The Araya Soma post Abe doesn’t want you to see

Certain subjects really do seem to set Abraham Christie off, don’t they? For instance, just try asking him about the child sex abuse images on his phone some time. Honestly, you’d think it was some kind of state secret, the way he slams down on that one little question!

A regular reader who keeps an eye on Abe’s blog for us passed along this little bit of fun:

Araya quote-Abe's phone

This tiny comment on Abe’s blog was deleted within seconds of its being posted. But not before our lookout managed to find the link in question:

Araya-Abe's phone

Of course, that’s a bit hard to read, but never fear! Sabine the Leak Queen quoted Araya’s words on one of her blogs, for your reading convenience:

And here is the report by a close friend: Just spoke with Abraham. He and Ella are safe… However, it’s obvious what the agenda/plan is:

Back in the summer the kids stole Abraham’s phone, and of course now surprise they have found kids porn on it… planted by the dad. The computer they say they have of Abe is bullshit, cause he has his computer with him, so they’ve implanted some computer which isn’t his…

So the agenda will be to say that it was Abe who is a paedo, which won’t wash as the kids were found to have been abused far far far longer than the very short time they knew Abe for…

Of course, we know that Abe’s phone was lost, then found, then lost again, and is now in the hands of the police.

But don’t mention any of this to Abe. It sends him into a mouth-frothing rage.

On second thought, have at her.


Araya, dear, do brush your hair. And sit up straight. And stop being a neo-Nazi. Thanks!



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  1. Is this the same Araya who allegedly said ‘Let’s make Hitler proud?’ and had her photo taken with the disgraced David Irving?

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  2. From a link to Whistleblowers above I went on a long journey started courtesy of sabine’s commenters. First I stopped here: Suggested by Charlotte’s and Jacco’s brother/in law Ed Boer back in March, and entry by our good friend, BRONNY at

    ‘It’s less than ideal how Abraham dealt with the situation. That is right. I ask you this: If you went on a nice holiday you’d paid for, from the labour of your back to give your new family members a nice time away, how would you feel if you got up in the morning to brush your teeth and found these two little kids had put shit (poo) on your toothbrush !!

    I would certainly be thinking… “What the… ???” Gratitude ??

    I’m gonna fix that !!

    That’s what those kids did to Abraham. I’d want to give those two little shits a whack as well.’


    ‘those two little shits’. Now, where have I heard that language, that phrase?

    Oh, yes, the prat that is obsessed about dildos over on Hampstead Cover-up keeps referring to a comment left by…I wonder who? He/she posts it continually, and guess what, it’s made it into ‘comment of the week’. It just fell into the lap of Abe and Ella. How very convenient.

    Does this sound like a stitch up to you?

    He/she whines:

    ‘here is a quote that you left on this blog yesterday under one of
    your other many attempted screen names … it went just like this :
    “My children are a pair of lying shits. I’m planning to eat them later in
    the week and shut the pair of annoying little bastards up for good.”

    don’t worry, ricky dearman, the screen shots have already been forwarded.
    in addition to that insane comment, you serial posted over 1000 messages
    3 days ago in a psychotic fit of anxiety. it is clear that you have “issues”.

    not even a corrupt judge will award you custody of your children as
    you have shown absolutely no concern for them at all. your presence
    on this blog is clearly only meant as a very destructive endeavour…..

    (posted by i’m ricky dearman, and i make dildos !!! 2 hours ago Reply).

    People have asked Abe: ‘What is the real purpose of this blog?’. I think we know now.

    An aside here: I had to laugh at this bit from Bronny: ‘If you went on a nice holiday you’d paid for, from the labour of your back to give your new family members a nice time away….’, thinking about the reality of the kids’ experience of being tortured by the new psycho boyfriend while mum agreed, ‘nodding’.

    ‘D.I.D’ Abraham pay for that holiday from the labour of his own back? Has he EVER laboured, toiled, or done any real work, or does he just continually scavenge off the fruits of *other* people’s labours? He has a long criminal history of theft and deception.

    Right now he is having a good time in Spain, paid for by those he accuses of being in ‘the cult’ (he lives off the money Ella gets from her ex-husband Will, no doubt. Or perhaps Abe can clarify what he is living on in the comments here, if I am wrong.

    It’s all a far cry from his old council flat in Tottenham:

    Who needs kids when the beach calls?

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  3. from the looks of her am putting me money on mental health something deferentially not normal about her,


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