Sabine’s strange self-incrimination compulsion

Here’s a puzzler for you: if you’d been arrested and charged with, oh, say….witness intimidation, and you knew that you’d done it—that is, you’d published several witness statements on your blog—what would you do?

Apparently, if your name is Sabine McNeill, the answer is: “Nothing”.

While most sane people would at the very least make an effort to remove the offending material, enabling them to claim that they’d recognised the error of their ways and attempted to mitigate the problem, Sabine has left six witness statements on her #WhistleblowerKids blog, pertaining to the harassment that occurred at the Christ Church demonstrations last year.

Sabine-Whistleblower Kids blog-2016-02-06 at 9.05.52 PM

These witness statements, of course, were to have been used in Neelu’s trial last October, but since their names and information had been published online, none of the witnesses consented to appear…meaning that they had, indeed, been intimidated into silence.

Neelu’s case was dismissed, which she interpreted to mean that she had been acquitted. In fact, she was allowed to go free at least in part because she and Sabine had agreed between themselves (an act which the law calls ‘conspired’) to publish the witness statements beforehand. Whoopsies.

This is why Neelu and Sabine are both now facing charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice via witness intimidation.

But that’s not all…

We all know that Sabine maintains upwards of 50 blogs, which she uses to pursue her strange agenda. Her goal seems to be to prove that the UK (at least) is in the grip of an evil cabal of Satanic death cult members, who maintain their grotesque powers over the populace by sexually assaulting young children, sacrificing and eating infants, and using their skins and bones as a macabre fashion statement.

That’s why, when Ella Gareeva Draper and Abraham Christie came along, with their fantastical tales of child rape and murder—and two beautiful blonde children to recite their stories verbatim—Sabine went into paroxysms of joy. This could the it! The holy grail of Satanic death cult enthusiasts!

At the end of 2014, she wrote:

Sabine blog-exposure exposure exposureAnd, true to her word, in early 2015, in addition to her multiple self-referencing blogs, she produced an e-book that’s just brimming with info’ about the alleged cult, its alleged activities, its alleged members….

Ah, but you see, there’s the rub. Sabine is not supposed to be talking about the Hampstead hoax at all—and yet it seems you can’t click a link online without tripping over another of her self-incriminating screeds.

We’ve already pointed out (ad nauseam, sorry) that she’s violated her bail conditions more times than we can count. But this book is something special.

In it, Sabine not only admits to being the source of the internet firestorm around Hoaxtead, but she links, multiple times, to lists of innocent parents, children, teachers, clergy, and business people whom she accuses of rape, murder, and cannibalism.

In other words, by this ebook’s existence, Sabine admits that she is the leader in the campaign of targeted harassment that’s been endured by the innocent citizens of Hampstead for the past year. What we’d like to know is when she’ll be charged with Harassment 4, when she’s left such a clear and obvious evidence trail.







50 thoughts on “Sabine’s strange self-incrimination compulsion

  1. A fascinating exposé, EC.

    And excellent use of the word ‘paroxysm’.

    I feel this may be an appropriate time to re-tweet Sabine’s bail conditions and sicknote to remind her of her responsibilities. I know how much she appreciated it when that nice Ms. Scoop posted them for her some months ago.

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      • Just watching the second one, I remember someone kindly posted the source of the bail note and sick note Sabine’s own gdrive, she linked to from her very own pressbook, indeed there was a screenshot, iirc, the pressbook being the very one you refer to in this article, EC, that link has probably gone now, but the evidence of the truth of the matter remains. It’s in the comments, way back, if the police ever need to follow up on this, so they don’t need to waste any more valuable tax-payers money. So amusing to see what Sabine makes of it all though, laughable that she tries to blame Dearman who we all know is NOT scarlet scoop et al: Hacking, attempt at bank details, police corruption, LOL. Sabine, just retreat silently, bow out, you are a danger to yourself.

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  2. I’ve often wondered about this fixation they have on mothers & their children. The several adopted people I know tell of wonderful happy upbringings by their adoptive parents. In some cases there is tragedy such as single mothers in an era where it was so shameful the child was adopted out but that has been a long time in the past now.

    Listening to an Aboriginal activist from the far North of Oz who came for a Matriarchal tribe (women rule) he described a loving childhood where all women shared the parenting (whoever it was practical to at the time) so much so that he often forgot which was his birth mother. There was no bitterness here just that all women in the tribe contributed and shared parenting. All Oz Aboriginals will talk of their many ‘aunties’, the numerous older women who have been involved in their lives.

    Is it something from their own childhood that makes these cult believers so fixated on the mother & child. Was their own childhood so unhappy they really believe there is the perfect relationship out there? Obviously Sabiné s mother went through turmoil & horror in Dresden. Did she inadvertently impose some of this horror on Sabine?

    Or maybe they are just all bonkers.

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    • That’s an interesting interpretation although I’ve tended to see it the opposite way round and, not so much an elevation of the mother/child bond, more an absolute opposition to the State and all its offices. So Government, social workers, judges, police teachers…all are (supposedly) engaged in oppressing and undermining the independence of the ‘innocent’ family unit. In its extreme form this oppressive State then acts as a cover for shadowy , but somehow intricately well-organised, acts of depravity and cunning. So the State is inhuman, hellish, and faceless. The private sanctuary of the family acts as the only safe haven, and the freedom of the individual within that unit (the parent) is paramount. Of course, most abuse happens within families. But also, encouraging a paranoid mistrust of the law and social services like Sabine does, can end up undermining the family unit itself when people refuse to engage and imagine the State is out to get them (see Kelly Cottam). You know the phrase, never trust a hippy? Well for me ‘it’s never trust an aggressive libertarian’..they’ve usually got something to hide that they don’t want the State to find out about.

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  3. I hope the prosecution have read Sabine’s Ebook. Maybe she will have the satisfaction of seeing it nicely printed out before it is used in evidence against her.

    Sabine probably wants to be a martyr to her cause, or at least undertake some grandstanding at the trial. The woman they jailed because she was about to expose a Satanist Cabal – only it didn’t exist.

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    • I believe that Slavs are often thought to be masochists.

      “The Galicia-born Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch started a brilliant career with his “Galician Tales”, posing successfully as something of a Slavic exotic for his Western European audience. At the same time he was criticized as a controversial propagator of inconsistent Austro-Slavic ideas in a climate of increasing Prussification and known as a versatile provocateur with vainglorious proclivities. Later on, his public reputation suffered heavily when, due to the piquant role of women in his oeuvre, he was accused of displaying signs of ‘sexual pathology’ – resulting in the eponym “Masochism”.”

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        • Sorry DG, I was initially Googling for Slavic music, expecting to find Tchaikovsky’s “March Slav” or similar and the bizarre “Crazy Slav” thing came up.

          The little bit on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a promoter of Slavic culture, seemed apt for Sabine: “controversial propagator of inconsistent … ideas” and “versatile provocateur with vainglorious proclivities” sounds like her to me. Is he her role model?


      • My mother had a Slavic background and pretty well though the world was against her. Then again she was also Jewish so may have had a point.


    • She attributes her emotionality (read: will weep at the drop of a hat) to her Slavic side. Apparently that’s her Get Out of Jail Free card when she pulls her histrionic bullshit.


  4. It is strange that Sabine would keep such evidences online. After all, this is a woman that skipped country for months through fear of being arrested. And she hadn’t actually had the police at her door like Ella did.

    Which reminds me, Guidance apparently has more footage of Sabine being arrested, I wonder if he is ever going to release it.

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    • It is strange, especially since the police have her computers (how many do these people have, I wonder idly) and can use their analysis of her keystrokes as evidence that she did, indeed, put the blogs etc. up.

      I learned recently that while a person’s blog might contain damning evidence, until the forensic computer analysts have confirmed that the keystrokes actually come from that person’s computer, the blog (or comment or whatever) is not actually admissible evidence. One thing I’ll say for Hoaxtead: it’s taught me a great deal about the law.


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