Neelu tells all…and more.

On Friday, 27 November, Neelu was absent from a hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court, where she was to have been charged with 3 new counts of witness intimidation.

Yesterday we discovered that she’d been at Blackfriars, all right, but not for legal reasons…no, she and her Crystal Task Force were busy planting crystals around the court building, in an attempt to sanitise the UK judicial system. Or something. We’re not sure. We got distracted by an eight-foot tall butterfly named Roger. It was just that kind of day.


Back to business: it seems that Neelu was doing more than just performing group pinky-blessings over crystals before consigning them to the earth. Turns out she was also busy composing this magnum opus, which she posted on Christine Ann Sands’ blog, HAMPSTEAD!….CHRIST CHURCH!….DAT! CAM!

Before you read this, we suggest you fortify yourself. It’s a long ‘un. And it’s written in Neelu-speak.

27 NOV 2015
Neelu of the Chaudhari clan has today submitted further evidence in Blackfriars Crown Court which proves the Crown Prosecution Service is perverting the course of justice by falsely prosecuting Neelu and relying on witness statements by six members of staff at Christ Church Hampstead, who are themselves accused of serious crimes against babies and children.
[In your dreams, Neelu – ed.]
With Andy Peacher, Patrick Coyle and other parents who are victims of the State.


For Attention Of:

His Honour Judge Peter Clarke, Blackfriars Crown Court, before 9.30am on Friday 27 November 2015

1-15 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BJ

Court 3  27 NOVEMBER 2015
Case No T2015 0661
URN 01EO0207715


Neelu of Chaudhari Clan V The Queen

I, Neelu of the Chaudhari Clan,  c/o email, hereby give this Affidavit of truth of my honour in attending Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BJ at 12pm on Friday 27 November 2015 in Court 3, before His Honour Judge Peter Clarke, in honour of the two children from Hampstead and their family, who  seek remedy  to stop  satanic ritual abuse (SRA) at Christ Church in Hampstead,  reported to Hampstead Police, in September 2014, which remains un-investigated to date, that hundreds of children from 8 nearby primary schools and nurseries are victim of human trafficking by the State, namely kidnap, prostitution, pornography and pedophile rings within public and private services in schools, churches, Government offices, involving public servants and parents who are high level practising members of satanic cults such as Freemasons.

I  hereby bring counter allegations of false prosecution against me by the United Kingdom Corporation (headed by the Queen), Hampstead Police, Christ Church, Hampstead school teachers and CPS of perverting the course of justice and apply to the court to summon those responsible, including six witnesses and senior Police officers at Hampstead  who are alleged by two children aged 8 & 9 of committing serious crimes against babies and children, of rape, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, vampirism, necrophilia, beastiality and who gave perjured witness statements against me, knowing them to be false, to pervert the course of justice to cover-up their own serious crimes.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission report, into the failings by Hampstead Police to investigate satanic ritual abuse, failing to make arrests when arrest criteria was met, assisting the priest to escape investigation in the UK by posting him to Madrid Spain on 18 September 2015 without informing me or the court that he would not be attending the trial against me on 07 October 2015 until after the trial started, embezzling public money, torturing me by repeated kidnaps, break-ins, theft of property without warrant despite judge McPhee directing CPS on 07 April 2015 “I am not seeing a charge here [Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 vexing a priest], you’d better review whether to proceed”.  [This isn’t quite how it happened. See this post for a more accurate recounting. –  ed.]

Judge Jacobs on 07 October 2015 dismissed the CPS case against me for vexing a priest as baseless and without law.  In fact the evidence the CPS relied upon and failed to serve on me or my solicitors, proved that I was innocent and they were well aware of that fact all along.  The CPS has repeated the same pattern of the lower court in the Blackfriars Crown Court before HHJ Peter Clarke as if the CPS has a habit of perverting the course of justice to mislead the court to persecute whistleblowers, witnesses and victims of satanic ritual abuse.  Despite the rulings against the CPS in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court by seven judges and magistrates, the CPS has continue to mislead the court at a hearing on 24 November 2015 in the Blackfriars Crown Court at which I risked imprisonment for assisting the court. [Turns out there was a 24 November date, as well. Go figure. – ed.]

The remedy I seek is to bring honour at all times within public service, all over the UK, under the Gold Standard of the Uniform Commercial Code (international law)  under Notice of Dishonour 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 without prejudice 1-308 to cease all trading with counterfeit money, running vices. [Okay, unless you’re a real diehard, you can stop reading here. Honestly. It’s all just freeman gibberish from here on in. You’re off the hook. – ed.]
I seek the remedies above for other victims, witnesses and whistleblowers of satanic ritual abuse, namely Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper, Belinda McKenzie, Christine Ann Sands, as detailed in my previous affidavit dated 26 June 2015 and in the 24 page bundle attached.  I seek the return of all children kidnapped by the State for human trafficking to be returned to their loving parents,  the discharge from mental institutions of all parents falsely diagnosed with mental illness to steal their kids and the release of all whistleblowers from prison who have been falsely prosecuted and imprisoned by practising satanists in public service to conceal their crimes.  I seek the implementation of the Gold Standard by the filling of this form which will give a credit of $6million per man woman and child on the planet to share all resources of the planet to the people, seized from corporations

I seek the implementation of NESARA National Economic Security & Reformation Act 2001 which abolishes income tax, releases patents of advanced technologies, brings in the Gold standard and ceases all dishonourable trading.

Satanists within public service refusing to honour the oath to God to maintain God’s laws will be committing Treason if they continue with allegiance to Satan as members of secret societies such as Freemasonry.  Gods laws of the Galactic Federation of Love & Light are based on love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, Freewill, non-interference with the Freewill of others, one-ness, procreation (not cloning) and co-creation in love.

Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom Corporation and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under, such as Legislative Courts and their individual named, employees, companies, corporations, agents, contractors, subcontractors, directors and volunteers, are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law), to trade honourably under oath to maintain God’s laws under the Gold Standard without usury, human sacrifice, torture, trafficking or slavery (satanic).

UCC 3-503, 3-504 3-505 without prejudice 1-308

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

Neelu of the Chaudhari clan

WITNESS 1.                                                     WITNESS 2.

Declared  this  27th November 2015

On behalf of We The People, Humanity

Without Prejudice UCc 1-308: A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved.Contract revoked, rejected, denied and dishonoured, UCc 3-503, 3-504, 3-505  without prejudice, UCc 1-308



9 thoughts on “Neelu tells all…and more.

  1. Christine Sands pleaded guilty in her case. Did she commit perjury then?
    And that Barry supporter : what’s in the huge backpack he always carts around ?. Mountains of crystals, his washing, a big cut lunch? He only lives a few tube stops away. Important questions for Lotus Princess.

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  2. I’ll be contacting some people, regarding the whistleblower summit, attended by Christine: wondering whether i am seeing the same thing, as Belinda, Sabine, Maggie, etc have done here. Infiltrated a good network, serious event, then used it to promote themselves, and also look as though they were part responsible for the work achieved, by others?.
    Recently i highlighted the ‘Spotlight’, movie, as an example of decent people, pushing for change, breaking the collusion within the Catholic Church, was no mean feat. Given the links between these people, are they, some of the pupeteers, actually really working to keep CSA still in the dark? I’ll see if i can get some feedback, from people who would know. I don’t mind if you want to remove/hide this, for now, and give me a little time, to contact people,
    Each time, i think i’m done with this, something happens, that i then feel obliged to address, if possible, i’ve recently been reading more on the Kevin Annett expose, and see that some good people linked then unlinked from him, and feel really bad, because i did massively promote him at one time, as well as urging groups to unite more, Over the years, in fact, it seems that in many cases, the best amongst us, have been fragmented moreso, and that does hurt, on a deep personal level, given the whole reason, i ever got involved in revealing the truth of CSA.
    I am too, disgusted, that in grooming and using people, clearly too effected/damaged/unhealed/suffering pstd/mentally ill, are pushed to the forefront, people who will spam away all day, with their latest amazing radio show,
    And the effects, of this…..i saw a recent comment on youtube, calling for more action, harrassment of people in hampstead, i reported it. That the relentless few will persist, means that vigilantism, conspiracy nuts, aggressive abuse, is all permitted and encouraged, Belinda sneaks off, pretends innocence, yet not once have i heard or seen her or Sabine, nor queen/goddess of love and light, Angela Power Disney, nor Neelu, clearly state they disapprove of the abuse dealt to any of us, questioning it, let alone the abuse suffered by those accused.
    This is another thing that arouses suspicion, of co opting, but still at the heart of my dismay, disgust, at this whole thing, is the hurt being caused to children, in so many ways, levels, and possible future harm, by the fear of speaking out, endengered in all directions, by this group, shooting vile, bile through any network possible, is not aiding progress in any way, to help protect children today and tomorrow.

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  3. If Neelu is successful then I look forward to the $6million we are all going to be given & then I intend to go hang-gliding with Roger the butterfly.

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