The real child abusers of Hoaxtead

Many of you will know by now that in one of her interminably long-winded videos with proud Donald Trump supporter Stephanie Oostveen, Angela Fag-Ash Disney revealed that she used to use a t-square to beat her children.

We were shocked on a number of levels: first, that someone who styles herself an opponent of child abuse would lay hands on any child, let alone use a weapon to inflict maximum pain.

Second, Angie professes (long and loud, to anyone who’ll listen) that she is a Christian. Yet she seems blissfully unaware that Jesus Christ promoted kindness and humanity, not attacking children. The phrase ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ that Angie tosses around with such gay abandon actually comes from the Book of Proverbs, a portion of the Old Testament that Biblical scholars agree reflects not the ‘word of God’ but simply a collection of the values and moral behaviour current at the time of writing.

Short version: God never said anything about beating children with t-squares.

And third, Angie claims to have been abused as a child. As someone who allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of the adults who were supposed to care for her, how can she possibly justify beating her own children, especially using a weapon?

Of course, we shouldn’t be overly surprised at this revelation on Angie’s part. After all, we know that Abraham Christie tortured RD’s children: he punched them hard enough to cause permanent hearing damage, kicked them in the front privates, suffocated them, dragged them from their beds for middle-of-the-night questioning and rehearsal sessions, and poured water over them while they knelt in their underwear.

We also know that he hit them routinely using spoons, which he sometimes heated up for maximum pain; we hear from his step-children that he did the same to them, often to the point where his small victims would soil themselves.

And we know that other Hoaxtead pushers, like Sabine McNeill, routinely support vicious child abusers like the Musas, who beat and tortured their six children using brooms, electrical cords, and hoovers, and gave their one-year-old baby a morphine overdose. Of course, to hear Sabine tell it, these parents were horribly misjudged and hard done by, and should have had their children returned to them…for more torture, we presume.

As Q*Bert notes in the above video, all of this reflects a troubling perspective: these people all seem to believe that children are not actual human beings, but are the ‘property’ of their parents, and as such, that parents are entitled to hurt them in any way they please, for any reason they wish.

How shocking, then, that these same people seem to see paedophilia and child abuse every way they turn…except when they look in the mirror.

Would you hit a child_

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  1. Thanks for doing this post, EC. Angie’s followers have a right to know that she is a self-confessed child-abuser. They need to be aware of whom they’re funding if they donate/contribute to her GoFundMe scam – sorry, perfectly above-board fundraising scheme – on the premise that she is an anti-child abuse campaigner.

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  2. Re. the above video, here’s a transcript of what Angie says, in case you need to paste it into your debates with Angie or her supporters:

    “The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child and I actually used to use a stick on my children, like a kind of T-bar for technical drawing. I used to give them that about every 3-6 months, if they were really outrageous.”

    And to hear Abe’s rather unsettling views on child-beating, scroll to 1:36:48 of this interview he did with Lisa ‘Put yer tits away, luv’ Vunk:

    “…In 1951…she was promoting the idea of not smacking your children…the idea of no corporal punishment…it was part of an established agenda to steal children from parents who dared to chastise their children in the hope of guiding them right. They used this social welfare charter of no corporal punishment to break up the family, because they developed these children’s homes…for children they considered to be delinquent…or beyond parental control. Now, how did these children…get to be beyond parental control? Because the parents had lost their right to discipline their children in the same way that most wild animals give their pups or their cubs a clip round the earhole to bring them back into line.”

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  3. One slight issue with one part of the ‘Rupert Quaintance & Angie JUSTIFYING CHILD ABUSE’ video, if I may be so bold. At 1:13 the caption says:

    “…and Rupert Quaniatnce [sic] says it’s okay to abuse your own children as they are your own property while they are under 18 years of age”

    Shoot me down in flames if I’m wrong but if you listen to what Rupert actually says, I think he’s being taken out of context here. He’s not justifying children being abused or saying that they are merely property; he’s simply pointing out that this is how many adults view them and that they often use this as an excuse for abuse. In fact, he seems to be passionately against this ethos and believes that children should “have a voice”.

    El Coyote appears to have interpreted Rupert’s words in the same way as I did:

    “As Q*Bert notes in the above video, all of this reflects a troubling perspective: these people all seem to believe that children are not actual human beings, but are the ‘property’ of their parents, and as such, that parents are entitled to hurt them in any way they please, for any reason they wish.”

    I’ve no desire to defend Rupert as such but I think we need to be careful not to misrepresent people’s views on sensitive topics such as the one being covered here.

    The rest of the video is spot-on, though – kudos to the uploader 🙂

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  4. Angie is not very bright, her own words are below.

    Her belief that baby carrot seeds exist demonstrates how gullible she is. Its further demonstrated by her belief that certain other things exist…..

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  5. More from the genius that is Jason Streatham:

    The hoax-hawkers must be so proud to have this guy representing them.

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  6. Or perhaps shopping to get “evidence” of Satanic Ritual Abuse, corruption or the various other rubbish that she has pushed forward….

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  7. Totally agreed. Great video, but Rupe was not suggesting that children should be beaten, and expressed empathy towards them by saying that they’re treated like property *unjustly*. I really wonder if he knows about Angie’s history of treating her OWN kids like property by abusing them so cruelly. If R is the child advocate he purports to be, how on earth could he continue to collaborate with her in good conscience armed with that knowledge?

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  8. Wish I could provide links from my mobile ! Ireland recently passed legislation banning ALL corporal punishment of children. There is an excellent Twitter page called “Global Initiative” (I believe it’s @Globcorpun…will correct that if I’m wrong) focused on the eradication of child abuse. It provides a great current interactive map showing the status of corporal punishment laws in every single country on the planet. ‘Green’ nations completely forbid it, and Ireland is one of them!

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  9. CORRECTION: The Twitter page of the child abuse eradication group ‘Global Initiative’ showing the current status of corporal punishment laws worldwide is @Glendcorpun for anyone interested. It’s got superb info’. Also, an Irish senator/ anti-child abuse advocate named Jillian van Turnhout has a Twitter page – she is doing amazing things from her office in Dublin and has won several high-profile awards . I’m sure she’d look at someone like APD with a serious eyeroll / have to reach for a sick bucket if she ever collided with the loon and her, ahem, ‘work’!

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  10. Great find! I just wish I could link a December Irish Tines article updating the laws regarding corporal punishment in Eire, which have recently changed…it’s now completely illegal to smack a child in Ireland, let alone take a T-square to him or her… APD sadly perpetrated her abuses when they were still ‘lawful’…unless she’s still at it, that is !

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  11. What’s she saying RIP to Savile for, when i’ve seen in videos, her saying she knew what he was when she met him as a teenager?

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  12. Her various facebook accounts carry a long memory of what she has said over the years…. two faced is a polite way of putting it.

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  13. Well I have to admit that I was sorry to read about his death. I had no idea what he’d been up to. Was really shocked when it all came out and I believe that people covered up for him. Angie talks about how she raised money on one of the Ammach videos and she had her photo taken with Savile….but so did lots of people who were totally unaware of what he was doing.

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  14. Ah, missed the date of her post where she says “thanks. I spent more of the first five years of my life in hospital than I did at home…… parents were told I would not live through the night on two occasions…………pneumonia, pleurisy, asthma, bronchitus……….so I have lots of warm fuzzy feelings and fond memories of hospitals and nurses!!”

    It was

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  15. you forget Angie like all these hoaxers has a Stalinist ability to re-write even recent history. Her only resemblance to a journalist is her imitation of a gutter tabloid hack who were a’weeping & a’wailing over Savile’s death but a year later were claiming “we knew all about him”.

    Angie again demonstrates classic sociopath tendencies: they tell so many lies (it’s second nature) they simply forget that a recent lie may contradict a previous truth/lie told.

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  16. Not quite sure exactly what she said, but he may have been touching Angela’s legs or putting his arms around her shoulders something like that, leering, suggestive comments.

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  17. It is indeed.
    By the way, you’ll notice that as a coyote, I’ve never attempted to advocate on behalf of chickens. And I never will.
    Just putting that out there.


  18. Yes, Abe’s views are publicly known now, and those who’ve survived his ‘clips round the earhole’ will verify that he is not stingy with his ‘discipline’.


  19. Yes, we’re very grateful to the people who’ve been taking the time and making the effort to upload this material. It’s very useful and provides a great jumping-off point for discussion (without everyone having to plough through hours of video).


  20. I don’t think there’s an excuse for hitting children, Bible or no Bible. And when it comes to hitting a child using a weapon…that moves it from the realm of ‘losing one’s temper’ to ‘premeditated assault’.

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  21. A wannabe Chris Spivey, with less charm. Currently he is publishing pictures of the victims of the Brussels terror attacks with offensive annotations. His work makes Spivey look positively sophisticated.

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  22. So Angie has a computer (she would need that to make her videos), its safe to assume she has a connection to the internet…

    Yet she has been unable to produce any accounts for her charity scam.

    She was given a free bank account (with free internet banking) for the charity, so getting figures of what was paid in and out is really easy.

    I wonder why the difficulty?

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  23. And what is the child abusing Angela doing now?

    Putting up a photo of her MAFIA DAUGHTER.

    For crying out loud.

    Like i’ve said before, the woman is a Nuttah!

    Is she trying to scare off Hoaxtead readers?

    The mind boggles…

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  24. no idea, but streatham and the defunct ice rink on his profile pic is round the corner and up the road from places APD mentions, like herne hill, brockwell park ……. but huhhhuh ? his comments of the lowest kind


  25. have to admit, on the Isle of Wight we did send a YTS worker for stripy paint, red and white, to be exact, …. and yes, he did, but there was a little wholesaler just along the lane, so it didn’t take long, and was soooooooo funny, all taken in the best possible way….

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  26. The Outlaw has been getting of number of visits via links posted to the following site.

    I quickly checked out the source myself and have emailed them today to request that all links to articles that have been published on my site, be removed. Apart from the fact they appear to be a load of nutjob conspiraloons, there is a thread there which was started in June 2015 about Hampstead, which still contains the YouTube videos of the Dearmen children. I am not sure if anyone here is aware of this site already, but I thought it best to bring it to your attention.

    Here is the link:

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  27. Trying to get the videos, the ones of the children, removed from YT is a losing battle. Whoever is the person responsible for getting them in the public domain, well they should hang their head in shame. Another few reports to YT won’t hurt though and at least we try. Sometimes things are successful.

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  28. Another person who thinks children are property. That “Grand Jury” nonsense fizzled out like a very damp squib. Whoever the person behind this is, they are a bit clueless. The children’s mother should have the drug test results and no way would this be released to a third party. I’ve noticed that Ella and Abraham have the full transcript of the fact finding hearing, and how little has been leaked as helpful to their case.

    Anonymous #OpHampstead
    13 March at 05:00 ·
    Our basic goals for this campaign, through legal and non-violent forms of protest will include, but not limited to, are as follows:
    1) Barnet Police Department has been instructed by the IPCC to re-open the investigation into Ella Draper’s children’s accusations. We want to make sure this is happening. We demand a proper investigation into the crimes against humanity by the group of individuals lead by Mr. Dearman.
    2) Barnet Social Services has NOT allowed communication between Ella Draper and her children and has not given any information to her regarding the well-being or status of her children. We demand that they update her regularly at the least and in fact, hand over her property (the children) as quickly as possible.
    3) Barnet Council held a strategy meeting prior to Mr. Dearman being questioned by the BPD, we want the meeting minutes, un-redacted.
    4) Barnet Police Department, during their short investigation, conducted hair-follicle drug screening on both children. We demand the un-redacted results of both screenings from both children.
    5) We want action and results from the Attorney General’s office on the Grand Jury handed to them last year.

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  29. Oh, and speaking personally, I cannot condone corporal punishment, in fact I strongly disagree with it being used against a child, but I’m not quite ready to send every parent who ever used it sparingly and without evidence of malice or injury to the stocks.

    I also know there were many, many parents who never laid a hand on their children and wouldn’t dream of doing so. Young and baby animals often get killed by the new alpha male in the pack, depending on species, which makes Abraham’s example slightly ironic.

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  30. I agree, but I do it anyway–I’ve seen quite a number of videos taken down, though there are so many it sometimes feels like an impossible chore.


  31. They seem to have no idea what the IPCC ruling actually meant. The ruling did not demand that Barnet Police re-open the investigation. The IPCC mandate is to assess whether the Investigating Officer properly carried out investigations of officers against whom Ella had complained. The decision was that this had not been done properly, but the letter is quite clear that this has no bearing on whether the original criminal investigation was carried out as it should have been.

    The rest of their demands are either stupid or disingenuous, hard to say which.


  32. No, of course not–I know most parents have lost their tempers with their kids from time to time, and many will have smacked them. It’s the choice to use a weapon that disturbs me: this speaks to the assault being pre-determined, not just a spur of the moment loss of control (even though that’s not a good thing either).

    And yes, Abe suggesting that humans act like animals? I guess he sees himself as a role model for that.


  33. Has anyone watched Angie’s latest videos? One starts with the words:

    “Hi, I’m an Angela Power-Disney and rumour has it I was recruited against my will as a Super Spy by..ah..who knows?..but uh, I am uh, I’m off-loading..uhm…stepping down.”

    I kid you not.

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  34. What’s her special spy skillz then? How has this sleeping asset been managed? Too funny. Don’t tell me, she’s been programmed and if someone sets up the special trigger she goes after the USSR premier Bourne style with her ninja weapons stored in the cupboard with the cornflakes? A super spy with no handler and no super assassin or infiltration techniques is a bit useless. Does she find herself in a reverie chopping up veg very quickly and having previously undetected deadly knife throwing abilities? Something, anything she can do out of the ordinary? Scale walls? Pick locks? Eidetic memory? Mistress of disguise? Amazing feats of strength? Superhuman endurance? Forgery skills that can fool the most sophisticated detection methods? Multi lingual? A polymath? Or just plain old ordinary?

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  35. That lady has quite sophisticated camera equipment (maybe she was from The Met). It’s a shame an enterprising documentary maker didn’t leap on board very early on in the Hampstead case & produce what would be a fascinating film that would sell world-wide, about the creation of a modern day Satanic witch hunt hoax.

    Amazed- Neelu is there rabbiting on about ‘applications’ to return the children to the Russian grandparents (what about RD’s parents ?) but who in the hell is she? She has zilch legal standing in a family court case. And that rogue Belinda McKenzie encourages Neelu when she must know the poor woman really has a serious mental impairment.

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  36. I know it can be a fruitless task but if someone is ever prosecuted for criminally publishing images of child abuse victims the number of times requests have been made to remove these videos whether successful or not, does count.

    My friend who successfully sued Google for defamation for not removing links to a defamatory website was able to use her requests via Google’s own complaint system as evidence that Google were aware of her complaints.

    Google tried to use the fact they receive 10,000s of requests and have difficulty keeping up with them so should not be held responsible for ignoring them. The judge was most unimpressed and castigated Google’s QC for even suggesting that a complaint system was in place but may be ignored by Google. He said this indicated Google did not even take their own system of governance seriously.

    Likewise my own lawyer who just got an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order which means a person cannot go near the lawyer, cannot post internet ramblings or harass by any manner under threat of immediate arrest ) in NSW against a former adversary of mine who switched his attentions to the lawyer, was able to show he had repeatedly requested Google remove offending blogs and that he had complained, sometimes fruitlessly, to the police.

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  37. 🙂 – How do you know they haven’t Sam? The girl is unlikely to be from the Met or ‘ITN’, I think she admits to being a student at Goldsmiths? – I didn’t-quite hear her properly. The kit she has is fairly typical industrial/semi-broadcast stuff… Commonly used by students and ‘indies’ working on very low budgets.

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  38. And I wonder just how that GoFund site is structured? – Is Angie the ‘treasurer’ perhaps?


  39. “A clip round the earhole to bring them back into line”

    Yes, Abe. A ‘clip’ so hard that you damaged a young boy’s eardrum. That is one thing the Medical Report DOES have evidence of.

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