Abe & Ella: ‘Child-abusing scum’, says commenter

We wonder whether Abe and Ella have begun to re-think this whole blogging thing, as it seems to be attracting mostly people who want to address them directly about their child abuse, lies, manipulations, and general ‘lubriciousness‘.

Here’s a particularly articulate comment (since deleted, as are all comments that don’t toe Abe & Ella’s lunatic line), from ‘Nicola’, who describes herself as ‘someone who’s seen and read everything and sees right through’ them:
Child abusing scum, that’s what you are. You love those medical reports by Dr Hodes, but they also say this:
Dr Hodes report of 15th Sep 2014
Physical Abuse
Both [P & Q] report that they have been hit with a metal spoon multiple times by Abraham Christie over the head and their legs. They also report that they have been pushed into walls. They also allege that Abraham Christie holds his hand over their mouths until they ‘can’t breathe’. On a recent visit to Morocco, [Q] explains that he was punched by Abraham in the left ear which caused his ear to bleed and his left eye to be swollen and bruised. [P & Q] said that [Q] was then not allowed to leave the holiday home until the bruises had disappeared.
Diet…….Both children have said they are now frequently hungry but if they complain of being hungry they are hit over the head with a spoon.
You are happy to bang on endlessly about the medical reports but you conveniently ignore one reason the children needed emergency police protection is because you abused them and Ella didn’t protect the children from you. And it’s right there in the reports. You must think people are stupid Abraham. Maybe some people are.
The reports also document the physical injuries from your abuse of the children. Dr Hodes didn’t change those findings. And those are the injuries Ella lied about saying it was their father. The little girl is visibly injured in your home videos FGS.
Like I said Abraham, you are child-abusing scum. And you can’t deny you have a history of violence and abusing your own child, now can you! Because you do. No wonder you were too scared to give evidence in court, although you were quite happy to parade yourself outside court.
Ella is not going to see her two children again for a very long time. I bet you are proud of yourself too. I wonder whether Ella still thinks meeting you was worth it? Have you started hitting her too?
Your cannabis blood substitute stuff is complete bullshit too. Providing a badly written patent as evidence of your world-illuminating amazingnesss is hilarious. Pumpkin seeds contain globular proteins. Egg white would be better than hemp. Albumin. Look it up. You’re one of stupidest nutritionists going if you think people are so easily duped, that’s why you claimed to have an honorary PhD from someone with no authority to award even an honorary one. I looked her up. She has mental health problems. Not disparaging her, but I do wonder if even if she did “award” you this worthless so-called degree whether it was during a manic phase of her illness. Did you take advantage of her? Do you have the certificate of award?
Child abusing scum and you are too scared to face questions. That’s you. You are a child abuser.
You were both even reluctant for the children to be interviewed. The reason they were interviewed so late at night is because Ella wouldn’t take them to the police station without your brother in law. That’s right in the CRIS report.
The Kahan stuff is hilarious. Mainly because you used a company formation expert for your bullion trading company. People in glass houses and all that.
And to Ella, you fucked up and failed to protect your children from a man called Abraham Jemal Christie. I honestly get the impression you do not care.

Someone who’s seen and read everything and sees right through you.




4 thoughts on “Abe & Ella: ‘Child-abusing scum’, says commenter

  1. I can’t take the credit for the above, I do post comments over there but this particular one wasn’t me.
    I did see it over there and it was a great one!

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  2. Surely Ella realises by now that Abraham has destroyed her relationship with the children. Though as the commenter points out, there is a question over whether she actually cares. I wonder what makes her so cold to the children. Whether she suffered attachment issues when babies, has always been unemotional or is simply more interested in her lover.

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  3. Hard for any of us to say. All we can go by is what we observe: a mother who seems more interested in her children’s value as tools in a vicious game than in their actual well-being.


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