Angie Watch: The legal edition

We noted a couple of days ago that things had gone awfully quiet on the Hoaxtead front, but we couldn’t have reckoned on exactly how quiet. In fact, for two days running, Angie has put up a ‘no one home’ sign on her Facebook page:

Angela-offline 1 2016-04-19Angie-offline 2 2016-04-19

Goodness, it looks as though Angie has been a very busy girl!

We wonder what she’s been up to—some have speculated that she might have been invited round to the Gardai for a wee chat, but of course we have no actual evidence of any such thing.

We did notice, though, that when she returned to Facebook yesterday afternoon, she was still looking very smartly dressed, hair neat, makeup on:

Angela-dressed up 2016-04-19

Hands up, everyone who thinks she got all dressed up to model the jewellery she received in the post from Mumsy McNamara?

No, we don’t buy that either. If we had to guess, we’d say Angie was dressed to impress…whether the cops or her solicitor we really cannot tell. Perhaps Angela would like to fill us in? We’re all ears!

Meanwhile, one of Angie’s young protegés is in a bit of a pickle over having repeatedly published pictures of RD’s children:

Jake-police caution 2016-04-19

From the sound of it, Jake is planning not to accept the caution, but to throw in his money with Neelu and Sabine’s vast legal expertise, and take the charge to court.

Um…we’re not sure how to say this politely, but this seems like a rather bad plan to us.

If we were Jake’s parents, we’d be having a stern word with him right about now. And if we were Jake, we’d be listening to their good advice.

While taking a stand for something you believe in is a good and admirable thing, it’s wise to ensure that the thing you believe in is actually worth your loyalty.

(As an aside, who’s in favour of Araya’s brilliant plan to show the world her bits? And hasn’t she already done this? We’re afraid a repeat performance could only be a bit of an anti-climax.)

Yes, we went there. And we’re not sorry.

Disregard constabulary 2016-04-19


41 thoughts on “Angie Watch: The legal edition

  1. I note she said she was going off the internet for awhile to read 100s of emails & FB friend requests. Wacky or what?

    Also see that visiting Princess from an Alien universe who is publicist for baby murdering bean counter Tori Smith has ramped up her posts of links to tales of a Satanic ring operating in Hampstead. Perhaps court orders & injunctions don’t apply to visiting aliens. Meanwhile a pal of Angie’s alludes to a claim Carol Thatcher is really Jimmy Savile’s daughter. Care in The Community is not working.

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    • LOL! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I wondered how one might go off the internet to read 100s of email and FB messages, too. Quite the trick, really.


  2. The way Disney strings sentences together is really creepy……Its almost like she’s changing….. personalities……whats with all the full stops?……And as for Jake and Rupert saying that the kids photos have already done the rounds, rubbish! A couple of months ago i hadn’t even heard of them and nobody i know has either. If i was Jake id be begging the police not to put that on my record, he’s to stupid to realise what he’s getting into.

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      • Jake would be better off accepting that caution and just because the images have previously been published does not give anyone in the right to break the law or have they not noted the current controversy over the injunction on the so-called “celebrity threesome”?

        So much for Angela Power-Disney’s caring nature. She has encouraged a young person to start life with a mark against him. Even a caution now will stop him getting certain jobs. Such irresponsibility is unforgivable.

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  3. If Jake is still living in a home with a nursery attached I would be concerned about sending my children there with someone living there sharing images of abused children on the internet with child abusers.

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  4. I don’t have too much sympathy for Jake, as he was warned not to publicise the photos, videos etc.

    I think Jake wants to be “famous” but has no talent, this was his way of being someone important in his little mind.

    Caution or worse it’s still a criminal record.

    Jake’s only defence is that he has Mental Health issues, but not sure that will be much of a defence.

    Yeah well done Angela for encouraging Jake.

    It’s a shame it wasn’t you.

    Let’s face it, you’ve not worked since you were in your 20s and you’re nearly 60 now.

    A caution would make no difference to you.

    I hope you’re next.

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  5. The prerequisite for a caution is a person accepting they are guilty as accused. Seemingly no defence in Jake’s case – he published the pictures. Going to Court could see him registered as a “sex offender” the least of all evils for him is the caution. Jake needs a solicitor – rather than a non trained Belinda, Sabine or Angie. The outcome for Jake does not affect them, other than in gaining another thing to talk about.

    Frankly he is a prat….

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  6. Taking legal advice from Neelu and Sabine is a bit like taking dieting advice from Pavarotti.

    Jake looks like a boy and will not do well if he ends up getting a prison sentence. He needs to take the Caution, which is bad enough. I wouldn’t want to have a Caution on my record for breaching a Court Order in relation to a case which involves children. But then I’m boring and I suppose life is much more exciting when you’re fighting the Illuminati.

    Araya – she seriously thinks FB is going to let all her friends post pictures of their privates? She seriously thinks that posting pictures of your privates on the internet would give people the moral high-ground? She seriously thinks that….oh never mind.


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  7. Recall it was Angela Power-Disney who encouraged Jake to go to police over an alleged threat or harassment (calling him Angie’s toyboy?) but it seems to have backfired badly. So what doe she do ? He gets advice from 2 people on serious charges ( probably wants to go to court and arrest the judge / magistrate and place a lien on him & the court. Are we witnessing the birth & conception of a Freeman of The Land ?. All we need is Jake to be represented by brilliant Irish comedian Patrick Cullinane he of.. “you can stick your ambulance up your arse” fame.

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  8. It really is regrettable that Angie has manipulated another vulnerable person and limited their choices in life. Mummy and daddy might cut Jake off one day and he might need to work for a living. The only job available might be the one that needs a squeaky clean past. Where will you be then, Angie? You should be ashamed of yourself. You damage other people. Vulnerable people. More bad karma, Angie.

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    • Jake, if you are reading this, find a proper qualified solicitor and take their advice. Don’t involve yourself with the case of Neelu and Sabine and don’t take any advice from Angie or the McKenzie Angels.


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    • If he gets a caution or goes to court and gets a certain conviction he will never be able to work around children. Ever. That can be a host of occupations that in passing kids may be involved in- in a hospital, a club and so on. That immediately limits his choices at a young age.

      He is a frigging idiot for taking notice of a bunch of nutters and the malicious Power-Disney who is encouraging his destruction. Angela Power-Disney is a psychopath. This is so typical of one-they leave a trail of destruction in their wake with people scratching their heads and generally taking ages to realise what has happened.

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  9. Very good advice FS, much better than the advice he seems to have listened to up to now.

    Just to add to your message to Jake – remember Sabine and Belinda are quick to push someone else into using their services to defend a case, yet they are even quicker to engage a solicitor when its their necks (or pockets) at stake. That must speak volumes?

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  10. Sadly Angie has woken up today. Her latest waffle:

    Why has Angie kept this video on her You Tube channel – she is very aware of the Court Orders?


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    • The fantasy that she has a solicitor to go to for advice at say what price in Ireland ? £200 per hour ?. You certainly don’t get legal aid on matters of copyright and indeed a copyright lawyer may charge twice that.

      I do so wish this lying hound who “maintains her dignity” did have money so she could be sued for her vicious and repeated libels. But she’s a lady of straw.

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    • Re her Facebook post, one of her genius friends has suggested she send the IPCC response to the journalist at the BBC. Apparently the point hasn’t got through to the hard-of-thinking yet: that wasn’t a victory, LOL.


  11. I took the picture of Angie to be a dig at Melanie, along with the actual dig she has at Melanie within the text. Brenda is respected within their circles and I viewed it as a way of saying “see, Mumsy (Brenda) likes me and believes me enough to give me jewellery).
    Typical Angie, can’t just be a child of god, she has to be a “royal” child of god.

    If Jake is charged and convicted it could seriously harm his future. Especially if the wording of the offence has anything suggesting the distribution of images involving children. Not a good look for employment or travelling to various countries around the world, including the US. Hopefully his parents or a professional can talk some sense into him.

    Lol, I was thinking the same when I read about Araya’s plan, that half of London has already seen her bits. I for one do not want to see Sabine’s kipper spread across my screen, so please warn me if such images start appearing.

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    • I took it as a dig at Melanie too.

      I doubt Melanie would care about a bit of handmade jewellery.

      Angie talks bs.

      Brenda is 72, there is no ways she has been a CSA Campaigner for 6 decades!

      If Jake accepts the caution he’s a criminal.

      His only hope is that he gets a not guilty in Court.

      Not sure if that would be possible.

      He needs to tell the police who his Master is=Angela Power Disney and see if they will go for the higher up in the chain rather than him.

      My advice, grass her up Jake.

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  12. If Jake is charged and convicted it could seriously harm him. As who would want somebody on the sex offenders register living next door to a nursery? Word about this type of thing does get out even if it isn’t printed in the local paper. Jake could find himself hounded out of his house and maybe even worse.
    The boy needs to grow some brains and quickly.

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    • If they’re willing to offer him a Caution then the charge isn’t serious enough for the sex offenders register. I’d agree though that he needs to grow up and wake up – the police are not pxxxxxg around with this and I’m sure they’re fed up of people walking roughshod over the Court Order that prohibits pictures of the children being published.

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      • That seems to be the case with the police. This has been a thorn in their side for some time, and I would not be surprised if they’re ready to put a stop to it.

        As for the sex offenders’ register, I wouldn’t want to see Jake added to it, but if he fails to accept his caution tomorrow he will have to face other legal consequences. I agree with you that it’s best if he just accepts it and mends his ways. (Meanwhile, I note that he’s posted a few more Hampstead-related items on his ‘Anonymous #OpHampstead’ Facebook page.

        Hint to Jake: the police know who runs that page. Just in case you were wondering.


    • It would be kind of ironic though, wouldn’t it, one of those falsely pointing the finger feeling what it’s like to falsely be called a paedophile….and everything that comes with it.

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      • I have to admit that there would be a certain rough justice to it…but I’d rather more people weren’t hurt along the way. Jake has parents, siblings–they’d all suffer if he were to be stupid about this.


  13. It would I’d prefer it to be Angela though. I think she’s been doing this much longer than jake. She’s done videos on her own. Jake needs to grass her up even if he still gets convicted. Angela is far worse than him

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  14. There seems to be a few small details missing in Jake’s claim that he is going to be offered a caution on Thursday

    Has he been arrested and interviewed already for the alleged offence and is returning on Thursday to surrender to Police bail? No mention before of that???

    Or has he been asked to attend a voluntary interview and assumes he will get an offer of a caution?

    Something seems to be amiss in his story.

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  15. A little more of Police station procedure – AFTER an interview:

    Sooner or later, the police will do one of six things
    with you. The possibilities are:
    a. They will charge you with an offence.
    b. They will ask you to accept a caution.
    c. They will issue you with a formal warning.
    d. They will bail you pending enquiries
    e. They will report you with a view to prosecution
    f. They will release you without charge.

    Now about a Caution:

    This is sometimes used for more minor offences and
    where the person concerned does not have already
    have a criminal record. It is more commonly used for
    children (under 17) than adults. It is supposed to mean
    that the police believe there is sufficient evidence
    to convict you in court, but will not ask for you to
    be prosecuted if you admit your guilt by signing a
    caution. However, it is not uncommon for people
    to refuse a caution and then not be charged with the
    offence, which suggests that the police
    didn’t have enough evidence against them and
    therefore should not have been trying to caution them
    at all. Bear this in mind when you decide whether
    or not to accept a caution; however, you could be
    unlucky and still be charged if you refuse. If you’re
    anxious to avoid court for whatever reason, it may
    be an idea to accept it. Although not a conviction, a
    caution does constitute part of your criminal record.
    If you’re asked only to disclose convictions, eg by
    a prospective employer, then there is no need to
    declare the caution. A caution will come up on an
    ‘intermediate’ level Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
    check (necessary for some types of employment).

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  16. And of course if Jake has previously been INTERVIEWED with regards an alleged offence and then continued to repeat the offence that’s likely to move the potential disposal onto another level.

    A possible disposal would be a caution – but continuing to repeat the offence after interview, that makes disposal by caution more unlikely.

    From what Jake has written its hard to decide if he has been Interviewed or not? Or if tomorrow is his first interview by appointment…

    Which ever way, I hope he takes a QUALIFIED solicitor with him (for his own sake)

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