‘Charles Seven’: The longest fake news story

Over the summer we noted in passing that a fantasist who goes by the name “Charles Seven” seemed to be trying to revive her various allegations with a new audience. To be sure, she’s updated her 7/7 story a bit to include more recent news stories like the Grenfell Tower fire and the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, but on scrutiny we see that while details have been added, her modus operandi has changed very little over the years.

What’s she up to now?

On a site called PRLOG: Press Release Distribution, we find a media release titled, “Sevengate: The 15-year ‘fake news’ story exposed’. The media release refers to an upcoming episode of “The Big H Radio Show”, hosted by Richard J. Hannah, who explains it all here:

And for a small taste of the madness that is Charles Seven, you can check out her two-hour-long rebuttal (to a five-minute video):


Currently, it seems that Seven has involved herself with the grieving mother in the tragic murder of father-of-two Ambrose Ball, whose body was found in the River Lea three months after his disappearance in January 2015. Needless to say, Seven’s “assistance” is making a terrible situation worse, as she’s been pushing civil remedies and basically stirring up shit.

During Abraham Christie’s abortive appearance on Twitter earlier this month, he seemed to be allying with Seven around the Ambrose Ball case. It’s not currently clear whether he’s continuing to attempt to exert his own special brand of influence from behind the scenes, but in general, when Abe gets his grubby mitts on anything, you can be sure that it won’t end well.

The longest ‘fake news’ story

According to the media release, Seven’s story began in 2003, when she showed up at an open day for producers at NTL’s media centre in Middlesex. Seven and her lawyer were convinced that her ideas were about to revolutionise television, but it quickly became clear to all present that, as Richard J. Hannah states rather succinctly, “they were pants”.

[S]he decided that her ideas were worth a king’s ransom and were stolen. She got a high court case listed in which she attempted to sue Clarion, NTL, Scottish TV attendees. She then claimed that her Intellectual property had been stolen and added her own lawyers to the suit and took the matter to court; it was struck out.  Undeterred Charles Seven told her friends and supporters she won her case.  She skated over the fact that no financial award was given, no enforcement notices were issued and doubled down by announcing her triumph.  

On a blog which appears to have been set up for her by a third party, the story is told rather differently: Charles Seven 2018-09-27 1Charles Seven 2018-09-27 2Funnily enough, it turns out that there is no record of Seven having “won” any case; nor were we able to find Judge Pumfrey stating that this was the “best case he had ever seen in his entire 30 year career as a judge” [Who wrote this, Donald Trump?—Ed.]

What we did find was this brief summary, which states that “In a case where the claimant had made an application for relief against the sanction of striking out, and she had failed to show that she had a real prospect of success, her claim was not permitted to proceed”. Charles Seven 2018-09-27 3So if this was the best case Judge Pumfrey had ever seen in his entire 30-year career, we hate to imagine what the others must have been like.

Oddly for someone who had actually won a resounding legal victory, Seven sicced an organisation called “Race Equality Secret Service” on Goodman Derrick LLP, the legal team of the fifth, sixth, and seventh defendants in the case. Their letters (for there were many) read in part:

Dear Goodman Derrick,

I am a member of the RESS a community action group focused on the problem of Institutional Racism. We have received reports that Racism may have had an impact on the mismanagement of the case, illegal surveillance and serious abuse of Ms Charles Seven and her witnesses.

The reason I am writing is to try and obtain some facts about the ethos, performance and quality of the Goodman Derrick Race Equality/Diversity Scheme. Hopefully the facts will be good news.

I have to deliver a report to the community network and need to have some very important questions answered.

If it is true that the problem of Institutional Racism which is White Supremacy exists in the Goodman Derrick and this problem is not solved, Racists in Senior Management positions will sabotage and disrupt the work of non-racist staff. I think you would agree that in order to achieve balanced LegalServices, White Supremacist staff which are the same as Racist staff must be rooted out urgently.

Please would you send me the answer to these specific questions. Please would you ensure that no Racist staff answer these questions as White Supremacist, Racist Terrorist staff will try to lump all these questions together in an attempt to confuse the situation.

These White Supremacist, Racist Terrorists are responsible for the systematic abuse of the non-white community and are the cause of incompetent administration, stress in the work place, child abuse, misappropriation of funds, violent and unjustified arrests, premature deaths, Police corruption, domestic violence and gun crime on the streets.

And so on. For many pages.

What about 7/7?

You’ll note that we haven’t even begun to delve into Seven’s strange tales involving the 7/7 London bombings (created as a government plot to rob Seven of her intellectual property, as she had written a screenplay which foreshadowed the bombings; the date chosen was meant as a message to her. Obviously).

She wrote on a now-defunct blog that 7/7 was

a media mafia ritualistc (sic) satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards.

See? Perfectly sane and rational.

(Incidentally, she does reveal on this blog that her real surname is John Charles, often spelt “Jean Charles”. We have received information in the past that her real first name is Wendy, just in case anybody is interested.)

And then there are her claims that the Charlie Hebdo terror attack was similarly all about her, because “hebdo” is French for “weekly” and a week has seven days. Duh. This is all explained in excruciating detail on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s website, under the screaming headline, “Charlie Hebdo Was Unsuccessful Sevengate…False Flag to Start WWIII”.

Well, that was a near miss, wasn’t it?

Belinda and Charles Seven

Alert readers might recall that we have mentioned Seven on this blog in the past, in the context of Belinda McKenzie and her Highgate Hub. Seven stayed with Belinda at one point, much to the chagrin of fellow house-mate Charlotte Alton Ward, who claimed that Seven gave her a belly-ache. (Okay, what she really said is that Seven “aggravated her solar plexus chakra”. Potay-to, potah-to.)

In fact, it was Belinda who took Seven round to various speaking venues when she was plugging her 7/7 conspiracy. Small world, right?

Currently, Seven seems to be reserving much of her hostility for Richard J. Hannah and his supporters, who she has been accusing of being part of the gang which is gang-stalking her (because of course they are). No doubt once this blog throws its hat into the ring, we will be added to the list. We’ll be sure to let you know.Charles Seven

88 thoughts on “‘Charles Seven’: The longest fake news story

      • I remembered that when I first came across the Charles Seven fairytale a couple of years back that I looked into the story a bit further, I recall coming across “The Farrell Report”. His introduction was;


        My name is Tony Farrell, I am a former Principal Intelligence Analyst within the police service and this website will provide an opportunity for viewers to download utterly damning information exposing what must be one of the most monstrous cover-ups in the history of the British Judicial system. The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry extending into circles of the judiciary and the police service.

        This material will shock, scare and infuriate, but it will also enlighten and encourage. This is a truly outrageous case. It involves MS SEVEN, MS CHARLES SEVEN – a Rosa Parks of our generation.

        If this has wetted your appetite at all then the website can be found here.


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    • Winning victories, responsible for all the crap tv shows everyone avoids, so hated by the english and french goverments that in an attempt to silence her they murder dozens of people in false flag terror attacks. you’d think if the government actually wanted her dead they’d, i dunno, like, you know, kill her ? seems highly unlikely the government’s ever heard of her, to the media companies she’s one of tens of thousands of ‘cranks’ who claim they thought of tv shows but can’t prove it and busy themselves as nuisances. seriously, deep state ops blew up buses and trains, gunned down cartoonists and burnt a towerblock down just to get at little miss bullshit ? that she finds credence is indicative of the low intellects of the conspiracy community. overall a tediously obsessed laughing stock hawking her bullshit scamedy on any conspiracy bandwagon she can hitch a lift on.

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  1. So Ms Seven keeps winning legal victory after victory, but the only evidence for these victories is her own recollection, because naughty people keep forging legal documents and inserting them into the record, showing her cases to have been dismissed with extreme prejudice and laughter in court.
    Where I am, that’s called “losing”.

    I particularly like the point where Judge Pumfret’s glowing commendation of Ms Seven in her mid-2006 case was replaced by a dismissal, and Pumfrey died of a previously-diagnosed heart condition was assassinated at the end of 2007 to stop him noticing the substitution in the intervening 18 months.

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  2. Speaking of winning legal victories, Neelus back in court…

    Ved Chaudhari
    1 hr ·

    Apologies for late Notice – I can confirm I am in the
    Court 9
    on Friday 28 Sept 2018, NOT BEFORE 11:15 AM
    For Application to Break Fixture
    T20180394 BERRY Neelu
    This is to hear my application to withdraw the charges against me on various grounds

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  3. I’m not so charitable towards these nutcases.
    One mistake made is many people think people with mental health issues are not nasty people. Many of them are. Many, even if they had no mental health issues would still be nasty people who cause grief for so many innocents.
    Hospitals are full of gentle and nice souls who find it excruciating to negotiate life’s difficult paths.
    And then there are the narcissistic creeps like Seven who fed the ghastly troofer mob like McKenzie or Alfred Lambremont Webre and invigorate them to continue their attacks upon innocents like the Hampstead families. The grief they cause is almost inestimable.
    In the end, it can come down to telling grieving parents like those at Sandy Hook their murdered children never existed.
    I’m pleased though that Richard J. Hannah has been unaffected (didn’t know of him before but I’ll look forward to his show).
    Seven & Co are another unfortunate side product of the great Welfare State. We taxpayers end up funding these idiots to make their false claims.

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    • I think Hannah is working on legal measures to keep Seven from further harassing him. I’m concerned for the family of the murdered man, who seem to be swallowing Seven’s lies and may find their road made even more difficult by her.

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      • I am not convinced that Alfred Labremont Webre (whose name is an anagram looking to happen) believes any of the crap he regurges. He’s a professional.

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  4. Do you if the “Race Equality Secret Service”, whose war on White Supremacy took the form of defending Ms Seven’s claims to intellectual property, is the same as the “Race Equality Secret Service”, currently waging war on White Supremacy by stealing Marvel IP and pimping a “Bank of Wakanda” fraud?

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  5. She’s good looking, that’s a nice change in the world of shadowy fake news broadcasters. if her ideas are so good she should create something based on them.


  6. Talking of Nutters it’s very quiet on the deborah front with her last upload in mid august. maybe charlie 7 is filling the lunacy void. nature abhors a vacuum.

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  7. Nice bit of reportage, EC 🙂👌👍

    Is ‘Seven’ a reference to her IQ (or as Michael of the Mouse Family previously suggested, her brain cell count)? Or maybe it’s just how angry she is on the Richter scale?

    By the way, there are some amusing threads on that second video, including guest appearances by both Guidance and Angela (who’s been careful not to let slip her views on black people, immigrants and racial purity). And check out the guy who, without so much as a hint of irony, is sticking up for “Charles Seven” and Angela Power “Disney” by ranting about people who don’t use their real names when questioning them…

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    • Angela has a very strange idea of “winning”, LOL. I bet she’ll be declaring absolute incontrovertible victory when they lay charges and she’s inevitably found guilty.

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  8. It’s a pity Richard Hannah’s name ends in an ‘h’ rather than a ‘y’. I would love to have seen Seven’s inevitable claim that it was a reference to espionage in order to “psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse” her into thinking she’s being watched.

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  9. Is Justice Pumfrey the late Nicholas Pumfrey? It appears to be a match, including the 30-year-career thing:


    If so, I wonder why it took the Cabal/Illuminati/lizard people 18 months from the trial date to get round to bumping him off. Gawd, these assassins are almost as inefficient as the ones who’ve been “trying to kill” David Shurter for the last 10 years.

    By the way, any ideas why he’s listed as “Pumfley J” on the court summary?

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  10. It’s sad to see Seven playing the race card – apparently without foundation and for her own ends (someone correct me if I’m wrong) – thereby devaluing and undermining genuine race discrimination cases.

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    • Speaking of dot-joining, you guys realise that bin Laden is still alive, right? Just look at these not-at-all fake photos. What more proof do you need? Sigh…

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      • That’s not even the fake, fake photo.
        God this Malcolm Konrad Olgivy is a moron. This is the creepy one who harangued some ladies outside a Scottish court isn’t it?.
        Also accused of something nefarious about his own daughter yes?. Which makes him a child abuser & pervert yes?.
        Get’s upset if someone (like me) takes the ridiculous bankrupt Robert Green ‘s name in vain yes?

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  11. As the gardener said when he realised someone had been secretly adding layers of soil to his allotment, the plot thickens…

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    • APD is back promoting “Ben Fellowes” the two-bit failed actor who has exaggerated a couple of appearances into a career as a “child actor” who falsely claims he met so many famous people who abused him of course.
      At the risk of quoting Oscar Wilde in a statement that condemned him- he’s too frigging plain and boring.

      This is similar to vile Fiona Barnett who has already grief in the life on one teenage boy- child abuse- who has to claim that fabulously famous people abused her (no Tom, Dick & Harry) when the truth be told- and quoting Mick Jagger when he was asked if he had an affair with the wife of a famed politician: “I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole”.

      Power-Disney has scooped up some of Ben Fellowes’ (he’s been silent since his barrister told him to shut up with his claptrap before he got serious jail time) ridiculous claims which perfectly exposes them as the complete no-bodies they always were, by making ludicrous claims about Stringfellows.

      This was the club no-body above Z-List status would be seen dead in. There are 3 clubs that anyone with any sense habitually went to and Stringfellows, the original “Essex Boys” & lasses ( I mean no insult) would go to thinking they had made it by getting through the doors. You know the type- owns 3 mobile phone shops and buy a Lamborghini on tick in a ghastly color and thinks he will impress the birds by taking one to glitzy & tacky Stringfellows (when it was still a disco & not a lap dance club..and I mean all this in a caring & sharing way).

      Angie has nicked all fellows idiotic claims about the club.

      # OK ..a flustered nursie has walked in and says she gave me an angry pill by mistake.

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  12. Some people who are mentally ill are failed by the UK system as they are allowed to cause havoc in other people’s lives aka Neelu and live in a delutional bubble and be seriously unstable aka Seven. Seven really gives me the creeps.

    Regarding my stalker neighbour, he has finally been sectioned as he wasn’t taking his meds and started threatening me and the other neighbours. I hope when he comes back he will be okay and leave me alone. The crisis team were great. Thanks to everyone for helping me too on here. I’m grateful. Hopefully will get peace now like you said EC.

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    • Oh, I’m really glad to hear your neighbour is getting the care he needs. I hope things will remain settled after he comes home.

      You’re right about Seven and others needing help, but there seems to be a grey area in mental health intervention, in which people aren’t unwell enough to be sectioned, but are unwell enough to cause a great deal of harm to others.

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    • Good news. i’m glad he’s being attended to as an ill person and not a criminal as he stands a chance of getting the help he requires from people qualified. you obviously did the right thing as they’d hardly cart him off needlessly with their current budgets being minimal. hope he improves and gets to lead a happier life for himself and those around him.

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  14. Hmm. Even Danny Jones has now been inducted into the ‘Everyone is Spiny’ club? 🙄

    Ookay, let’s overlook the fact that Danny’s face and voice are clear to see and hear in Flo Destroyer’s Hangouts and clearly aren’t Spiny’s. And let’s ignore the fact that Danny and Spiny, whilst they get on, have polar opposite views on some issues – they are clearly the same person, right. Great detective work, Fishboy!

    PS: I’ve never seen a photo of EC looking anything other than slim. He must have been looking at a photo of a certain Inverness ‘lady’ by mistake.

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  15. Given the assorted racists who express their support for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, I’m pleased to present this useful cut out and keep guide to his hypocrisy.

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  16. Has walt disney been implicated yet for the racist slavery film ‘snow WHITE’ And the ‘SEVEN’ Dwarfs ? an obviously pre planted false flag psy op media plant cunning created decades earlier in order to discredit ms seven ? this only goes to show the lengths the illuminati overlords are prepared to go to in order to discredit people so they can commit intellectual property theftery on such a scale. open your eyes sheeple and smell the corrupt coffee. i’m off to research the river seven, find out why BBC3 (Freeview’s channel seven) was disbanded, watch the magnificent seven, seven brides for seven brothers and seven.

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  17. If you take 9/11 and from the 9 subtract 11 which is actually roman numerals II for the number 2
    9 – ii (2) = 7
    what more proof of the seven plot do you need ?

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  18. Hang on. charlie hebdo was founded in 1970. despite a hiatus between 81 to 92 it’s existed decades long before charlie seven’s public appearance so we can easily dispute her inane theory that anything to do with charlie Hebdo relates to her fictional belief that the world revolves around her.

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    Through all the inane mumbo jumbo, two things jump out at me:

    1. She’s claiming that she didn’t know her appearance today was a fixtures hearing…but she herself stated that it was a fixtures hearing prior to attending!

    2. She’s also claiming that by law she wasn’t obliged to declare any pension income under £20. Firstly, that’s a change to her original story, which was that she didn’t have to declare pension income at all. Secondly, neither is true anyway – as discussed here a while back, the form makes it patently clear that all pension income has to be declared.

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    • In this broadcast Neelu seems to be obsessed with pirates. So why are they out to get her? Because they aaaarrrgh!

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  20. So in summary. a tv show called come dancing that began in 1950 and was brought back in 2004 having been rebranded strictly come dancing after a film called strictly ballroom. it’s major change was instead of featuring experienced competitive amateur dancers from the ballroom scene it instead used household name celebrities fitting in with the tv trend of the era. charles seven seems to think the BBC simply re making their own half century old show by adding the word strictly and putting celebrities on it is entirely her legal property and they stole it from her is strictly bullshit. she’s a whack job.

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  21. The intellectual property theft walt is one of the rarest of all the subsection walter mitty groups. usually they contain their behaviour by writing long letters to stephen king or stanley kubrick about how their story was stolen, mind read or dreams taken from them to form the plots of bestselling books and megabuck movies. A rare walt but not unknown. charles seven has sprung to prominence due to her good looks and desire for public recognition. typically the IPT Walt is a male of pale flesh, solitary habits and startrek marathon viewings. usually only seen publicly at film festivals, wargame meets and sci fi conventions where they blend in with geeks easily. apocryphal tales of people suing tv producers for fortunes, the ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’ story still does the rounds, inspire people to take legal action in hope of hitting a payout. they’re closely related to the inheritance denied walts – ‘my great great granddad owned the land buckingham palace was built on’ who we occasionally encounter.

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    • It was always claimed that Walt Disney, who in his very early days worked in Australia for a brief time, stole the Felix The Cat format which resurfaced as Mickey the Mouse. Whatever the truth, both creators went on to make a fortune out of their creations although Walt, of course, made most of it from Disneyland and 100 other cartoon characters.
      # For the uninitiated, Disneyland is the HQ for the US Satanic Baby Eating Cult which operates beneath in secret tunnels that link up with the Getty Museum ( reference: F.Barnett & Whackos R Us).

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    • You forgot to mention the obligatory ‘towel’ to accompany all adventurers as they wend their way to the restaurant at the end of the universe..

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  22. As for her inventing you are what you eat i can tell you i myself thought of part of that show myself in the 1980s. the bit where she shows people their pooh. i came up with that idea as a quiz show called who’s pooh ? where panels of guests would try to guess a turd’s celebrity originator. unfortunately the hastily scribbled notes in the back of an english exercise book were long gone by then and i could never have established ownership of it. i’ll bet everyone, everywhere has had an idea vaguely similar to something on tv. means nothing.

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    • In summary. a woman who published material identifying 2 children who recieved court appointed anonimity with their image and details of their online business AND requested that friendly ‘anons’ should attack their business by finding a back door to the website isn’t happy ? she thinks it unfair that an american visited the uk to ‘kick down doors and take blood’ was jailed ? talk about double standards. angela has slandered, defamed, threatened and harassed people left right and centre and is claiming victim status ?

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  23. In an earlier post, you linked to Outlaw Jimmy’s post, where he cited Deborah Williams’ critical review of the Tony Farrell / Charles 7 story: https://outlawjimmy.com/uk/here-we-go-again/

    Regrettably, William’s “Kent Freedom Movement” website has since fallen into desuetude, as has the “Land of the Free”. Still, there are Archived versions.

    All entertaining stuff. The second link contains email exchanges with Belinda McKenzie! Huzzah!

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    • And now your latest post is up, with the LandoftheFree link, rendering this comment irrelevant… Imma suing you anyway for stealing my intellectual property.

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    • Hope I don’t sound too negative when I say that Deborah Williams and the Kent Freedom Movement (of which she’s a prominent) member) are not reliable sources of information, imo. Group of conspiranoid nutters would be the less subtle way to put it. They can be quite nasty too. Plus they have links with the raving antisemite Tom Cahill..


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  25. “(Incidentally, she does reveal on this blog that her real surname is John Charles, often spelt “Jean Charles”. We have received information in the past that her real first name is Wendy, just in case anybody is interested.)” I’m interested, so much so that I have a theory for your consideration:-

    Perhaps C7 is JM Barrie’s reincarnation, living vicariously through her dreams of ‘The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’. RJ Hannah must be Tinker Bell, and associated dupes and hangers-on are The Lost Boys

    Only just retrieved my WP account, (no conspiracy though, just a dead phone meaning I had to recover my acc, with all that entails! Anyhow, I’m all good to go now with fresh authenticators and apps)

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