Wanted: Volunteers to hand over personal info’ to Abrella

First, the bad news: it looks like Abrella’s new blog has finally resurfaced, complete with pictures of RD’s two children: the little girl sporting a gash on her chin thanks to Abe’s hot-spoon technique, as well as a large dark bruise on her forehead; and the little boy with traces of a healing black eye, covered not-s0-artfully with Ella’s makeup. Looks like that holiday in Morocco was really one to remember.

The good news: to read the site, you’ll need to register and sign in.

So for all the boneheads out there who are willing to hand over their IP address and personal information to Abrella, best of British luck to you.

For those who aren’t quite that daring, we strongly recommend that you vote with your mouse, and stay away. We expect that’ll be the vast majority of the people Abrella are desperate to reach. Because what better way to market your new blog than to make it inaccessible to everyone but the converted?


It seems the full site is now visible, so we must regretfully rescind much of the above.

However, as we discussed here after Abrella’s last pathetic blogging effort was removed, we believe that the vast majority of their visitors are coming by either to point and laugh, or to stir things up in the comments department. While both are admirable goals, we feel strongly that the best way to help their blog along the road to failure is to simply ignore it.

To that end, we’ve already assigned a team member to take screen shots on a regular basis, so you don’t need to bother with Abrella at all.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide you absolutely must visit the blog, please play safe and use a VPN—especially if you leave a comment.)

Abrella-blog2- 2016-01-22




10 thoughts on “Wanted: Volunteers to hand over personal info’ to Abrella

  1. I had a look at their site yesterday and it’s just the same old crap really, except they’re now begging for donations, just like Sadbean and Bellenda.

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    • Not only begging for donations but desperately trying to entice gullible people into donating by “giving away” free mugs and t-shirts featuring photos of Ella’s abused children (complete with visible bruises inflicted by Abraham) and £50 – yes, £50 – tickets to Abe’s online lecture on healthy eating (whoop whoop!). They know no shame. And it absolutely beggars belief that there’s still a handful of twunts out there who are gullible enough to trust this pair of child-exploiting charity-scamming eye-poppingly desperate creeps.

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      • I’m forwarding that to a UK journalist I know. I can see the headline now :

        “Couple accused of torturing & drugging children now seek to profit from souvenir mugs featuring their victims””

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      • the fact they are basically selling images of the children is unforgivable especially for the mother. Quite apart from how illegal it is. Child abuse images ? How low can they get?

        ## info now sent to UK newspaper editors…we shall but I think they will find this a story to publish.

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          • Sent to them. I hope if one tabloid picks up on this it may force the police to ne more active.

            Also it occurred to me that Abella abused & tortured the kids in Morocco while on holiday but I thought British law did actually cover child abuse abroad. Brits are arrested in the UK for abuse in Asia

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