Where did Abe’s missing phone go?

The problematic issue of Abe’s missing mobile phone, what it might have contained, and who might have been responsible for the child sex abuse images, if any, keeps popping up like a bad penny.

Over on Abe’s blog, pointed questions are being asked, and Abe is deleting them as quickly as humanly possible. Luckily for those of us who’d like to know the truth, some intrepid observers have been taking screen grabs even faster than Abe can hit ‘delete’.

Today, that pesky phone and its even more pesky contents have been a focal point:

Abraham's missing phoneIf you recall, Abe and Ella’s friend and confidante Araya Soma was blabbing all over the internet at one point that ‘Ella’s kids had put kiddy porn on Abe’s phone’. Yeah, totes plausible.

Abraham's phone-porn-via ArayaTo settle the issue once and for all, regular commenter Mark Trellis went back to the source: the police interview in which one of the children explains what really happened:

(Note to all those whose refrain all along has been ‘I believe the children’: we assume you believe this, as well, correct?)

Meanwhile, here’s Pookster’s take on the phone issue, and Abe’s abrupt departure for Morocco, just after the kids were taken into care.

Abraham and kids, phoneFascinating that Abe would make a run for it as soon as he realised that the children were no longer in his control, and might actually blow the whistle on him. And even more fascinating that he returned once he knew the coast was clear.

It’ll be interesting to watch Abe attempt to wriggle his way out of this one.


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