What was on Abe’s phone: More details emerge

Sometimes it pays to look back over older material with fresh eyes.

That’s what happened to us this weekend, as one of our crew stumbled across an old conversation thread on the ‘Above Top Secret’ discussion board. In it, board members shared their doubts and concerns about the videos of Ella’s children.

One poster, Zephyranthos, shares some particularly terse words about Hoaxtead:

ATS board-Zephyranth-2015-02-23According to Zephyranth, Abe isn’t the only one with child sex abuse images on his phone: Ella seems to have them too…and has admitted as much. We haven’t come across this admission, though we understand via other sources that it is accurate. If any of our readers happens to have confirmation of Ella admitting to having naked pictures of the children on both phones, we’d appreciate knowing about it.

Another fascinating tit-bit: in this version, Abe is alleged to have heated the spoons before hitting the children with them. Again, this matches up with info we’ve received, but haven’t been able to confirm yet.

If it’s true, it takes Abe’s abuse level to horrifying new depths: it certainly implies that his child abuse was premeditated, and designed to inflict maximum pain. There’s a word for that: it’s ‘torture’.

Again, if anyone has corroborating evidence of this, we will ensure that it is passed to the right authorities.


38 thoughts on “What was on Abe’s phone: More details emerge

  1. This is what Ella wrote in her original email/statement:

    “About a year and a half ago I have caught the children were doing something inappropriate in the little bathroom. When I came in, A had her panties down and G had my phone in his hands. I have learnt that G was filming A. (This could be done without even unlocking the iPhone). There was about 50 seconds of the video footage on the phone”.
    Obviously that puts the footage on Ella’s phone to a time when neither R or Abraham were around.

    Araya made her comment about April or May this year (iirc) after just speaking to Abraham. Suggesting Abraham had recently found out that the police found footage/images on his phone. I have always viewed them as separate video footage. Having said that, in the same email/statement Ella claims that R had hit G around the ear a year before, which we now know was actually Abraham in Morocco.

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  2. Not forgetting that Ella’s parents apparently do not believe the claims about the father. Satanism being even too much for often superstitious Russians (my granny was one !)

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  3. meanwhile Barmy Bronny from NZ has hit upon a brilliant new concept : ” Coffee ‘n chat” about CSA and SRA” . She wants 1000s of little gatherings around the world to have little tea parties and discuss Satanism & perhaps swap recipes for Baby Broth. Sounds like a winner.

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  4. If you think about it, the scar visible on A’s chin is a definite mark, a curved outline, showing exactly the contours of a spoon.

    Being just hit with a spoon would leave a bruise, perhaps a graze with it, not such an imprint.

    Such a mark would require the spoon to be dug into the chin.

    And spoons are not sharp enough to do that, really, even with force. Try it.

    But a red hot spoon would, of course, penetrate, by burning the delicate skin of a little girl.

    Poor A. Pauffley was so right.

    So, can you imagine the scene? Abe angry, not getting his way, losing his temper, thinking, ‘right, this’ll do the trick, get her to say and do what I want: Now, tell me, who did what to you?’

    I think I might think up some crazy stuff, tell Abe anything he had already suggested, in A’s place. Wouldn’t you?

    Did he hold the spoon on the gas hob fire, in the kitchen, till it glowed, for that is where the boy described his ear being slapped so hard it bled.

    This is a scene of torture. Premeditated, and uncontrolled by Ella who we know was there.

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    • You’re right, a ‘normal’ beating with a spoon (I cannot believe I just wrote that) would not leave that kind of scar. It would have to have been heated, wouldn’t it?


      • ‘Someone’ cut and pasted the above comment onto Abe’s coverup blog with the accompanying text: ‘CARE TO COMMENT, ABE? IF YOU DELETE THIS IT IS A SIGN OF GUILT. ALTHOUGH THAT IS A GIVEN ALREADY.

        Of course he deleted it.

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      • The little girl described the incident with the spoon. She didn’t mention it being hot but said that Abraham pressed it hard against her. On the ‘drive round’ after their return the little boy said that Abe threatened to bring the spoon along.

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        • I cannot see how pressing a spoon hard against a small child could create that kind of scar, unless the spoon were hot. Maybe the little girl didn’t mention it, as it was so commonplace to her.

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          • She went through the motions of what he did and said her mother was lying on the bed and was aware of what Abraham was doing. I can’t say if the spoon was hot but he may have been pushing it against her and marked her with the edge. Somehow I think if he had burned her, she would have said as it was during the ‘recant’ interview. I can’t say for sure of course.

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  5. The depravity of these people seems to be deeper than I first thought. My comparison with Hindley & Brady wasn’t so far wrong. I doubt the kids filmed each other; I think, Abe & Ella are in this up to their necks.

    And Belinda. Again she has supported paedophiles whilst pretending she is protecting children. She is either very wicked or incredibly stupid not to realise what sort of people she was dealing with.

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    • Indeed, they are extremely depraved. The notion that the kids stole both phones for the dad to put porn on is so far fetched to be ludicrous. But it could be settled by Abe providing accounts of phone calls he has made and the dates these phones were supposedly nicked.

      If this couple decide to return to the UK they need the full force of the law to descend upon them.

      I am always reminded of a battle I have been involved with for 5 years a similar minded fanatic which was settled legally in the courts but he simply carried on regardless like Abe & Ella. I kept saying this creature must be totally crushed legally but others thought not. Now our lawyer who has been the subject of vicious internet libels is having to obtain an harrassment order against the perp.

      They never stop- throw the frigging (legal) book at them I say !. And that goes for their handmaidens like Sabine & Belinda.

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    • This from a book on Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. As with Ella and Abe, it looks like the reading material originally came from the male, to be later conferred upon the female. We see this with Ella, with her spouting the same nonsense as Abe, ie the satanic cult etc:

      …Johnson covered the trial for the Daily Telegraph and out of that came her book, in which she investigated the correlation between the murders and the reading matter of the two accused…

      Lee, Carol Ann (2011-04-15). One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra Hindley

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    • I agree completely.

      And Belinda seems to have a knack for sticking up for parents who brutally abuse their children, yet claiming she’s a ‘child protection activist’. ‘Abusive parent protection activist’, more like.


  6. .
    Another interesting detail: The ‘naked’ children on Abe’s and Ellas phones were in Ella’s house, not RD’s. Slam dunk. That story – the lie to cover the truth – about RD having had the children steal the phones in order to frame RD suddenly really shows us the writing on the wall. Crystal clear.

    If I had been in Ella’s position, if the original story of two children exploring/playing with the phone were true, then I would delete these images. Why keep them? Let alone transfer them, or allow them to be copied onto new boyfriend’s phone. It does not make sense.

    I am just happy those kids are away from those two monsters.

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    • Yes, none of their stories really add up. Unless you see them as lies, covering lies, covering lies. Then it all starts to make perfect sense.


  7. I’ve always wondered whether the net wasn’t already closing in on Christie,( or maybe he had paranoid fears about it closing in), and he expected to be quizzed about child abuse when they came back from Morocco or was concerned the kids were going to reveal stuff about him to teachers and social services. Getting the stories straight at the airport and on the plane might have been because he feared that the children were going to ‘tell’ on him when back in England and he needed to ensure that this couldn’t happen, deflecting his abuse onto Dearman. I also wondered whether stuff went on that Ella didn’t know about and he was scared the children would talk. Those ‘interviews’ at the airport etc are so fraught with desperation and the need to know the kids had the story down pat that I’m convinced he wasn’t just coaching a SRA story (bad enough though that is), and torturing them in the process, but that he had something else to hide.

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    • Yes, it has struck me since the beginning that making the videos at the airport en route back to the UK seems like a very peculiar choice. If they really wanted to get the full stories from the kids, would they not have either done it while they were in Morocco, or after they returned home, when there’d have been plenty of time to discuss the stories in a quieter venue? After all, they reported that the kids had been victims of ritual abuse as far back as early August. They’d had plenty of time to prepare.


    • Anna your comment may be near the mark. And I was just listening to one of the tapes here http://www.hampsteadcoverup.com/#!Hampstead-Cover-Up-The-Devil-TATTOOS/c9i2/560eef150cf2f0ed7a2d841a, the children’s voices sound very rehearsed, eg ‘because my mum is not one of the cult’ is just not how children of that age or ken talk naturally.
      And then it came to me: Your theory could be right: Perhaps it is so mad, so all encompassing, as to make any allegations (towards Abe) seem as ridiculous as the rest of the ‘fantasy’, which would have easily been disproven had the police really looked at the crotches of all. So this part of the rehearsed story could have been a good cover story to later fob off any accusations, and calculated. ie Abe could then be lumped in with all those other wild stories the kids came up with. But when the plan went wrong, the tattoos became a ploy, and something to hold onto.

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    • I think you are right Anna, he was expecting to be facing serious allegations when he returned from Morocco.

      I believe the mislaid phone was the key to the whole thing.

      My take is this. Christie’s phone went missing. He knew it contained material which, if it came to light, would lead to criminal investigations. His paranoia led him to suspect that the children had it, and had passed it on to their father during his newly reinstated contact with them. This was a highly threatening situation for Christie. He decided the best form of defence was attack, considering absolutely nobody else but himself.

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  9. Abraham is about to be jailed. NOT. Abraham would like to be charged because there would then be a criminal case opened but NO. That would then open up criminal court proceedings. You’d all be found out sooner. Scumbags.


    • He’s not acting like someone who would like to be charged or clear his name. Even Ella’s solicitor has said he doesn’t know where they are. I take it he’s back in the UK on the way to the police station today then?

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