Abe/Drifloud a victim of mind control?

Abe/Drifloud usually whiles away his days spamming Twitter users with detailed allegations of child abuse, extracts from the police reports, and libellous pictures of innocent Hampstead residents he and Ella have targetted. Ho hum, nothing to see here, people.

So we were surprised this morning to note that he seemed to be having a bit of a panic attack: it appears he’d tweeted a link, which he then claimed he hadn’t tweeted at all:

Drifloud-never tweeted-2016-01-25

The link he ‘didn’t tweet’ happens to be one by his bestie-boy, Guidance 2222. It features Patricia Gallan and Steve Rodhouse of the Metropolitan Police, appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee in October 2015, to justify the Met’s mishandling of the Lord Janner affair.

You can sense Drippy’s rising panic, as he tries to figure out exactly how he managed to accidentally post the video:

Drifloud-didn't tweet-2 2016-01-25

Jim McMenamin, who was apparently in the original conversation, deleted his half of things, leaving us with the spectacle of Drippy growing increasingly frantic:

Drifloud-didn't tweet-3-2016-01-25

Drifloud-didn't tweet-4 2016-01-25

Oh noes! Someone is planning to discredit Drippy? Say it ain’t so!

Never mind, Dripsicle, you do a good enough job discrediting yourself. You don’t need assistance.

Drifloud-didn't tweet-5 2016-01-25

Hmm, yes, we see what he means. The video isn’t exactly friendly to those who waste police time with false allegations of child sex abuse. Makes Abe/Drippy look a bit of an idiot, really. More so, we mean.

Drifloud-didn't tweet-6 2016-01-25

Yes, yes, we get it. You didn’t post it…or you don’t think you did.

Here’s a possible explanation, though: perhaps Abe/Drippy is, how shall we say, one toke over the line?

Or—and we shudder to even mention this, knowing the sh!tstorm of paranoia it will provoke—could Abe/Drippy have succumbed to the dreaded State-Sponsored Trauma-Based Mind Control he rattles on about?

We mean, really: what other explanation could there possible be?

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26 thoughts on “Abe/Drifloud a victim of mind control?

  1. Yes yes, Abraham – you’ve been framed again! Just like when child porn was ‘planted’ on your mobile phone. Or when your ‘Dicky Rearman’ YT channel was exposed by Charlotte Ward as having ‘liked’ videos of underaged girls dancing in their underwear; that suddenly turned out to be an ‘undercover agent’ trying to ‘frame’ you too, didn’t it. Oh and then there was that half-eaten chicken which someone surreptitiously placed on the table near you in order to ‘frame’ you as a carnivore. (Still, it was nice of you to still pose for a photo with it, though). I’m sure there was another ‘frame-up’ job involving your credit card too, wasn’t there? They’re all out to get you, Abe. Not that the ol’ cannabis is making you paranoid or anything.

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  3. Maybe Guidance hacked his account to keep an eye on that dodgy cat Abe, then tweeted after forgetting he was in Abe’s account and not his own. After all, I imagine it wouldn’t be that difficult to figure out Abe’s password. It will be something like rawhemp, hempstar…..something hemp related.

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  4. Please forgive me if you guys have already seen the video that I am going to post, but it pertains to this, to this case. A while ago, In America there were psychologists that were treating sexual abuse victims by implanting memories, and giving them false diagnosis about “multiple personality disorder” it was one of many “fad diagnoses”, which the judge in your case has mentioned, it is an example of it. Two examples.

    In this video, (which can be hard to watch, it is some fucked up stuff) from 1995, both women were sexual abuse victims early in life (as I think Mr. Abraham has been at some point in his past, probably prison, on top of existing psych issues) and they went to seek treatment for depression later on. On top of being medicated out to a high degree, they were supplied with a false narrative, an explanation, as to why they are “bad” or “like how they are” or such, and it of course involves “satanic death cults that eat babies at school” and all sorts of other bizarre PLANTED notions and non-events. These “doctors” coach these people like a bad cop coaches a witness.

    The other thing is, I KNOW some of the people on the list of people defending these two, and I want you to know, that, for SURE, that they are mentally ill, delusional, and will buy into ANY story about secret enemies and conspiracies. The common thread these people all have is schizo-affective disorder. This is no way excuses hat they have done, or the unimaginable trouble they have caused your lives, but I hope you will take to heart that in some cases, this kind of shit is all they got. Some of them have no one, literally no one around them, aside from fellow “travelers” that just re-feed them delusions.

    I started studying this kind of stuff for work, as in America, we also had the “McMartin Satanic Daycare” case, which caused countless lawsuits, criminal cases, and for the McMartins, it wrecked their lives, and none of it was true. ALL of the kids were coached. The other messed up indirect result of it is that Americans are latently paranoid, and now talk all this crap about guns, and child molesters and satan popping out from behind every tree.

    I am not excusing anyone’s fucked up behavior, but i think i “get” what is going on. Ella is a garden variety new age ninny that got hooked up with a full blown psychopath, or a high order NPD guy, and is now in way over her head.

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    • Thanks, Charlie, that’s useful information. I think you’re right that mental illness does play a role for many of those who are still pushing this hoax, and your video about ‘implanted’ memories looks very interesting.


      • i encourage all of you to give it a watch, as you will find MANY of the same things being said, as being claimed by these two people, and be aware that there are actually people in the world that have made money, and have earned degrees and wrecked people’s lives, all on the basis of this “therapy”, it is obscene. The one woman pictured was in the hospital for 36 months, as they accused HER of leading a satanic death cult, they took her kids away, and put one in a hospital for almost two years. Oh, and they also racked up about 3 MILLION dollars in medical bills for her.

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    • To implant these fake memories in the minds of vulnerable people, some of whom have already suffered some form of abuse or mental illness, is so contemptible it is hard to believe any human being would do it. As we have discovered, for a number of people it is easier to believe the wild tales of Satanic abuse than believe caring professionals could be so callous. The horrific truth is that Lawrence Pazder and his kind are completely mercenary and don’t give two hoots about the lives they wreck.

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      • Yeah, i mean that’s the really messed up thing. That kind of stuff IS a conspiracy by doctors like that to peddle this “treatment”, much like any other huckster, which is why some of this self help new age stuff can be very dangerous, especially if they can sell it as a credible thing, and get some “experts”.


  5. Here’s a 3 hour intelligent discussion on ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’.
    It’s a UK tv show from 1991, but the content is certainly still relevent today.

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