Abe v Grandpa Hemp: Lubricious, man.

Yesterday we described (in excruciating detail, sorry about that) Abe’s boneheaded attempt to impersonate a lawyer on his blog. It was by turns painful, hilarious, and just plain ridiculous. Still, it did introduce us to the lovely multipurpose word ‘lubricious’, which we note has been picked up with asperity in some circles.

In fact, we noted that Grandpa Hemp, one of the intrepid few who’ve bothered to comment on Abe & Ella’s ‘blog’, managed to squeeze that word into a comment on the aforementioned post:

Grandpa Hemp-2015-10-15Grandpa Hemp, you speak for all of us.

Of course, Abe must get the last word (and show that he does too know what that word means…sort of):

Abe-to Grandpa Hemp-2015-10-15Two things: apparently in Aby’s twisted mind, the fact that Ricky Dearman said he was not guilty of the horrendous allegations against him mean (duh!) that he’s obviously guilty. Might as well string him up now, boys.

Oh, and what ‘continued protestations of innocence’, exactly? No one’s heard a peep from Mr Dearman since the summer, and we suspect that’s intentional. Perhaps he’s doing the sane thing and trying to put this ugly smear-job behind him. You know, like a normal person might.

Added bonus: a quote from Valerie Sinason, the infamous psychotherapist who has worked tirelessly to convince us all that ‘satanic ritual abuse’ is a thing, and that they’re coming for your kids. She’s also recently been the subject of an in camera hearing at the UK Council for Psychotherapy, the results of which have not yet been made public. We’re keeping our eyes open, but really don’t expect she’ll voluntarily release the UKCP’s conclusion. Still, this isn’t the first time she’s been hauled up on the carpet, and it won’t be the last. Of course, if Abe’s going to cite an ‘authority’, it would have to be one who’s been discredited.

But what ho! What’s this, then? Grandpa Hemp has responded to Abe:

Grandpa Hemp to Abe-2015-10-15-2Go, Grandpa Hemp!

Good point regarding Dr Hode’s report: in their pathetic grasping for straws, persistent Hoaxteaders have focused on Dr Hode’s first interpretation of her findings, rather than on her final report, in which she agreed with her colleagues that the ‘anal scarring’…wasn’t.

Thanks for pointing this out again, GH. And for noting that the very real scars found on the children’s bodies all seemed to be attributable to…well, Abe.

As for you, Abe…perhaps you ought to rethink this whole blogging thing. We don’t think it’s really your métier.


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