More on why Angie’s family hates her

We’ve noted before that Angela Power-Disney is not exactly popular amongst her extended family, at least in part due to a long-standing feud involving her belief that she was cheated out of her share of her father’s inheritance. But it seems Angie has managed to create further, even more divisive issues within her family—issues that have a very familiar ring to them.

We all know about Angie’s fascination, nay, obsession with trauma and victimisation, and her insistence that she was not only traumatised and victimised as a child, but that she carries a larger trauma/victimisation burden than anyone else on the planet.

And we’re also all too familiar with her compulsion to, as she would say, “blurt”—by which she means “divulge other people’s private and confidential information, even when to do so could cause them damage”. She’s done it to Rupert, she’s done it to Sabine, and now, it seems, she’s done it to a member of her own family.

We want to be as circumspect as possible here, as we have no wish to compound Angela’s actions. So even though the person involved in this issue forfeited her right to anonymity during the legal process some time ago, we are redacting her name, her relationship to Angela, and any potential identifying factors. Nor will we link this material to its source, as the person involved has clearly stated that she alone has the right to disclose it.

But here’s the beginning of a rather long post that Angela chose to post publicly, several years ago:

angela-power-disney-news-coverage-csa-2016-12-02As you can see, it’s coverage of a child sexual abuse case, in which a member of Angela’s family was the victim. Again, this is only the first 20% or so of the original; but you can see that at the bottom, Angela has added a parenthetical note (underlined).

We’ve skipped most of the post, again for reasons of confidentiality. However, the final paragraph says a great deal, we believe:

angela-power-disney-notes-2-2016-12-02So Angela is now a fully qualified psychologist, who gets to decide the impact of sexual abuse on her relative? And we’re sure her family really appreciates her dragging their private business into the public spotlight.

The victim in the case responded to this post in mid-October 2016: angela-power-disney-notes-comments-1-2016-12-02angela-power-disney-notes-comments-2-2016-12-02Reading these comments, it becomes clear that Angela’s annotations to the original were intended to flag Biggi Boho, who Angela says is “building my website and I tagged him in all my notes for archives on my website”.

Her relative, however, clearly states, “Biggi Boho does not have permission to use any of the above stuff. Sorry but I have forgiven my family including my abuser. Something that you should try Angela. It’s called being a true christian (sic). Not living in past but actually living today that God has given. The fact that you have such bitterness and want to destroy very people you say you love, must at some point be a flag to you in your life. You can’t serve 2 masters”.

Angela lashes back—at this person whose story she has appropriated, and for whom she claims to have utmost sympathy— with “And you are ABUSING Christianity to justify your own coverup and denial”. Later, she says, “You’re talking shit and I’m ongoingly disappointed”.

So basically, Angela is saying that not only is she entitled to share her relative’s story at will, and to use it as part of her blog, but she gets to say whether her relative’s reaction to that is appropriate…and whether God would approve.

Nice, Angie. Really nice.

It’s getting more and more clear why no one in your own family can stand you.

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  1. I think I’ve spotted the problem here. You see, the traumatised family member in question made the fundamental error of having feelings without obtaining written permission from Angela first. Seriously, how dare s/he forgive their abuser, be uncomfortable about the sordid details of their sexual abuse being splashed all over social media and try to move on with their life without running it past Angie first!

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  2. In Angie’s defence, she was at a low point in her life when she made those comments, having suffered a severe trauma herself just 9 days earlier:


      • What does this ill formed idiot want?A medal for services to self appointed victimhood beyond the call of duty?A friggin flypast. The idiot would feel a whole lot better if he stopped listening to his own voice as that would be enough to turn anybody into a gibbering wreck.

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          • No, Patreon is fine—I’ve backed several people on it who run excellent sites. It’s basically a way to crowd-fund ongoing support for content creators, musicians, comic artists, etc., so they can make a living at what they do. Of course it also attracts the losers, wannabes, and bottom-feeders, like our friend Mr Uprising here, but they usually can’t make a go of it, as they provide nothing of interest to anyone.


  3. Angela Power-Disney’s association with convicted pedophiles is troubling just as are her associates who actively promote likewise.

    Now she is promoting the disbarred barrister Michael Shrimpton whose own defence counsel suspects to be suffering from a developmental or personality disorder such as autism or narcissistic personality disorder.

    Shrimpton has been convicted of possessing child abuse images and was jailed for falsely claiming Germany was going to use a nuclear weapon on the 2012 Olympics. Now this nutcase is claiming Germany blackmailed British politicians to try and prevent Brexit but apparently the old grifter & nutter was oblivious to the fact it was always going to be a referendum.

    What is it with this evil and dangerous nutters? They cherry-pick the convicted abusers to promote or decimate and when some falsely accused like the Cliff Richard are found to be completely innocent they still defame him but they actively associate with convicted pedophiles.

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    • Others have said it before me but… Which of these obsessives isn’t one or some combination of blatant criminal, drug abuser, violent thug or child abuser? – There seems to be not one of them living a life within the range of any kind of normal human frailty, let alone any of them who are productive human beings living within any bounds of common decency.

      Drill into any of them and you’ll find they all live lives less ordinary – because their existence is entirely dysfunctional in some way or another. What is it with these evil and dangerous nutters?

      Simply that they are just that; evil, dangerous nutters! And often common criminals too. Lowlife.

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      • They do seem to share a tendency to have some important ingredient missing in their lives, which they fill with nutty conspiracy theories and deranged drama.


    • “You are not to pray for all of your enemies, only the ones who have a SOUL”: well that’s bloody convenient, isn’t it? And who gets to decide who does and does not have a soul?


  4. MK`s Devils in collaboration with CCN have produced the ultimate anti smoking shock video.Smoking officially turns people into completely incoherant morons.


  5. More evidence that Angela Power-Disney is a full-on useful idiot who jumps on every “child abuse” bandwagon usually after everyone else. Did I say “useful”, just idiot that should have been. Not an original thought in her head. Typical lower rank grifter who tries to emulate her cleverer cohorts like convicted forger Andrea Davison
    The saga of ‘Pizzagate’: The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread

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    • No-one on here called her a murderer but is this a confession? A Freudian Slip perhaps?. Who did Angie murder?


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