Neelu Watch: Charge dismissed!

First, the good news: it looks like Neelu actually managed to drag her sorry mad arse to court today. Can we hear ‘amen’!

The bad news: it looks as though the original charge of ‘vexing a priest’ has been thrown out. Hmm.

Here’s what the always-accurate and plausible Hamster Research has to say about it:

CPS V NEELU BERRY TRIAL 07 October 2015 Highbury Corner Magistrates Court :

CPS and Witness Care Unit prosecution withdraw the charges of Section 2 Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 “vexing a priest” and Section 4 Public Disorder Act after DEPUTY DISTRICT JUDGE ALEXANDER JOSEPHS*&SubCatID=0

refused the CPS application for adjournment on many grounds including public interests, out of time of 6 months, no case made out, no case to answer, witness abroad, witness failing to attend, witness refusing to attend. The judge asked Counsel Mr Patel for CPS &Witness Care Unit (prosecution) why they waited for the trial date to apply for adjournment when they had several weeks warning and why they did not follow due process with identification since none of the descriptions referred to Neelu.

The Judge asked “Why is there no footage of the priest on the Defendant’s camera if she is alleged to have taken video of the priest inside the church?”

The response was “She was probably pretending to take a video”.

All the video evidence proves that Neelu was not inside the Christ Church in Hampstead at any time during the church service on 22 March 2015. The video evidence has been edited under the directions of Police woman Betsy Davey, who is responsible for investigating crimes in Hampstead.

Other flaws in the CPS prosecution were that the Priest Paul Conrad had informed the CPS since 18 September 2015 that he would be abroad in Madrid, yet no efforts were made to vacate the trial and it is not known if and when he would return. The Judge asked CPS why they had not asked Ms Dix to attend the trial today despite time allocated to which PC Betsy Davey stated “No matter what she would not be willing to attend today”. The CCTV footage relied upon by CPS did not support the witness statements. The Judge quoted the failures of lower courts to deal with matters efficiently and expeditiously in making his decision.

The CPS immediately withdrew the charges.

Neelu handed in a 25 page bundle with her affidavit dated 26 June 2015 to the court, including her complaints against Camden & Barnet Councils, Police and Court to IPCC APCCO Met Police and Serious Fraud Office for dishonour to her and her family under the Uniform Commercial Code UCC 3-503, 504, 505 without prejudice 1-308. She was represented by excellent barrister Clodaghmuire Callinan of 15 New Bridge Street Chambers through Hanson Young Solicitors, Miller House Harrow, HA1 2RZ

It remains to be seen whether the CPS will now review its charge of “commit act with intent to perverting the course of justice” in the Blackfriars Crown Court – case management hearing on 02 December 2015


16 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Charge dismissed!

  1. The Judge asked CPS why they had not asked Ms Dix to attend the trial today despite time allocated to which PC Betsy Davey stated “No matter what she would not be willing to attend today”.

    ^^^^^ This is the true nub of the matter. All the rest is window-dressing.

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  2. Neelu will be relieved I’m sure.

    The school still doesn’t dedicate Wednesdays to baby murder though. I think people would have noticed that all the pupils were running riot whilst the staff were otherwise engaged. It’s the little clues like this that give the game away.

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      • The little things give the game away. Teachers disappear with some, but not all the pupils. Who looks after the rest of the pupils? Teachers are hard pressed getting time for a wee. And what school has spare space, that is guaranteed to be available for SECRETEY CULT stuff. No one ever tried the door? No unpleasant noises? I know Abraham tried to think of everything. Well the children were drugged. Then they’d either be taken back to class under the influence or missing for a long time. This case has been in the news. The parents know about it. Not a peep. Odd that.

        Let’s see how Neelu gets on with the next court case.

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  3. An insider tells me the CPS screwed up in arranging some witness dates & the Police are rightly annoyed.

    But Neelu did not try to arrest the judge and her bail conditions are still in place as this does not affect the separate Crown Court case.

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    • But if I don’t like the cut of Neelu’s jib she’s guilty right? Is that the way this stuff works?

      She’s innocent obviously.

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