Tony Gosling interviews Sabine…who violates her bail conditions. Again.

Hello, and happy Saturday!

We hope you’re settled in with the hot brown beverage of your choice, because we have a treat for you this morning: earlier this week, Tony ‘I used to work for BBC, you know’ Gosling interviewed the one and only Sabine McNeill.

You can listen to it here, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It’s just about as fascinating as you might expect: the usual screechy whining about how she’s not receiving her pension any longer, and might be about to be evicted (still?), followed by a bit of fascinating banter about the monetary system (yawn)…how she wants to create ‘cyber money and digital money which is honest’…because apparently she’s never heard of bitcoin.

At about 20:00 things start to get good, though: Tony asks Sabine to sketch out ‘what she’s not allowed to talk about’, and to no one’s surprise, she obliges by delivering a long speech about…well, take a guess.

She’s not allowed to talk about ‘the innocent abusers’ and how she’s being harassed by people who are accusing her of publishing something she didn’t publish, and how police are still holding onto her computer….in fact, she’s not allowed to talk about a whole lot of stuff, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

We hope the police are listening, because we’re sure they’ll be most interested.

Actual comments, from team members who were forced to listen to this:

“What? The government is going to start a war in the Middle East, just to distract us from the paedophiles?? Good Christ these two are mad”.

“She says Dolphin Square…Elm House…Lambeth…sigh…they’re all connected. He says yes it seems so. Bright sparks those two. Of course they’re connected, they’re all in London, you imbeciles”.

“The main purpose of satanic ritual abuse is to terrorise children so they won’t talk about the satanic ritual abuse? What? What the hell is the point of that, then? Couldn’t you just skip the satanic ritual abuse, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about it?”

There’s more…much more, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. Just don’t choke on your tea, that’s all we ask.

Sabine McNeill


10 thoughts on “Tony Gosling interviews Sabine…who violates her bail conditions. Again.

  1. Witchfinders like Sabine are quick to harrass and deny the liberties/rights of innocent people, but quick to play the victim card when events backfire on them. There are plenty of legitimate child abuse cases out there, the witchfinders take away valuable resources to investigate fictions rather then the genuine cases, denying real child abuse victims justice.

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  2. Gosling will promote anyone who talks bollocks. Let us not forget, it was Gosling who first gave us ‘Ben Fellows’ (then going by the name ‘Lee Hazeldean’), who is a pathological liar.

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