Neelu Watch: Next court date coming up!

As we know, Neelu was charged with witness intimidation at her last court date. This is a far more serious charge than ‘vexing a priest’, her initial alleged offence, and came about because Neelu released the witness statements from that original charge.

The witness statements were published online.

As a result, the witnesses who’d originally made those statements failed to show up in court to testify against her. This is presumably because they felt afraid of the backlash from the Hoaxtead vigilantes, who have a nasty habit of attacking innocent people whom they suspect of…well, anything, really. Which is kind of the definition of ‘witness intimidation’, if we’re not mistaken.

In any case, Neelu’s plea and case management hearing are set for this Friday, 8 January, and this time she can’t claim she doesn’t know about it:

According to Lawmentor, here’s what will happen on Friday:

The purpose of the Plea and Case Management Hearing is to make sure that the correct procedure has been followed and it is at this time that the judge will decide if enough information is available for a date for the trial to be arranged. It will be the role of the judge to manage the case so that it can progress.

The indictment will be read out and the defendant or defendants will be asked if they plead guilty or not guilty to each count. If the defendants plead guilty sentencing may take place straight away or there could be a request for an adjournment for reports to be produced. If the defendant pleads guilty to only some of the counts and not guilty to other counts (or if a co-defendant pleads not guilty) sentencing will usually be adjourned until the other matters have been dealt with. If the defendants plead not guilty both the prosecution and the defence will have to inform the court of any relevant details including such things as how may witnesses they will be calling, details of any formal admissions and exhibits. The court will be given an estimate of how long the trial is likely to take and when counsel and witnesses will be able to attend the court.

The judge will give directions to enable the case to be brought to trial as soon as possible and dealt with fairly.

Any bets as to how Neelu will plead? We wonder whether she’ll attempt another of her famous judge arrests? Will Roger the 8′ Butterfly show up to make a last minute rescue attempt?

Stay tuned….




34 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Next court date coming up!

        • Yeah Andrew Peacher? Or whatever his name is! I avoid it like a dog infested with fleas! He actually took over as in hacked one of my FB groups, then blocked me from it! Started posting his SRA/RD/Ella/Abe/Sabine/Bel-Ender etc etc rubbish all over my group! I only got it back by creating a false acct, befriending him and then been made an admin! Then kicked him off admin (he had 2 accounts) and removed the bits he posted! There was a years worth to get through!

          Be careful of him as well! The guy is so deluded, if you said the sky was blue he would say its purple!

          Him and the rest of the consortium need a good thrashing!


          • Oh Andy Peacher was in his element in Neelu’s latest offering. She’s banging on about the IPCC letter re the Hampstead case and how DC Martin and DI Cannon should not have had the chance to be involved in the Theodorou case (Belinda’s latest victim.)

            Peacher quipped something like “Is his name really Steve Martin? That’s such a coincidence, y’know like the comedian?..and Cannon …like you shoot to kill from a canon..this case has lots of strange coincidences like that..”

            WTF?? If anyone deserves to be called a twunt it has to be Peacher!


  1. I wonder if she will use her £5 million Liens to attempt to buy the Judge 😉 oh that’s right…she still hasn’t got what they are actually used for!

    I used the pretext of one earlier this year but not to abuse people! Naaaa…she will just carry out an arrest of the Judge…well she can dream about doing it given that all Judges in execution of their duty are immune from arrest and any Law that is usually used such as Slander/Deformation etc etc.

    If the Judge is at massive fault then it can go to be appealed! And also the Judge can be reported to The Crown! If the break the Law while not been “On Duty” then they are normal civvies like you and I, so in turn can be arrested,charged, prosecuted like we would be 🙂

    So really Nellu or Ved as she is on FB, needs to drop the bull shit or seek professional help because seriously she is only fooling the poor followers who believe her vermilion nonsensical fodder! Everyone else to the best of my knowledge is clear that she is bull shitting folk!

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  2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall on these occasions where she tries to arrest judges and accuses them of treason and whatever other charges she deems appropriate.

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    • Oh, so would I. It’s the one instance in which I think the ‘no cameras in court’ rule should be waived.

      Okay, maybe not. But I’d love to see one of these ‘arrests’ in action.


  3. Neelu’s such a damn pest you get the impression that the courts, over the years, have been rather too quick just to see the back of her and stop her clogging up the system. I’m amazed the woman is walking the street. I don’t hold out much hope that justice will be done. Couldn’t we compose a letter to the judge, impressing upon him/her the seriousness of the case?

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    • The thing that pisses me off is that if I did something so heinous as not paying my TV license then I’d be locked up knowing my luck, yet she goes around causing misery and costing hundreds of thousands and walks free every time.

      But then being the sort that has never been arrested I am a soft target for the system to deal with harshly.

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    • I agree, she’s an awful nuisance, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find that she’s been allowed to go her merry way simply because she is so difficult to deal with. She’s not sectionable, as far as I can tell, because she doesn’t represent an imminent threat to herself or others; but nor is she sane and reasonable.

      However, just in case anyone thinks it would be a good plan to write to the judge–in fact, it can be a serious offence to try to influence a legal case, and this isn’t a path we’d advise anyone to take, without obtaining good legal advice beforehand.


      • That’s very good advice. I was a bit too hasty recommending writing to the judge. In some cases solicitors will encourage family and friends of defendants to write to the courts, in a parallel exercise to to that of the victim impact statement, explaining how custody for the defendant might impact on the wider family. So any involvement on that basis must only be at the recommendation of the legal team, from either side, in a particular case.

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  4. It’s very rude of these judges, court officials and police who Neelu removes from office for dishonor to ignore her and carry on regardless.

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  6. It would be wise to be especially careful not to break the law myself by discussing the case in particular ways.

    Surely Neelu will turn up this time!

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