Current score: Hoaxtead Research 2, Drifloud 0

On Monday we reported that Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter account had been suspended. Yesterday afternoon, though, we saw a report on a Hoaxtead pusher’s Facebook page, indicating that the Drippy One had wormed his way back onto Twitter.

Drifloud back on Twitter 2016-01-28We wasted no time, but got back in touch with Twitter Support, who’d suspended the account in the first place. A quick heads up, and within minutes, we’d received another note saying Drippy’s account had been re-suspended. Well done, Twitter!

We’re sure Abe/Drippy is gnashing his teeth and cursing at us, and that thought makes us very happy indeed.

Incidentally, ‘Kris DaCosta’ seems to have invented her Facebook account rather recently, so we took a peek to see what she’s been up to in the two months since she started posting. Unsurprisingly, about 99% of her posts have to do with Hoaxtead…Kris DaCosta-photos-FB 2016-01-28 at 5.16.30 PMIncidentally, her interesting flowing blue-ombrรฉ locks don’t actually belong to her. She ‘borrowed’ them from a site that sells cheap wigs.

Yes, we were disappointed too. It does make us wonder about the veracity of her profile, and whether she’s aware that people who make up fake-name profiles can find themselves unceremoniously turfed, should FB find out about it.

Kris DaCosta-report-1 2016-01-28 Kris DaCosta-report-2 2016-01-28If you catch our drift.







17 thoughts on “Current score: Hoaxtead Research 2, Drifloud 0

  1. Not sure about Facebook but ‘Kris’ has been around for a while on other platforms and used to post a load of crap on Charlotte’s pig’s toilet of a blog before the cobwebs moved in.

    Incidentally, you may recall that the list of Abe’s aliases include ‘Kris’; and there are loads of comments from ‘Kris’ on Abe’s new Coverup bog – sorry, blog – which miraculously appeared within seconds of the blog opening. Are we to surmise that ‘Ms. de Costa’ is perhaps the elusive Mr. Christie? Perhaps he could clarify this for us when he’s finished his daily, not at all hypocritical rants about RD’s alleged aliases ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I imagine Abe has a box full of cheap wigs which he wears while he is in character as his various aliases (apart from when he slips up and posts a comment under the wrong name).

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  2. I say, sterling work, chaps. And may I be the first to point out that getting that bounder Mr. Christie’s blog closed down 3 times (so far) pushes that score up to 5-nil. Or as a cricket-loving toff like me would call it, 5 for nought, not out. (I leave all that football nonsense to the lower echelons.) Anyway, must dash – I’m on a promise with the insatiable Mrs. Christ-Churchill. Onwards and upwards, chaps. Tally-ho!

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  4. I would like to explain something for those people who are not familiar with this lovely island. The picture of a swimming pool changing room, used to supposedly demonstrate how dozens of people could fit in to it, is misleading. That is a public changing room, anyone can walk in. You can’t lock people out, there is no privacy. Strangers will get changed, be in the nude even, in front of strangers. There are cubicles as pictured, that are little bigger than an accessible toilet, that also offer little privacy. Some people living elsewhere might call it a locker room. It is a locker room. A public locker room open to the public that the public use.

    People have trouble thinking very deeply.

    Well done on the takedowns, which are after all simply reporting people for breaching published standards of those private companies.

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    • Yes, I think people should be aware of what those pictures actually show. You’re right, many people might mistake the pictures of the open locker room area for the cubicles where 40+ people allegedly crowded in to perform their evil deeds. Looking at the actual size of the cubicles, one can see how ludicrous that notion actually is.


  5. Well done again Hoaxtead. Abe never accounted for people constantly being there to counter his lies and fight him every step of the way. He must curse this blog every day ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I’ve recieved alot af grattitude for the blacklist, people are now seeming to get more clarity, from people who didn;t get the seriousness, until the Australian display, making obvious connections, now i think this case will help root out, who are attempting to mis steer CSA issues.

    Also professionals too, have said thankyou, because they were just shocked, horrified, but didn’t know who’s who, it really has clogged the flow of trust and network building on family issues, but, in spite of that there is alot newly developing.

    With proof of Sabine’s attempts to look really important at the internet safety meeting and then Lucy Allen’s MEP planning meeting, and on top of that, her steering Lucy’s video, traffic to her fake Lucy page, which had one post, for jobs for developers, so i reckoned, 50 sites, arn’t enough ??????? She really wants to take over the online world, and spread vile, bile, highlight true ones, while the good sites, suffer, in so many ways, by what they have caused. So i will have no mercy, with the blacklist, and the white list will check out, as i work on this, i may have a don’t know.

    I am still hoping to work with others, and use what we have learned, there is a clear need, for a more hands on approach with internet watch.

    It would be good if our team made links with them, ask them to check our work, so that we may get a badge or something, so that other agencies now, that if we are reporting something,…………IT MATTERS !

    I think i have shown, that there seems to really be something more behind such a wilful attempt to screw up CSA Survivors and that some named are clearly looking for ways to do that.

    This case shows that they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

    One of the myths is that i am jealous, bla bla, but i am so glad that despite the oppression on me, i stepped up, i am really upset today,

    Over the days, as i have had more and more discussions………I have found at least 7 strong people, who were treated similar to me, whilst being divided. I know for absolutely sure that the Myers story on Cathyfox blog is made up, does contain names of victims, without permission, stolen info from someone, and also bullying him into the ground…………….More will be possible, but of course the real person, has to hold back, for legal reasons……………… This effects the Royal Commission CSA Survivors, ……it is a pattern, and i believe the mission, and they will use any dirty tactic possible.

    Those caught up unwittingly, are leaving, i think, the diehards, tho are the most nasty, spiteful, subversive, controlling, and some now many tricks, others i believe are puppet masters…………

    I keep telling people that we are shedding so much light on this now, that regadless of problems, in every area of life, are the angels, and i am sure that some good internet champions, are now, really watching this sinister movement, that tho we laugh at them at times, some are actually not funny at all.

    People have seen how they describe and treat me.

    I have something they cannot produce.

    Years of being open online, and mostly patient…..sure some spats. Though that’s another thing being realised, spats have been purposefully caused, and i am hoping, and actually it’s already happening, repairs are happening, as they wake up and things dawn.

    Anyway, i also feel happy that there does indeed seem to be a shift ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I think your blacklist and whitelist will be incredibly helpful for those who are confused about the motives of the Hoaxtead pushers, Sheva. The fact that these people try to bully and badmouth anyone who disagrees with them is definitely very telling, and says a lot about what they’re really up to.

      I’m really glad to hear that fences are being mended. If we could link up with Internet Watch, that’d definitely help matters. I have to admit that my time is limited these days, but I’ll add that to my to-do list!


    • I’m glad you are on the case of that dreadful Barnett woman who is thriving on what she must perceive as some sort of internet fame and her vile accusations against innocent people.

      The last time I noticed, she was accusing some innocent railway worker who glanced her way on a station as being a cult secret agent stalking her. She is such a prime example of narcissistic sociopath and is currently claiming she is giving evidence before 5 judges in Kevin Anett’s bathroom court in Brussels.

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  7. Off topic but any feedback on the 2 Mc’s court case on 25th January regarding the costs they are/were disputing?


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