Hamster Research taken off life support

In a surprise move, the disgusting blog Hampstead Research has now been taken offline completely.

Do you remember Hamster Research? The dismal blog was run by a woman who called herself ‘Jacqui Farmer’; she and her partner ‘Video Man’ created agonisingly awful self-narrated videos that became known in these parts as her ‘Vogon poetry recitals’.

Hamster Research specialised in harassment, poison pen letters, smear campaigns, and encouraging vigilantism against the decent families, teachers, clergy, and businesses of Hampstead. ‘Jacqui’ had a simpering, sickly-sweet writing style that only added insult to the pain and damage her words inflicted.

It took us a few weeks, but once we’d exposed Jacqui and Video Man as Charlotte Alton Ward and Jacco De Boer, we set about having their blog removed from WordPress. As some of you might remember, this proved harder than expected. WordPress is an American corporation, and would only respond to court orders from U.S. courts; however, eventually we were able to convince them to close down Charlotte’s blog.

Unfortunately, at that point Charlotte decided to move her operation to a self-hosted blog platform in Iceland, a country that’s renowned for its ‘free-speech’ blog hosting. Hamster Research never regained the readership or influence it had achieved in its glory days, and in late October 2015, Charlotte announced that she’d no longer be posting anything new.

While this was a relief to those she’d been harassing, the blog remained online, a necrotic oozing pustulence on the hindquarters of the internet.

And now it’s gone.

We know that for those Hampstead parents whose children’s names were published there, this will come as no small comfort; we know you worry that your kids can be located and targetted by online paedophiles, and it’s good that it’s finally gone.

We don’t know what finally motivated Charlotte to pull the plug: did her cheques from Belinda start to bounce? Did she finally realise that the only visitors to her blog were spambots and paedophiles? Honestly, we don’t really care.

We’re just glad to see it’s finally breathed its last. There will be no eulogies. Hamster Research will not be missed.bye bye

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  1. “Necrotic oozing pustulence on the hindquarters of the internet”. Well said. And, as with all pus-filled things, good riddance to hamster research.

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  2. Interesting case from retweet panel::with a reference to: ‘the child must be believed’ – one for you, Angie, Guidance, etc etc. Children do lie, for all kinds of reasons. Esp when a thug boyfriend of mum is endorsed/supported by evil mum and threatens them. Geddit?

    Mr Justice MacDoanld:


    This is very troubling case. In Re E (A Minor)(Child Abuse: Evidence) [1991] 1 FLR 420 at 447H Scott- Baker J observed:
    “It is disappointing that, despite the passage of time since the Cleveland report, several witnesses had either not read the report at all or, if they had, they ignored its conclusions in many respects. Permeating the whole case is the underlying theme of ‘the child must be believed’. Of course what any child says must be listened to and taken seriously, but the professionals must be very careful not to prejudge the issue”.


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    • Yes, that’s a fascinating story. Two children who were made to lie and say that their father had sexually abused them. One of the kids was interviewed 44 times about it. It seems that the police, social workers, etc. were all so predisposed to ‘believe the children’ that it was like a closed-circuit, and no one could see that it might all be made up by the mother.


        • These are the same geniuses who determined that all of us who use all-caps for ‘LOL’ must be RD. BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE ON THE INTERNET DOES THAT! LOL


          • Well, we’ve said it before: #JeSuisRicky

            I remember reading one of DDH’s brilliant deductive pieces a few months ago. Let’s just say that the if/then reasoning was less than perfect. And we all know what happens when one bases an argument on faulty initial assumptions. 🙂


  3. It is very good news that this violating bog has been taken out for the bin men. It may be that they are concerned to cover their tracks now that there’s some actual charging going on.
    So as you say EC, it probably won’t help parents worry less but I am sure it will be some comfort that – finally – this ‘simpering, sickly sweet’ but poisonous narrative has disappeared – arguably the most vile of their campaign.
    What is also disgusting is that SM companies continue to allow illegal and dangerous content to be published even when notified – seemingly without a care or sense of responsibility.

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    • Yes, absolutely agree. I think this hoax has made a lot of people aware of just how much responsibility the social media platforms have for hosting what amounts to hate material.


  4. It’s been legless for a while SV. It’s the way it crawls along on its belly that bothers me. – With a parade of parasites feeding off the slime it leaves in its wake.

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    • I see the resemblance, but it’s not her. Two or three people up her remember APD from London in the early-mid 80s. – It’s said she was grifting even back then. At that time she was often mistaken for a Scottish Actress called Judith Sweeney. – She (APD) seems to just have ‘one of those faces’.

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  5. I suspect Charlotte has run out of cash. Goodness knows what she does to make ends meet. From her autobiography it seems her main talents were skiving and having sex with people she shouldn’t. I can’t think that even in Suriname these are attractive to potential employers.

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    • you wonder why her neighbours & all Upstanding Citizens can’t stand her : APD at Full Moon is on the roof howling like a banshee.

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  6. I don’t have the URLs for either the original or the revivial site, however is it also worth checking the waybackmachine and asking them if they would consider moving the sites from their archive. I don’t believe that the site is a for profit organisation, so may consider removing it considering the content without the need for a court order. Let’s get this vile rubbish scrubbed permantently from the internet.

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