Some questions for Bad Mother

One of our readers recently passed along this interesting bit of info’: it seems Ella Gareeva Draper uses the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, which enables users to message one another without incurring SMS fees.

Oh, wait, that’s not the interesting bit.

The interesting bit is that she has a public profile:


We have a few questions for you, Ella.

  1. Do you really refer to yourself as Bad Mother? We’re in complete agreement with that assessment, of course, but we’re surprised that you’d accept it. Or were you trying, in your singularly humourless way, to be ironic? Enquiring minds want to know!
  2. Is that your real phone number? For really real?
  3. Would you mind if we gave you a call to chat about a few things? Nothing too difficult, just things like “Why did you allow Abe to beat, kick, suffocate, burn, and threaten your children?” or “Was it your idea to heat the spoons before applying them to the children’s skin?”
    Or maybe you’d like to start with something a bit easier, like “Do you actually give a sh!t about your children? If so, why did you run away instead of staying here and fighting for custody?”

A note to our readers: we don’t recommend that anyone actually try to contact Ella by phone. That would be harassment.

(But if you do, remember to block your number. You wouldn’t want it showing up on her call display.)



The reader who originally sent us the information about Ella’s WhatsApp account wishes to clarify that ‘Bad Mother’ isn’t how Ella registered herself on the account. It’s the name our reader gave the account, on their own WhatsApp stream. They apologise for any confusion, and we’re sorry we misunderstood the situation.

We’ve also now had it confirmed that anyone who uses WhatsApp can still ring Ella via WhatsApp itself. Ella might have disconnected her phone, but she is still using the internet phone app.


31 thoughts on “Some questions for Bad Mother

  1. If her number is that easy to find online, then it could be someone else I suppose. Why on earth would Ella freely admit to agreeing with us that she is indeed a bad Mother??

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  2. Ooh, now didn’t we specifically tell you not to do that? It’s not nice to be phone stalked; just ask the parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.


  3. The whole thing is a bit strange with this and I don’t know what to think about it. But I can’t see Ella calling herself Bad Mother even though we know she is.

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  4. Abraham Christie and Ella Draper have plenty of back-stabbing miscreants in their own camp who probably did this. With the friends that they have, who needs enemies?

    Ella Draper is unlikely to have posted that, but it is perfectly true, she is a bad mother.

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  5. It is ironic that Ella Draper and Abraham Christie is accusing Satanists of abusing children, when in fact the whole narrative past, present and future involving RD children P & Q is one brought about by their own abusive activity of those and other people’s children.

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  6. I reckon the person got her number FROM the legal documents online. I just don’t see her calling herself Bad Mother.

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  7. I’ve just heard from the person who originally sent us the screenshot. It seems that WhatsApp allows you to give people nicknames, so ‘Bad Mother’ is the name our reader gave Ella. Hope that helps clear things up.

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  8. That number has +44 before the phone number so wouldn’t we need another code for Spain if that is indeed where she is? I just checked and the code for Spain from the UK is 0034.


  9. Does it work like that?

    If It does then it would mean Ella was back in the UK. That would be an interesting and welcome development.


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