans’, and describes them so piteously—one would have to be utterly callous to ignore their plight. Then she moves in for the kill: “paedophilia and worse”…but what could be worse than paedophilia?

Stay tuned, Belinda’s just getting started:

Regarding the main case I’m currently involved in, the so-called Hampstead SRA case, as you know it’s currently the subject of proceedings in the family division of the High Court which are due to conclude on Thursday 12 March. So far there has been little if any mainstream press & media coverage of the case because of the reporting restrictions imposed at the outset by the judge, but I think we can safely predict that the floodgates are going to open once she hands down her verdict.

What will she decide? Will she direct the local authority to deliver the children to their Russian grandparents which is what the vast majority of people watching the case consider is what should now happen?

Belinda lets her readers know that they’re among the privileged few, the first to know about this case which has had very little media coverage (because of that bad, bad judge and her inconvenient ‘protect the children’s anonymity’ nonsense). She builds suspense…and then, the kicker:

Will she place the blame for everything that’s happened to them roundly on their mum’s ‘shady’ boyfriend against whom ‘evidence’ that he is a sexual abuser has conveniently come to light as a result of the police raid on his flat 2 weeks ago?

Wait, what? Back up the bus.

The police raid on Abraham Christie’s flat revealed evidence that he’s a sexual abuser? And Belinda knew about it? Why was this information not immediately made public?

We feel that this one sentence ought to be surrounded in flashing lights, with sirens going off; but Belinda couches it in such a way as to dismiss is crucial bit of evidence before it’s even fully digested. She slides directly into an attack on RD, redirecting attention away from the inconvenient reality of Abe’s criminality:

Or will she direct the police to re-open their enquiry into the activity of the father and certain people named as his associates? Will she send the case to the criminal court as many believe should have happened right at the outset? Will she order prosecutions to be brought against others involved in circulating details of the case or who have been discussing it publicly, such as myself?

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…let’s redirect the reader’s attention to the “activity of the father and certain people named as his associates”. Or perhaps we could talk about the terrible danger into which Belinda is putting herself, simply because she prefers to ignore those pesky child protection laws.

Regarding the ‘evidence’ against the boyfriend, please consider the behaviour of the police in this case, how they bullied the children to retract their statements using sleep-deprivation and mind-control techniques to wear them down till they complied with what was required of them. The police then closed their enquiry into a case in which some 60 people had been listed as suspects or at least potential witnesses after only 2 weeks! Of course by the same token the police could plant evidence or claim to have found evidence in the boyfriend’s flat. 

Belinda touches briefly upon the evidence found by the police, but brushes it off by pointing to the police themselves: she alleges they used “sleep-deprivation and mind-control techniques” to wear the children down. Of course, we now know that this is exactly what Abe did to the children while they were in Morocco: he would wake them up at night to interrogate them and force them to practice their lines.

But Belinda is a masterful story-teller here, sowing seeds of doubt about the police before suggesting that they probably planted evidence in Abe’s flat, or lied about having found it.

At this stage I am preparing for the eventuality of being arrested – this could be the last time I send you ‘Battle News’! At best I’m expecting to be publicly denigrated along with my colleague Sabine McNeill. Private defamation suits may be brought against us by some of those offended by having their names and contact details published on the internet, not that I personally have had any part in that but I could be regarded as having been an accessory.

If all this kicks in as of Thursday it will be ‘battle over’ for me which I fully expected ever since I began trying to help the mother as her McKenzie Friend. I knew there could be hell to pay for getting involved, yet opting out was never an option either because I could not and cannot live with the knowledge that these terrible things go on in our world and that we cannot do a thing about it.

Like a stage magician, she immediately draws the reader back from uncomfortable thoughts like “did Abe sexually abuse RD’s children?” by sharing her own plight: her fear that she could be arrested for her bravery in standing up for what she feels is right.

Her victims—the parents, children, teachers, clergy, and businesses of Hampstead—are reduced to “those offended by having their names and contact details published on the internet”. A mere trifle, nothing to fuss about really.

Even so, Belinda is careful to state that she really had nothing to do with all that, but she “could be regarded as having been an accessory”. Even at this early stage, she’s setting up her partner, Sabine, as the guilty party.

Belinda’s no fool: she knows full well that she and Sabine have broken the law, so she prepares her loyal readers for the coming onslaught of negative publicity. She knows that doing this in advance will offer her a degree of immunity from public censure; and her readers will be much more likely to stand up for her if they think she’s being persecuted for her heroism.

WE CAN – this has been a huge opportunity to open minds to the reality of SRA and whatever the outcome on Thursday I know people will continue to believe that the brave whistle-blower children were telling the truth. We owe it to them to ensure that their ordeal will not have been in vain and that thanks to them down the line future generations of children will be saved from these horrors and we will have a better world generally. 

Belinda betrays a little of her underlying motivation here. This campaign has nothing to do with the fate of RD’s children; rather, it’s about pushing the ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ myth into public consciousness. “Whatever the outcome”, she knows her readers will believe what Abe forced RD’s children to say.

“Their ordeal will not have been in vain…future generations…better world…”: it sounds as though she’s already given up on them, and is thinking ahead to all the money she’ll be raking in as she grabs people by their fear and squeezes.

Please, if I’m not around to campaign in the coming weeks prior to the General Election would everyone help make sure child-abuse, past, present and future is an election issue. Challenge each candidate as to where they stand on this issue! Check out their family background, education, careers to date. Don’t vote for them if they come across as cold and uncaring – ask them what they’d like to see changed in Britain for the sake of their own children or grandchildren growing up and watch their reaction!

We all have that thing called ‘gut feeling’ – use it!  My slogan for the election is ‘People not Parties’. As it’s likely that there will be a hung parliament/coalition government we can all opt for a totally different criterion for choosing who to vote for so why not give this one a whirl? Best wishes and luck to all and please carry on the fight for our children!


Having pulled her readers past the uncomfortable possibility that Abe is a sexual abuser, and prepared them for the ordeal to come, Belinda does a little electioneering—remember, this email went out a few weeks before last year’s election. Clearly, her ‘People not Parties’ strategy worked like a bloody charm.

PS I will be outside the RCJ on my usual 12-2 vigil Tuesday and Wednesday next week, then Thursday is the end of the case so I’ll be there from 10 am. This is the crucial day and there may well be some press and media around so please if you can, drop everything else and come along to RCJ Thursday 12 March. Maybe you’ll see me being arrested!!

She finishes up with a call to the faithful: come to the RCJ and watch the saintly Belinda being martyred for what she believes in! Because to make her scam work, Belinda needs witnesses, loyal witnesses, and lots of them.

This email is truly enlightening, and not just because Belinda reveals that she’s known all along that Abe is a sexual abuser. It shows her Goebbels-like ability to play her audience, to manipulate their emotions while she directs their attention away from evidence and reality. She’s clearly had lots of practice, and knows exactly what she’s doing.


65 thoughts on “Belinda spills evidence that Abe is ‘sexual abuser’

  1. Once again an example of Belinda and Sabine manipulating the facts as given to them by the parents of a vulnerable child.

    In many ways, what they have historically done (by leaving a vulnerable child exposed to abuse) is worse than anything that they have (often falsely) accused others of doing.

    They ignore any fact that does not fit in with their game plan, or further their quest for donations

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  2. Dear Belinda

    Why not detail the evidence found by the police at Abe’s flat? Your silence on this matter points to guilt.. Why did you not explain exactly what they found, with your excuses of their existence? You could not explain the ‘evidence’ away, as there was no valid reason for it. You probably only mentioned it in a damage limitation attempt, because you thought the information would get leaked, but as you see, it is only people like you who do that leak information without full context, selectively, to put forward warped beliefs.

    Is it true you douse children with water, just like Abe? That you do the very thing you accuse others of, holding rituals, believing in demon-possession? What happened at the George pub in Glastonbury when you were there?

    Without you and Sabine RD’s children could probably get on with their lives. But you have blighted that possibility, making it possible for any old paedo walking across their path to target them?. So instead of protecting vulnerable children you have in fact cursed them for come. Well done. What punishment would suffice for the damage you have done to so many people? Your madness is dangerous.

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  3. Belinda McKenzie is intelligent and I think she knows the truth and fictions in this case. McKenzie follows the same path as Sabine McNeill in supporting paedophiles and child abusers whilst harming abused children and the innocent. Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill are campaigners for child abusers and paedophiles, they have no interest in child safety.

    Over the 12+ months I have been involved in the Hampstead SRA hoax campaign I have come across a number of tantalizing threads of evidence that Abraham Christie is a paedophile. I think there are facts about what Abraham Christie did to the RD children that are still hidden from the public domain.

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  4. McKenzie friend? McKenzie fiend more like.
    A wee part of me (almost) feels compassion for the mentally challenged Sabine and Neelu whom have been used as vehicles and sacrificial lambs to fuel the fire of the Bellenders cause celeb.
    Both truely shafted by the McKenzie skewer whom bellows and blows fanning the flames whilst dancing a merry jig.
    Classic manoeuvrings of an Agent provocateur.
    B&S have been well and truley spit roasted..apologies if anyone having their tea.

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  5. An excellent disassembly of the set-up. Hindsight being 20:20 it is quite clear how exactly McKenzie ’emplaced’ her characters and stooges. And how in particular she set McNeill up for the fall. Setting up hapless foolish people to go to jail and become bankable martyrs seems to be a bit of a habit of hers.

    She projects the use of “sleep-deprivation and mind-control techniques to wear [the children] down till they complied with what was required of them”. – Even to the untrained eye that is EXACTLY what we saw evidence of in the original videos. But it wasn’t the police who were responsible for this, it was Abe Christie and Ella Draper. Similarly, Abe Christie – a man with a long and violent criminal past – is painted as the innocent victim of the Police planting evidence.

    I don’t think much of Belinda’s ‘casting skills’. How come so many of the characters in her little dramas are drug dealers, porn dealers, swingers, molls, strippers, bankrupts, political cranks, forgers and her ‘extras’ are by-and-large drawn from the ranks of the sadly mentally-ill?

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  6. Apparently Belinda conducted a seance there, but cannot remember details.Corresponds with things Charlotte Ward wrote about her landlady, ie Belinda believes her daughter is demon possessed and conducts rituals…just like a cult!!!

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  7. see

    .’..Anyway just wanted to say that probably wasn’t you who was spotted in the rooms of The George Inn, Glastonbury dressed like a witch and, well, doing witch-like things, e.g. evoking certain demons and then putting who was it into a trance? NOT Charlie Seven, surely?… it’s probably just one of those rumours, eh? You wouldn’t perform sacrifices and demonic ceremonies in those notorious demonic hexastyle rooms of THE GEORGE INN, GLASTONBURY, polluting “St Michael’s” line, would you? Nah, couldn’t have been you – must have been someone else who looks very like you…and it’s a good job it wasn’t you because now the sacrificed are coming back, and …well, you know…’.

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  8. — Off topic—
    but I noticed that Rupert the Bear is trying to be coy about his upcoming visit to London.

    Question to Rupert at 53:20….
    Kevin gives away Rupert’s probable plan to descend on London on the15th June-ish.
    Then Rupert cuts the vid says he may not come then and backpedals a lot. All the bravado about blazing in like the superhero – well, I didn’t really mean that, of course it was all a jest etc, etc


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  9. Thanks Sarah – this sounds like cannabis psychosis channelling from Abe’s arse. But quite funny too! The George has seen many odd things in its time, I’m pretty certain Belinda dressed as a witch performing sacrifices and calling demons was not one of them….. 😉

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  10. Reading the fascinating SAFF website one gets a good picture of how fundamentalist ‘Christians’ have driven the Satanic Panic hoax especially in the USA but they now have their tentacles firmly in the UK. We all know how many of those who have pushed the Hampstead hoax hyperventilate about Satan etc and proclaim their alleged Christianity (they would be so far removed from the ideals expressed by JC, if he lived).

    All the main characters of the Hampstead hoax do this except one : Belinda McKenzie.
    I believe she is pure evil and a very dangerous psychopath and all the evidence is there. If you have, like me since 2009, dealt with a very dangerous psychopath, everything McKenzie has done is classic psychopathic behaviour.

    Such evidence is seen in the messages about her own daughter but especially in the fact those who come into her orbit find themselves destroyed and it often takes years for them to realise how it happened ( the 2 currently on charges who clearly have mental issues are examples). Psychopaths are extremely destructive forces. McKenzie fits the bill. Every person she has had contact with in her alleged “McKenzie Friends’ role has come to grief. There is no need for me to list that growing number of people whose lives have been shattered by this dangerous woman.

    # If police found evidence that the convicted child abuser & career criminal Abraham Gemel Christie had child abuse material at his home it must because they had a search warrant. They could not just ‘find’ the material by visiting him, it would be because they had good reasons to search him and his home.

    ## Psychopaths give the game away all the time just as McKenzie has done but it often takes an expert to uncover this and a Gold Star to Hoaxtead for uncovering this.

    ### It’s rarely mentioned by police but they deal with psychopaths so often it is good practice in most police stations to only allow an officer to deal with one psychopath at a time following a long break. Coppers worked out decades ago how dangerous and what mind-fuckers psychopaths can be,

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  11. I should never have watched those videos but when the girl finally revealed the claims were false she looked like such a heavy load had been lifted from her shoulders.


  12. The truth Is, that Belinda genuinely believes that AB went to far. Do your research. Check YouTube for videos on Yoga and facial yoga dated around 2011 and 2012,
    These video uploaded by Ella (not the famous McPherson but the Russian one). At the same time Sabine Macneil was writing in one of her blogs about receiving treatment and lessons for facial Yoga. There are few people witness that can verify that Ella Sabine and Belinda was having yoga sessions at Belinda s house. In fact the videos dated 2012 made at Belinda’s house. Abraham met Ella a Year later Through a “friend” due to the fact that both were in to “special diets”.
    Ella was selling natural beauty products and was a personal trainer to few people around the area she lived.
    Belinda after the Holy Greig fiasco was planning another scandal.
    What Belinda dint expect was, that Abraham having made such videos would disgrace her evil campaign.
    Both Belinda and Sabine said that they Met Ella in November 2014 (after the children made the false allegations on video).
    wrong. A person that you all know but I will not mention told me that she was inside Belinda’s house making a video, about children in care, In 2013. She said she met Ella and Abraham and that Abraham was rude and unpleasant.
    In 2013 Sabine McNeil in one of her blogs gave a hint for things to come.. She wrote that The British establishment covers child abusers and devil worshipers.!!!

    If you research further, there are some videos made by Neelu Berry were among her famous claims that UK (or British Empire) went bankrupt (sic) since 1932, referring to the death of her niece she mention “evil worshipers within the government”
    It was a sick plot not well planned or well executed.
    I doubted that an intelligent and well educated woman like Belinda would have agreed to video these children and splash this video on the internet feeding pedophiles.
    But this was her Plan. The SRA scandal. So she couldn’t back down because Ella and Abraham already co-operated by sacrificing the two children.

    Knowing Sabine and Yolande I can safely say that these two women have a personality disorder. attention seekers narcissist, and aggressive.
    These two women have not a gram of intelligence. They will believe anything as long as other people can see them as “fighters” (not Kung Foo fighters). ,

    Belinda has £millions so she is able to finance any false scandal.

    Sabine has Genuine reasons to hate Britain..
    Sabine was Born in Germany, her father (a German SS) was Killed during the second world war .
    her mother escaped the allied bombings and took Sabine to Poland . So Sabine was raised in Poland.
    Sabine came to UK in the 80;s and she Married a scholar.
    I am not sure about her qualifications but I have read few thesis written by Sabine Mcneil and watched a video where Sabine gives a lecture.
    Isn’t obvious that Sabine she is FREE to hate United Kingdom?

    She travels around attacking the British establishment, British police, the Judicial, the Politicians, and the NHS!!!

    a Case of the “flying doctor” (a vet from Cardiff flying an old plane). This man was sectioned under mental health act, He has threaten a female that he will kill her. He admitted on a police interview and the video was posted on the Internet, Sabine still travels around screaming injustice although “Norman” has ask her to Leave him alone.

    This SRA fiasco invented by Belinda and few others that I will not named but I trust some of you knows who they are.

    Belinda has financed Ellas expenses to travel, and accommodation (running away),

    Although Belinda herself today tries to Hide in France, there are many of her “paid supporters” who are trying to keep this SRA fiasco alive.
    The question is: Will Ella someday come out and tell the truth? Will she repent as a mother?
    We will see.

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  13. I try but I just can’t watch that goat.
    What happened to the 2 on hunger strike in Rome? Perhaps they just faded away to nothing.

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  14. I fully agree, JW. I think Belinda is responsible for a great deal of the ‘success’ of the Hampstead hoax, as without her, Abe and Ella would have sunk without a trace. Belinda has a lot to answer for, and not just about Hoaxtead.


  15. Yes, it never fails to amuse and amaze that the people who are the first to point and scream, “Ritual abusers!” are the very ones who actually engage in cult-like behaviour in their own lives.

    Even Belinda’s letter sounds very much like something one would write to cult members, to ensure everyone is on the same page, and no one is engaging in ‘wrong thinking’.


  16. A great deal happened that hasn’t been released publicly, SV, I know that much. As far as I’m concerned, that should remain private.

    I completely agree with you about Belinda and Sabine supporting criminals and child abusers: their record is public, and quite clear.

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  17. ‘Bankable martyrs’ indeed. In the interest of not making this post into a full-length book, we actually didn’t include the last bit of Belinda’s email, which contained reminders to attend various events, as well as an update on Robert Green, etc. Belinda seems to specialise in finding people’s weaknesses and exploiting them to her own advantage.

    I was fascinated with her ability to ‘innoculate’ her followers against the evidence she knew would likely emerge: that evidence had been found implicating Abe, that Sabine would likely be charged with having released the confidential videos and list of names of Hampstead residents implicated by Abe and Ella. She takes this material and uses it as ‘evidence’ that the authorities are in cahoots and trying to cover up the case.

    Pity all the people she chose to be in her Show of the Century were inept boobs, addled druggies, or just plain mentally ill. But I suppose when you’re Belinda, you work with what you get.

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  18. Thanks, Sam. I agree that Belinda is dangerous: her ability to attract people whom she then uses to her own advantage before she discards them and moves on is classic psychopathic behaviour. Even the mentally healthy can be dragged under by someone like Belinda (though I’m hard pressed right now to think of a mentally healthy person who’s been involved in the upper echelons of promoting Hoaxtead…).


  19. We’ve actually looked into much of what you describe here, and have definitely found links between Ella and Sabine that date back further than they care to admit.

    I do think you’re right, too, that Belinda didn’t realise that Abe’s videos of the children would be ‘shopped around’ to people like Gerrish and Maloney as quickly as they were; I think the original plan was to dole them out carefully, to keep building suspense and pulling in new believers (and sources of cash).

    We’ve written about this here in the past; perhaps this weekend we’ll do a kind of omnibus post that reviews how the hoax was perpetrated, and where it originated.

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  20. Jeeze! – Nearly 2 1/2 hours of these workshy wasters twatting on about what? And they think anyone’s interested why? How self-absorbed can they be?

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  21. I have seen quite a few people ask Abe, many times, if the child sex images found on his phone were of RD’s children or other children. Never once has he answered that question.

    In one of “Ella’s” emails about the case, the claim Is made that the children stole the phone, gave it to RD, and RD filmed child sex abuse. It’s in the same email that Abraham tried to blame RD for the injury to the boys ear. That would suggest that the images found by the police were of RD’s children.

    We also know that the claim was made that the children were told to ‘touch’ each other a few times per day. Abraham claims that they tried to separate the children but they kept sneaking and touching each other. Could it be that Abraham was actually the person that told them to touch each day and took opportunity to film it?

    It’s also interesting that the police closed the case on a cult, but kept open the case concerning the possibility of sexual abuse. Did they know more than we know about Abraham, and/or have suspicions about Abraham?

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  22. I think it’s very likely that the police had enough evidence to begin to pursue a case against Abraham. However, I also think that case was put on hold, in hopes that the hoax would die down online, and the children’s privacy and dignity could be restored. To my mind, that was a short-sighted approach, as it vastly underestimated the tenacity of the Hoaxtead mob, and the viral nature of the internet.

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  23. I do not want to enter in to this debate innocent People. I hope you all know that Belinda has one vulnerable daughter and three sons. Two of her sons are partners in 4 limited companies dealing with Houses but this is weird. There not estate agents or letting agents. acquiring Land. (google it).
    For legal reasons I cannot mention the name (it is an ongoing police investigation) of a person or persons who are investigated for an alleged fraud (selling the same flat to two different buyers).
    No you may dismiss as nonsense my findings and you are free to do so. (I have never made false allegations in the past).

    But the rumors are By an ex associate of Belinda that there was few £millions on the table if Belinda acquires Land for a large exclusive development in Hamstead. (article 10 protect the anonymity of the informer).

    I have visit few times Hamstead asking questions. None about SRA but about commercial property for sale and the likelihood of Obtaining planning permission for such large project. (As you know SRA is out of my mind).

    I was surprised to hear from 3 local shop owners that they heard rumors of development in the area.

    Researching Further I found a Link Between Belinda glan and Galliard Homes.
    I cannot write in here as to why I haven’t spoken to galliard homes

    Now I am thinking. is Belinda so mad to throw money just for a scandal?
    Or there is more to it?
    having disgraced the whole community does she thinks that the residents may be forced to sell and move out so their property can be purchased “on the cheap” and demolished so a new development will replace these?

    I know the Church is a historical Grade A building.
    I was told the same about the school.
    But I found out that the school can also be demolished and replaced.

    May be I am 100% wrong in Your eyes.
    But maybe I am not.
    Do your own research. And think
    Wars are have not started for just killing people. Wars are for making money through the weapons industry, and land redevelopment. (Plus Oil and Gas rights).


    Ms Belinda Margaret Mckenzie holds 4 appointments at 4 active companies, has resigned from 2 companies and held 1 appointments at 1 dissolved companies. BELINDA began their first appointment at the age of 51. Their longest current appointment spans 13 years, 3 months and 5 days at COGNOSCENCE LIMITED

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where BELINDA holds a current appointment equals £449.9k, a combined total current assets value of £451.1k with a total current liabilities of £556.8k and a total current net worth of £-90.1k. Roles associated with Ms Belinda Margaret Mckenzie within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

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  25. Wouldnt put anything past this loathsome arch opportunist/manipulator.She is on the make at every turn and collateral damage to children and innocent folk simply does not figure in her calculations.
    Indeed “following the money” is the surist way to flush out the source of human maleficence.

    Kind of hoping Neelu has an epiphanal moment and determines to sue her Mckenzie fiend for 300 billion squid.Go ga ya know it makes sensel:)

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  26. Hopefully by now they will have realised just how tenacious they are, and decide to make a strong example of those due to appear in court.

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  27. The images on the phone could somehow be innocent which is something no one has considered. The children were promised a bag of sweets from a girl at school if they touched each other. Let’s not forget that a bag of sweets to the children at that time would have been a big thing. Christie, catching them would not accept their explanation. The girl at school also showed them a photograph of a sex toy belonging to her mother, perhaps that is where the phrase ‘plastic willie’ was born. Christie of course used this and added his own interpretation, and the children were forced to agree with it.

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  28. That’s entirely possible, yes. There’s no indication from what Belinda says as to whether the evidence about Abe was found on his phone, or elsewhere in the flat.

    You’re right that Abe seems to have constructed the hoax from a variety of sources—images, supposition, gossip, and of course his own fascination with the ‘Satanic’ (though according to SV who comments here, Abe’s version is laughable).

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  29. Yet that has never stopped them repeatedly pinning said pics on Mr. Dearman and claiming that he “planted” them on Abe’s phone. There must be something incriminating about them if they’re so desperate to absolve Abe of the blame for downloading them.

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  30. I think that Abe will never return through his own volition to the UK. European Arrest warrants have proven to be very effective though…

    Tonight seems a good night – Angie seems to have had a bad day – poor Angie, did those rude nasty Guardia knock your door too early?

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  31. The children might have taken a picture to show the girl at school but Christie forced them to accuse their father.
    The idea that RD got them to steal the phone and take pictures for him is ridiculous and sounds like a Christie fantasy.

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  32. Oh it must be strain of the groundbreaking new evidence Angie and Cathi Morgan have discovered.. 😀

    Comment from APD:
    “GROUND BREAKING stuff Cathi….so excited with this
    literally HISTORY making in the TRUEST sense
    I pray for MAXIMUM exposure and no AIRBRUSHING off the net
    WAY overdue time that victims are validated and truth is told
    HONOURED to have done this and the rest of the series with you.
    Couldn’t think of a better answer to nefarious smear campaigns
    See you soon STAY ALIVE!!!

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  33. My personal opinion is that of all the Satan Hunters involved in the Hampstead SRA hoax Belinda Mckenzie is the most dangerous, and is difficult to pin down. However Hampstead is becoming Belinda Mckenzie’s Waterloo.

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  34. How did Belinda find out about this incriminating evidence?

    Do the police keep her up to date with their on going investigations?

    I don’t doubt that there was something on Abe’s phone given the tale told about it being taken by the children etc, but then the boy said in one police interview that it had turned up again down the back of a sofa.

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  35. My guess is that at that time she’d have heard about it from Ella or Sabine. This is before Ella and Abe decided to cut them out of the hoax.


  36. I can’t really remember the timelines now,

    The onus had seemed to have shifted from return the children to the “loving mother” to the loving grandparents about this time, I think?

    Maybe it was that evidence that caused the shift.

    Abrella were on the run, how did they know about a raid or what the police had found?

    It doesn’t quite make sense to me, but then, when ever Belinda & Co typing the result is a deluge of Internet effluent.


  37. The minute it hits him that some people are actually watching him, he brings out the begging bowl saying that everyone watching his videos should donate and kindly offers up the link to his…yawn…GoFundMe page.

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  38. She’ll be back in the hope that Roopy takes a jaunt to visit her when he comes to the UK soon..either that or she’ll be getting ready to go to the UK to see him…..probably. 🙂

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  39. I seem to remember a 3 year old being mentioned in the past. Could that be connected to what was found by Police? Although that story died down quickly along with the one about the dog.
    Abrella added so many arms and legs to their hoax, it gets difficult to remember all the nonsense they concocted between them.

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  40. Belinda is using her poor daughter who I have met loads of times to carry out this! A lot has probebley and still is going on up there in that hub of hers. Her poor daughter Izzy looks like she has seen so many tramatic things its in her eyes I so want to whisk her away to a safe new life bless her but she is under such horrendous mindcontrol Belinda has put her under she no longer remembers anything whats happend to her.

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