Q*Bert gets cold feet

Looks like one of Angie’s toy boys, St. Q*Bert the Twitchy, is starting to regret getting involved with the old fraud artist, and wondering exactly what he’s got himself into.

Apparently he’s getting serious flak from his moneyed family, and it’s only recently dawned on him that people here in the UK might not take terribly kindly to his one-man wrecking crew approach:

I guess I’ve had to reevaluate what my role is to a certain extent because I’m seeing some road blocks—first of all I’ve got family members completely freaking out on me… Everybody is not telling the truth, or everybody is telling the truth and everybody has a little piece of the truth….

Anybody that has an opinion about any of this stuff is more than encouraged to provide links…I’m not trying to throw anybody under the bus—I just want the story, and this has turned into…like, I’m part of the story, and I don’t have anything to do with this…

Well, along with our friends at McKenzies Devils, we would beg to differ:

Looks to us like Q*Bert has been trying to insert himself into this story for a good long time, but now that he’s in, he’s not so sure he wants to be here.

Hey, we  can sympathise.

After all, who wants to stagger off a trans-Atlantic flight, strung out from hours without one’s ‘medication’, jet-lagged and exhausted, only to be confronted with Angie’s nicotine-soaked mug smiling up coyly, with that certain twinkle in her rheumy eye?

Not us, that’s for sure.

The Veitch connection

Oh, and by the way, Q*Bert is making noises about meeting up with Charlie Veitch while he’s in London. We assume that he’s blissfully unaware of the extreme bad blood between Veitch and Belinda, Queen of Hoaxtead.

At this 2011 rally, Veitch took to the bullhorn to out-bellow Belinda, calling her a bitch and stating, “It’s okay to believe in conspiracy theories when you’re young, but you’re old enough to be my mother!”


Well, we’ll just leave it to Q*Bert and Angie to sort out.

We’re sure Belinda’s quite willing to let bygones be bygones and invite Veitch into the Hoaxtead fold; she’s such a kind, forgiving soul, after all.

Belinda smells something



100 thoughts on “Q*Bert gets cold feet

  1. LOL ‘After all, who wants to stagger off a trans-Atlantic flight, strung out from hours without one’s ‘medication’, jet-lagged and exhausted, only to be confronted with Angie’s nicotine-soaked mug smiling up coyly, with that certain twinkle in her rheumy eye?’

    Angie’s on the bottle again……she’s in the money….the stakes are high, and the water’s looking pretty rough for Q*Bert.

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  2. He also wants to stagger off that plane and work illegally on a tourist visa. Accepting gratuities in the form of donations etc for his lectures and so on is a scam Immigration is well onto. Otherwise the country would be flooded with illegal workers who do not get a wage, rather a ‘donation’. And it does not need to be regular work- an appearance in the pub for which payment has been received whether by airfare or otherwise is a breach of a tourist visa.

    He also seems ignorant to the fact that coming from the USA to engage in commercial activities like producing films for US ‘truther’ websites is also a matter that must be disclosed when applying for a visa. Journalists or broadcasters cannot just fly in and out for work purposes as they wish unless they are from a EU country.

    People breach this all the time but his mistake has been to announce it on the internet and provide proof. Typical of the arrogance of the hoaxers.

    But one very important matter that has not gone unnoticed : he seems intent on breaching a High Court order and breaching UK Child Protection laws by exposing child abuse victims on Youtube and any references to US Freedom of Speech will fall on deaf ears.

    This he has already done and it should bring him to the attention of the UK Child Protection team of the Metropolitan Police and in particular the Paladin Team who work closely with the UK Border Force- or it will after I have informed them and I hope others from this board will do likewise.

    We all have a duty to bring this matter to the attention of the police, as citizens who are watching what looks like a conspiracy to breach child protection laws: namely the exposure and publishing of child abuse victims which is a serious criminal offense, quite apart from a breach of High Court order.

    If Rupert Q doesn’t think they’ll be waiting to interview him upon arrival, then he is very dumb. Perhaps his family are smarter. As for Angela Power-Disney who is encouraging this man to break UK law, she must have missed the lectures in journalism school that identifying any sexual abuse victim is against the law.

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  3. “He’s blissfully unaware of the extreme bad blood between Veitch and Belinda, Queen of Hoaxtead.”

    Belinda will be over the Moon with that, especially as she’s been hyping Rupert up so vigorously on her change.org blog and is almost certainly one of the anonymous donors who’ve contributed to the fund to get Rupert to come over 😀

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  4. Angie’s self-awareness deficit is rearing its ugly head again. Here, she beautifully demonstrates her ignorance over how universally loathed and detested she is by our community:

    It’s hard to put into words just how much she’s misjudged the lie of the land there. Angie trying to garner support from Hampstead residents is akin to the Sun trying to get support from Liverpudlians*.

    Actually, her post is also a great example of WHY we hate her so much. Leave us alone, you nasty witch-hunting bitch! We don’t like you. Our children don’t like you. No one likes you. Go away!

    * http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-17113382

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    • Angela Power Disney and her fellow Satan Hunters have been for over a year telling the world that the people, teachers, children and businesses of Hampstead are all child-raping baby eaters. I am sure a Hampstead resident would be less enthusiastic on being put on a Satan Hunter database, especially if they get everything about them disclosed and redistributed all over the internet.

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  5. I just read that article, clicking on Charlie Veitchs’ name, i hadn’t known Charlie had those allegations of child abuse levelled at him….. 15,000 emails sent out, i wonder if he tracked down who instigated that, i know what my suspicion is. That is terrible.

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    • When he saw sense and left the Truth Movement (AKA Conspiracy Nutters) he also received a message featuring images of his sister’s young children incorporated within a video of child pornography…the so-called Truth Movement are a nasty lot.

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      • It wasn’t so much “allegations of child abuse” that had been emailed out, Sheva. It was a supposed confession Vietch had made saying he was a paedophile (which was fabricated.)

        His poor Mother called him, devastated, believing the paedophilia “confession” which she’d been emailed, along with 15,000 others, was real.

        What a nasty, vicious thing to do to someone who had the sense to think for himself,do research and ultimately leave the Conspiracy Nutters to their stupid way of thinking.

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        • That’s just revolting. I don’t know Veitch, but I have respect for anyone who looks at the facts and makes up his mind, especially when he knows it’ll make him unpopular.

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        • Thankyou Jake, it really, really upsets me……… how dare these creeps hype up fake cases, and try and destroy anyone who gets in their way……. I’m glad this came to our attention, and any one else that feels like promoting their cause…… there is no leaving their mad cults…. hope it is a warning.

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  6. Q*Bert likes to live in Disney Land in the safety of his basement and a video camera, and now the fairy godmother offers to pay for his tickets to London, suddenly Disney becomes reality with real life ogres, trolls and monsters he thought only existed in storybooks. Watch as this bed wetter starts wetting himself the deeper down the rabbit hole he goes. Welcome to real life Q*Bert, the type that people go to jail, and children are terrified of being abducted by loony Satan Hunters to be handed back to Abraham Christie for burying alive in the desert. Welcome to the world of reality where there is an army of angry Hampstead residents, Satanists and annoyed policemen waiting to give the reality check you deserve. Welcome to the reality where you cannot do or say things in the same manner as you do in USA and get away with it in UK. Welcome to the reality when a smug slimy loudmouthed red neck will not have the UK media and public falling at his feet, but the contrary.

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  7. Just wanted to copy this over from the last thread for anyone who missed it, as I think it’s a biggy:.


    “The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child and I actually used to use a stick on my children, like a kind of T-bar for technical drawing. I used to give them that about every 3-6 months, if they were really outrageous.”

    I now make that at least two Hoaxteaders who have admitted, somewhat hypocritically, to hitting children (Abe being the other one, of course). And at least two others – Belinda Mckenzie and Lisa Vunk – who have advocated the beating of children. Three if you include Ella, who clearly doesn’t give a flying fudge about Abe beating the crap out of her kids.

    Ironic, isn’t it.


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    • I’m astonished. Using a T-Bar drawing stick on a child ? Outright child abuse and yet she has just posted a link on FB to a story on physical abuse. I reckon she’s cracked.

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    • Right at the end, after mentioning her travel plans in the next few weeks, to my hometown…… she hints a few times during that she might be arrested…. but at the end, very smugly tells everyone that her top Royal Mason has assured her that she is SAFE….. ??? WTF ! 🙂 the double speak, and the sudden appearance of funds……… yeah right. I am tho concerned. Going back 2009.10, i had an allvoices account and spread massively news of a hunger strike by survivors in Ireland…. next thing WeareChange were there and a hollie grieg banner, and then soon after the scotland conference, with hollie case at the forefront, and Charlie Veitch there speaking….. I groaned. I had asked him to come to the rally, i wonder how different things might have been if they hadn’t kept scooping people i was approaching, and taking them to…………………….. i am very troubled that he then had such a vicious accusation on mass of child abuse……… patterns emerging more so ???

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      • Yes, this crowd seems to follow a very specific pattern. Find a ’cause’, suck up all its resources, make what money and/or political points they can from it, and then move on, leaving destruction in their wake.

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        • grief, why i listen to the crap, but at 22 mins ish and only for a few she makes false accusations, again about death threats…..apart from that it is all about her past bla, bla, but dates don’t seem to add up, they kinda ping my mind, cos i am same age and lived and worked in some of the areas mentioned….. i might force myself to listen and note….. as ever she tells the tale in such a fashion that would confuse anyone….. i think she started out saying she was dropping out ?…… holding my breath …..hoping….we shall see. i guess there are some london happenings near future… on her luminati video…. 🙂 sighing, groaning, but thanks to you guys, still smiling 🙂

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    • I have several of these laying around the house from my teaching days. – I cannot imagine striking anyone with one without causing serious injury…

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      • So you’ll know what I mean when I say she simply cannot justify her actions. Nowadays, if a teacher so much as breathed on a kid, s/he’d be sacked and prosecuted. What Angela has admitted to here is child abuse, pure and simple, and I’ve downloaded the video as evidence in case she takes it down when she realises how serious what she’s admitted to is and how it undermines any credibility she has with her creepy “minions” as a supposed anti-child abuse campaigner.

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        • It’s the way she speaks of it, blaming her victims and dismissing it as not much…….
          some people do just repeat patterns until made aware that it is wrong, but that ought to be less and less so.

          She has no authenticity as a child abuse campaigner.

          She dismissed me with that attitude when i challenged her about Abraham’s abuse to the children, scoffed and scorned, and back then, last year, she was still pretending she had never heard of me…..

          Just that she thinks she is helping anyone, including herself and her aims, is beyond me, to understand….. this will finish her off, i reckon, and only meaning that in terms of her contrickery

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          • We have the evidence now: at the time when she was mocking and reviling you for raising the issue of Abe’s violence, she had already had a huge blowup with him over his abusive, controlling ways. She kept that secret for months, but released it a few weeks ago. So she’s been acting in bad faith all along.


  8. If you think Angela Power-Disney’s CV is a load of concocted shite you should read Christine Ann Sands efforts. Apart from her Brush With Fame – being born in a town where Marilyn Monroe once filmed (imagine the claims people born in Los Angeles could make !) her extensive film career (interrupted by her courageous decision to turn down a Chanel modelling contract is sadly not recognised by the film bible IMDB where they have cruelly failed to list her movie credits.

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    • I noticed that…what a shameless charlatan she is. By the way, I was born in L.A….oh, the endless accomplishments I could crow about! (Kidding, of course, apart from being born in L.A. – at the height of the Manson-generated Satanic Panic, no less…)

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      • Well if you were born in London or anywhere near Pinewood Studios then you are via a Brush With Fame linked with some of the greatest movies & movie stars of the last 100 years.

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      • Actually I worked for a US studio in LA for nearly 2 years in advertising admin but alas- did not clap eyes on one single movie star in that period either in a the studio or walking down the street.

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  9. As suspected, Rupert is all mouth and no trousers.
    The video where Charlie calls Belinda a bitch down his megaphone made me laugh as you can hear the general public milling around gasp when Charlie says bitch.

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    • Belinda had made a spiteful slur regarding his girlfriend, he snapped, and really hardly said anything that bad, given belinda’s clear attempt to actually yet again………co opt an event and make it look opposite….. by then tho, i reckon Charlie was not going with the hollie hoax anymore………. he certainly changed his mind on 911…… and whatever you believe about that, he was entitled to, he stayed true to himself. But that outpouring of hatred he recieved, but especially the 15,000 emails to friends, followers that appeared to show him as a child abuser………..how fking low, i didn’t follow this at the time, but i saw that video a while back, and was disgusted, my suspicions were that belinda & co were possibly behind those emails, i was by then realising and alerting some people to the massive amount of blogs that sabine had, victims unite style, that were obvious fakes to me, and now we are here…… given that Angie released videos without Rupert realising, i have still wondered whether he knew more than he has been given credit for. But given what Angie has been revealling, i see no excuse for her computers not to be seized,

      Here is the lesson that belinda ‘the truth movement is the most important one’ mckenzie devil…. shows us…. do not dare cross me, or dissent my co opting or false flags or lies….. support my cases promoted only, otherwise……….. any one disagreeing is a ………… child abuser and worse, we can accuse anyone,

      This is so counter to what i did what i did for. 😦

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  10. I thought your headline might be warning Angie what to expect in bed!

    Rupert, if your reading this, it isn’t the weed that makes Angie look blurred. She deliberately keeps the camera out of focus for a reason.

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    • That’s a bit mean really as she hasn’t time to put her make-up on. You would be amazed at the difference it makes. Maybe she’s now decided go au naturel. It’s the modern way.

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      • You know, I do feel mean and slightly sexist in making personal remarks about Angie’s appearance, women should be able to appear in public looking however they want to. However; all the serious, or rather real, journalists I have ever seen don’t resort to Barbara Cartland style soft focus when they appear on camera – and we take them seriously.
        Angie, you just waffle on, some times literally for hours, never making any real points. I can’t see you taking over Orla Guerin’s job any time soon. Get your camera in focus woman, you can’t disguise the ugliness of your soul!

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  11. OMG that video of Belinda in that rig-out. During the late 70s there was a chap who wore a similar outfit and stood at Oxford Circus all day long every day of the week with his sandwich board filled with now forgotten conspiracies. The poor thing was ignored by everyone and on one bitterly cold day I took his a cup of tea and he was so grateful just for the attention. Fortunately he didn’t have a megaphone but after a few minutes chatting I realized he was stark raving mad. But harmless. McKenzie, she’s not only an old crook but a nutcase as well. Do they really think in their tiny minds they are actually achieving anything hanging around squares and preaching to each other.? So love that fight though between her & Veitch,

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    • Yes, there’ve always been mad people shouting about conspiracies. These days, though, the internet makes them feel like they’re not alone…and gives them a vector by which they can spread their deranged ideas.

      I love the Belinda/Veitch fight too–I think he came out on top. Wonder how Herself will enjoy having him welcomed into the Hoaxtead fold by her new friend Q*Bert?

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    • Just reading the thread of comments on Angie’s facebook page – I particularly like the one from Karen in reply to Angie’s religious jibe, she says – “May God have mercy on your soul”

      Angie is lucky that it was not a Judge that said that to her. (NO ANGIE, (explanation of the obvious due to your paranoia) – before you jump to conclusions – it was obviously not a death threat but simple irony)

      From Wiki: “”May God have mercy upon your soul” or “may God have mercy on your soul” is a phrase used within courts in various legal systems by judges pronouncing a sentence of death upon a person found guilty of a crime that requires a death sentence. The phrase originated in beth din courts in the Kingdom of Israel as a way to attribute God as the highest authority in law.The usage of the phrase later spread to England and Wales’ legal system and from there to usage throughout the colonies of the British Empire whenever a death sentence was passed.”

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  12. I am surprised that Angie did not ORDER Karen to be eaten by blood thirsty cannibals and to be seasoned in sulpher first….

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