False reporting of child sex abuse: Hoaxtead checks all the boxes

One of the ongoing disputes between the Hoaxtead hawkers and those of us who believe the original allegations are a load of crap is the idea that ‘children don’t lie’ about sexual abuse.

We agree that all allegations of sexual abuse should be taken seriously, and children should be believed when evidence is found to substantiate their claims. The vast majority of child sex abuse allegations are in fact validated. But a significant minority are found to be untrue. The question is, how can investigators determine which is which?

One of our team recently ran across this checklist, used to help investigators evaluate false claims of sexual assault:

False allegations-checklistLet’s have a look at the ‘Indicators of True and False Reports’ in the context of Hoaxtead:

  1. Abe and Ella did not report their suspicions of child sex abuse immediately. Rather, in early August 2014, they mentioned to Jean Clement, Abe’s brother-in-law, that the kids had been sexually abused. JC told them they’d need evidence; Abe said he’d get some. When the children allegedly began to relate the details of their abuse, rather than rush them to the nearest hospital or police station, Abe and Ella kept them in Morocco, then made the infamous videos during the trip back to the UK.
  2. The amount of detail the children seemed able to recall was astounding. Most kids who recount sexual abuse tend to be vague on certain details, but that’s not the case here. Names, dates, techniques, physical descriptions…it’s all here. Unfortunately none of it checked out upon investigation, but the children recited the details like champs.
  3. The children recite their stories as though they’re describing a trip to the seaside. One might expect kids who’d been brutalised in the way they describe to be at least a little shaken by the experience, but that’s not the case here. They talk about repeated soul-destroying physical and emotional trauma as if it’s perfectly normal. No tears, no hesitation, no distress whatsoever.
  4. The allegations are physically improbable, impossible, and bizarre. End of story.
  5. There are multiple inconsistencies in their stories. For instance, at one point the little girl says she doesn’t know how the babies are skinned to make shoes for the cult members. A couple of days later, though, she describes the process in detail.
  6. The physical evidence is completely lacking. No secret rooms. No blood, no bodily fluids, no missing or dead babies, no human remains, no nothing. The only physical evidence of abuse are the scars and bruises on the children’s faces, which are obviously very recent and attributable to Abraham Christie’s physical assaults on them.
  7. The children’s injuries are completely inconsistent with the type and extent of abuse reported. While the Hoaxtead pushers insist that Dr Hodes’ initial finding of anal fissures is conclusive, it has been repeatedly shown to be incidental and not significant. And no other physical evidence has ever been shown to exist.
  8. Material omissions, misrepresentations, false statements, and other attempts to bolster claims? Where do we even begin?

In light of all of this, it seems bizarre that anyone would actually continue to take Abe and Ella’s story seriously. We can only imagine that those who do so are motivated by an agenda that has little to do with the truth of the situation.

It's all a lie


16 thoughts on “False reporting of child sex abuse: Hoaxtead checks all the boxes

  1. Excellent find. This should be circulated far and wide, especially among some of the attention seeking nutcases coming forward with claims of historical abuse in the CSA enquiry.

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  2. Abe has not responded to this brilliant post. Or the one before it, which is as damning as this one. He is silent. What can he do but knock out another cut and paste of nonsense?

    He cannot write English and respond like a normal human being who has a case they want to defend, so I suppose he has conceded defeat.

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    • Yes, very true. Any normal person would want it to be false, as they’d be horrified to think that children could be made to suffer that way. You have to wonder about those who are so determined to insist that it’s all true.

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      • Thank you for this, El Coyote. My thoughts exactly!

        I have been massively concerned, especially when listening to their Mum talk in a cold, half amused way about the horrific abuse she says happened to her children. She doesn’t talk in a way that sounds like she believes it to be true. But to even state those things in the same breath as her children’s names is…just disturbing.

        I wonder, sometimes, if she may be at risk somehow herself, to act in this way. It seems that her partner is definitely an abuser.

        If you read this, and you are in danger – get out now. Do you love your children? At least you can rest in the knowledge that your children have been rescued from this monster.

        You can’t ever make up for the abuse they have suffered, but you can at least get away from this man to look your children in the eyes in 10 years time and say ‘I’m Sorry. What I did was unforgivable. I’m glad you were saved. And I did eventually manage to get away from that monster’.

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        • Thanks for this. You’re so right, on all counts. Abused spouses who are able to get themselves and their children out of danger deserve all our support. But most important, they stand a chance of preserving their relationships with their children in years to come.

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        • Yep. No. 3 in the ‘Supports True Report’..

          “Appropriate emotion and detail based on events and nature of assault.”

          Sadly lacking from Ella and Abraham from the very start of their hoax..and they can’t claw their way back on that! I can hear them now. “Damn, we never so much as wept on video, we fkd up there!”

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  3. Exactly, their supporters go on as if the children entered the police station with these allegations all by themselves. While in reality they claim to have been beaten and coerced, and they have the scars to prove it.

    Another thing their supporters do is forget that these police officers see this every day. They can likely tell a real case from a false case in minutes.

    Expanding on 3. Not only do they not seem traumatised but G in particular appears to have had fun at some of the events. In relation to a party, but more specifically the swimming, he states that it was fun, but they did sex to us. He then goes on to talk about racing his dad and sister in the pool, and has to be drawn back to discuss the ‘doing sex’. To me, Abraham has been hitting and bullying them to come up with a sex abuse story and they have overlapped it with real events, some of which they enjoyed.

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