The community Araya doesn’t want you to see

The useful thing about people like Araya Soma (or Araya Manna as she sometimes calls herself) is that when she says, “ANYONE liking this PAGE, please remove me as friend”, we know that’s a page we want to check out.

Araya-Anti-Corruption 2016-01-22

A couple of points of interest:

  1. Apparently Charlotte Ward is now persona non grata amongst the Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade: both Araya and Maria MacMahon seem to have turned on her now, and are accusing her of being..what? a shill? Lo! how the mighty have fallen!
  2. Araya is trying to claim that Sheva Burton, whom many of us know as a dedicated anti-child abuse campaigner, is (yawn) RD ‘or his minion’. Uh-huh. Sure she is. And I’m the bleedin’ Pope. (Oh, wait, better not say that too loudly. This lot are likely to believe it.)

Anyhoo, we were interested to see exactly what was on this Facebook page that Araya hates so much:

Araya v Anti-Corruption 2016-01-22Looks all right to us!

And there’s some good advice here: “IF IT SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM, IT NORMALLY IS. DO NOT BE A FOOL!!!” Yep, can’t argue with that. Especially when it comes to Hoaxtead.

Anti-Corruption 2016-01-23

Bless ’em, it looks as though the Anti Corruption people have taken a thorough look at this blog as well as Sheva’s blog, and are recommending that their members check out a few of our pages for themselves, and be wary of friending any of the Hoaxtead promoters on Facebook.

Whoever runs the page (and we think we can all agree that it’s not Charlotte!) is clearly a person of taste and discernment.

After all, anyone so roundly despised by the disgusting anti-Semitic neo-Nazi Araya must be doing something right. So…from one ‘RD minion’ to another, high five!







22 thoughts on “The community Araya doesn’t want you to see

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  2. Araya – if you’re reading this, I’m afraid I’ve made a wee snaffoo. I know you told us to ignore the ‘Anti-Corruption’ group, to not ‘like’ it and to unfriend anyone who does….but I accidentally sent them a message of support, ‘liked’ the page and invited all my friends to like it too. Sorry – my finger slipped 😦

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  3. Araya has a picture on her FB where she’s hugging David Irving. Personally, I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole and I’ve no respect for anyone who does.

    Fruitcake isn’t a big enough word. Araya is fruitcake with lashings of processed custard, rancid cream and an artificial cherry on top.

    p.s. I’m really not into slagging people off but fascists are the exception.

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  4. It’s a worthy group but I do wish they’d put a hyphen in their name. That’s really messin’ with my OCD streak!

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  5. A flat earther and holocaust denier advising people on what pages to like or dislike….tells you everything you need to know about Araya.

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  6. They are indeed, but also make it necessary to break a few of my normal rules.

    They rely on others’ decency, or lack of willingness to create waves, or seem to speak out, and it allows them to carry on.

    But the intense, vicious levels of bullying, have indeed been shown for what they are, frightening people into silence, naming anyone as the most disgusting things, so that others will target them with venom, hate, and disgust, condemnation, or shun.

    They act like abusers and cults, of all kinds, that shun and isolate any that leave their fold, or worse speak out.about the abuse within them.


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  7. I wonder how this dingbat Araya explains Satellite imagery?Doe she think Google maps & Earth are a plot as well? How do they get the pics from so high up? Why am I asking silly questions?


  8. Guys, I think the time has come for us to stop supporting the ‘Anti Corruption’ page.

    Sorry, guys – turns out I was wrong about that page. It’s just another ignorant, anti-semitic, Holocaust-denying, neo-Nazi nutcake 😦

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