Name that Hoaxtead pusher!

We know many of our readers will be waiting for results from Blackfriars Crown Court today, so to help you pass the time, we thought we’d offer you a little diversion.

We ran across this video the other day, and discovered that one of its stars is actually a well-known member of the Hoaxtead hooligans. Can you guess which one?

(Hint: it’s not the announcer.)

Write your answers on the form provided. Winner earns bragging rights for a year!



28 thoughts on “Name that Hoaxtead pusher!

    • – This really depends on how you define “exotic”…

      She’s hardly Madhuri Dixit, and I don’t think this really qualifies as dancing either!

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  1. Not sure why the description below says ‘a brief clip of Sunset Strip when its clearly smoky old Soho. Oh well, I suppose a nipple tassle looks the same wherever you are.

    (Could you PM me again El C, sorry to be a pain, something unrelated to here but advice needed. This email is fine)

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    • Anna – I believe that ‘Sunset Strip’ is on the sign above the ‘establishment’ as the ‘piece’ opens.

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  2. There is an odd pattern here; many of the hoax pushers seem to be middle aged women who traded on their looks in their early life. Bridget Yorke, Araya, Ella and even Angie were all probably able to slide through their early lives on charm (as Marianne Faithful would have it). Has life not led them were they wanted to go? Are they becoming bitter now that time is taking its toll?


  3. Ha – thanks for that – I knew she worked as a pole dancer but never saw this before. What Fairly Sane said about living on your looks certainly seems true of a lot of people now on the conspiritard circuit. Too busy making easy money rather than getting educated or working in a “proper” job.


  4. I imagine a number of her audience were quite literally “wankers”. Maybe explaining why Paul Barbara follows this crew around, and his arm injury.

    The funny thing is that Araya Soma sounds far more like a stage name than “Morgan”. From what we know of her now, I wonder if she offered back stage extras of golden showers and…..I don’t even want to type this…period play…shudder.

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  5. Does the Hitler & Nazi adoring flat-earther Araya Soma realize that the first people these vile fascists cracked down on were Berlin cabaret artistes, drag queens and anyone who did not exhibit “family qualities”?.
    Most who did not flee beforehand were sent to concentration camps. Erotic dancers like Araya (who rails against gays & anyone not fitting her preferred ideal) would probably have just been put against a wall and shot.

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    • Heck Sam, you can’t imagine for a second the dirty skank has never actually READ a history book! – That would mean learning something!

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      • Sickeningly she now attacks a survivor of the Brussels’ bombing because of a badly worded Mail article that says he ‘survived’ the Boston Marathon & Paris bombings but the victim makes no such claims. He was nearby the Boston & Paris events but not affected by them.

        By the same token perhaps I am a ‘crisis actor’ having survived (heard) 3 IRA bombs- one I heard from Notting Hill which which killed an MP in nearby Holland Park, one that killed a poor bomb disposal expert again in Notting Hill Gate as I drove nearby and the one at Harrods which killed a friend of mine, a budding young journalist who I was on the way to meet. Quite apart from the Libyan Embassy siege that broke out just as I was walking nearby. The price of living in a big city with murderous enemies.

        I despise these characters like Araya Soma. They demean people who have been through horrific events. She’s no better than that disgusting lowlife Chris Spivey.

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  6. The Harrods incident sends a chill round the Chambers’… My better half and I were living in London at the time and were a few streets away at the back St Columbas – we had a friend who livednear Walton St, and were hoping to meet up and walk in for some Christmas shopping and atmosphere. My associate now – a cameraman with Thames at the time – was called-in to provide cover and also recalls it only too well. – Very raw memories and not the happiest Christmas we might remember from our youth.

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    • Of course I’m not alone as tens of thousands heard the IRA bombs as London is a tight knit city. I just cannot understand these people who now claim every event is a “false flag” and every victim a “crisis actor”. So demeaning to the real victims of these terrible events and their families who can take years and years to get over it. They have no understanding of how the families feel- “if only they hadn’t gone there that day..etc”.
      Real victims of newsworthy events sometimes received hate mail in the past but with the internet their distress is amplified a thousand fold by vile creatures like Araya Soma worshiping at the feet of a mass murderer like Adolf Hitler & his psychopath allies. I’d like this cretin to go to Russia one day and start announcing Hitler was an OK guy and see how long she lasted.

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