Abrascam The Abuser

Ooh, is the truth about Abrascam finally sinking in among the Hoaxteaders?

This is from the Hampstead Research site. Skip past the creepy bollocks where she tries to blame it all on demons – the bottom line is that at last a Hoaxteader is admitting to Abe’s violent past. Up until now, they’ve preferred to bury their heads in the sand over this, even though the press has referred to Abe’s previous convictions for violence, drugs and deception and this has been confirmed by documents uploaded by Sabine herself.



As for the children’s allegations against Abe – including naked water torture, beatings with spoons, kicks to the privates and death threats – the Hoaxteaders are determined not to have these investigated. Interesting, considering all the vitriol, names, slander and abuse that my friends and I have frequently received for “not supporting further investigations into RD” and for “not believing the kids”. Yet here we are…believing the kids…and asking for an investigation into the person whom the children have accused of abusing them…and getting high volumes of abuse for that too! I wonder what it is that these shadowy people are trying to hide.

By the way, here’s Abe confessing to hitting the children with spoons. One of them was hit so hard that s/he needed hospital treatment and now has a permanent scar. But don’t worry – Bellender McOnesie is on record as saying that this was ok. So…er…that’s ok, then! Thanks to our YT team for this link:

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