Neelu’s heading back to court

As we mentioned the other day, next week’s going to be a busy week for our little Hoaxtead crew: Sabine and Belinda are due in court on Tuesday, 1st December, while Neelu Berry will have her turn the following day. She’ll be answering charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, and let’s hope it all goes a bit better than it did last month.

At that time, the CPS’s case collapsed, primarily due to two factors:

  1. Two of their witnesses were not present, as one was abroad and the other withdrew her statement as she stated she was too afraid of repercussions to testify.
  2. While the CPS knew that the two witnesses would not be available, they said they were unable to determine whether their evidence would be essential until they’d seen the CCTV recording, which was not received until the afternoon before the trial. When they did get it, they realised it wouldn’t be sufficient without the evidence provided by the witnesses, so they requested an adjournment, which was denied.

And so it all went down the toilet, and Neelu walked out of the court victorious.

This time, we thought we’d offer the CPS a helping hand, well in advance of the court date.

Of course we don’t have the CCTV recordings, but we do have a video which appears to have been made by Neelu herself, while she was in hot pursuit of an elderly priest.

We would recognise her voice anywhere:

(Many thanks to one of our readers, who squirreled this bit of evidence away some time ago, thinking it might come in handy one day.)

As for the bit about ‘perverting the course of justice’, we believe that had to do with Neelu’s publicising of the witnesses’ names and statements. Should the CPS not have access to that material, it can be found on one of Sabine’s blogs.

We’re not listing the link here, as we don’t wish to send more viewers to that site, but we do have a screenshot that details the contents of the link:

Neelu-bail documents and witness statements

The witness statements mentioned above go into some detail about each witness’s experience during the time that Neelu and her friends were demonstrating at the church, banging on the doors, and peering in through the nursery windows to look for evidence of ‘satanic practices’. They describe the fear the witnesses felt—including one whose young child was present at the time—and their concern for their own safety.

While Sabine was the one who put these on her blog, she did not acquire them from the æther: Neelu gave them to her.

If it can be shown that Neelu did this in the knowledge and expectation that Sabine would make them public (as is Sabine’s wont), this would constitute evidence of conspiring to intimidate witnesses. It is a very likely explanation as to why no witnesses were willing to turn up at the courts last month.

We sincerely hope that this information has already been made available to the police and CPS; just in case, though, we’ve forwarded it to them as a precaution.

And we’ll look forward to the results of next week’s court date.









16 thoughts on “Neelu’s heading back to court

  1. Great work, EC! You’ve got her bang to rights here!

    By the way, has anyone been following Neely’s ‘Crystal Team’ videos over the last week or so?

    The video description says it all:

    “The Crystal Team continues to transmute dark energies with Light and Love – bringing back communities, families, angels, spiritual leaders, remedies, nature, natural remedies, gold standard, NESARA, free energy, free travel (no borders, passports or visas), advanced technologies (ant-gravity), no tax on income, no corporation owned land or buildings, no man-made legislative laws, all public service with honour to God and his children (humanity is member of Galactic federation of Love & Light, freewill, non-interference, one-ness, peace, love, abundance, nature) at all times (not satanic secret societies),

    Go on – you know you want to!

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    • Apparently Neelu woke up to see a rainbow the other day which must be part of this ushering in of the new era of free energy, no taxes etc but did anyone tell the Chancellor?.

      This is similar to how CIA asset (which could explain much about that organisation) Christine Sands was able to summons up storm clouds on her visit to some Hell Caves with Neelu & The Dowser and as everyone knows, this must be a miracle as storm clouds are so rarely seen in the UK skies, if ever !/

      And please don’t mock Ant Gravity. The little buggers carry ten times their weight so why shouldn’t they benefit from a miracle?

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  2. I understand that witnesses can become frightened but allowing fanatics like Neelu to get away with it just emboldens them to continue and created more problems in the long run.

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    • I agree, but I can’t blame them for being frightened of that pitchfork-wielding mob. And they cannot be unaware of the abuse that’s been heaped on the parents, the teachers, and RD over the past several months, either.

      Chances are, they’d have been more willing to testify had the police or courts demonstrated more ability to protect them–by, for example, putting pressure on Google, Twitter, and YouTube to remove the harassing material that’s been allowed to accumulate there.

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  3. Should we send them an Advent calendar? I hear they do a nice turkey dinner in Holloway, so that will be something for them to look forwards to.

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