Neelu Watch: The strange case of the imaginary solicitor

I suppose it should come as no shock to anyone that Neelu wouldn’t hire just any old solicitor to represent her against the paedo-illuminati-satanic-lizard-people-baby-rapers.

But we must confess that her revelation that Aseem Taj DOES NOT EXIST set us back on our heels just a bit.

Neelu-aseem-taj-imaginaryWell then.

This explains approximately nothing.

Here’s the longer version:

Dear Individual Named agents, employees, Directors ,

Hanson Young Solicitors Mr Aseem Taj & Sheku Kamara,

False Prosecutions, kidnaps, attempted murders of whistleblowers against satanic rituals on babies and children in UK churches and schools by satanic cult agents, members employed as public servants in the UK for satanic agents in London Borough of Camden & Barnet

Laying of Counter Informations in 01EO027715

Fraud, perverting the course of justice in crimes of satanic ritual abuse against babies and children

London Borough of Camden V Neelu Berry

I require clarification in what capacity you have acted on my behalf or on behalf of Hanson Young Solicitors, Mr Aseem Taj & Mr Sheku Kamara, since their names do not appear as solicitors with the SRA under the listing for Hanson Young

A search for a solicitor “Aseem Taj” and “Sheku Kamara” found no results.

I have requested on many occasions detailed paperwork relating to the fraudulent allegations against me, denied to me by Hanson Young to date. You and your agents have continued in a conspiracy to deny me a due process, in a false prosecution against me without law or cause and acted outside the directions of Judge Mcphee on 6th April 2015 (dismissing the “vexing a priest” charge) and Judge Miller deeming “perverting the course of justice” as without jurisdiction in a Magistrates Court on 02 September 2015.
After CPS failed to file committal papers in the Blackfriars Crown Court, no hearing was listed for 15 September, your agent Mr Taj called me on the phone on 22 September 2015 (time barred 6 months from 22 March 2015 vigil) stating “You were supposed to be in court this morning, what time can you get here?”
On 23 September 2015, your agent Mr Taj stated “the judge adjourned the case to today, what time can you get here?”
On 02 October 2015, your agent Mr Taj sent me a text “Call me please regarding the magistrates trial on 7th October 2015. Are you fit to attend?” acting above the law!
The contract for services with the above is hereby denied, rejected, refused, dishonoured. This is a Notice to Cease & Desist and Notice of Dishonour under UCC 3-503, 504, 505 without prejudice 1-308
Please provide details of your private, public, professional and corporate liability bonds
This is a Final Notice of Dishonour in Commercial Lien to cease trading, seize assets in Private Criminal Prosecutions against dishonourable illegal traders, human and corporate named above, under Uniform Commercial Code, UCC 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 & 1-308 without prejudice

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

Neelu of the Chaudhari clan

We suppose, then, that the chap in this video will be quite surprised to discover that he does not, in fact, exist. (Sorry, we cannot insert the video into this post due to its privacy settings….oooohhhhhh….do you think he made it private to hide the fact that he is a figment of Neelu’s imagination?)

Since she no longer has her imaginary solicitor representing her, we do hope that Neelu has managed to make it to court today. We’ll bring you updates as we get them.



11 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: The strange case of the imaginary solicitor

  1. Neelu’s current line of defence: “You’ve got the wrong person, I denied it on tape, you have made a lot of factual errors, the law does not apply”.

    I’m sure any self-respecting solicitor should be able to work with that, whether they’re imaginary or not.

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  2. Like Neelu and her imaginary solicitor, Frances had an imaginary friend once. Oh, the fun she and Mr Harvey would have on the swings at the local playground. Frances always felt that he didn’t hold up his end of the friendship, though, especially when it came to the teeter-totter and playing catch together.
    Frances gave and gave and gave, with little in return; their relationship ended abruptly when Mr Harvey suggested a game of hide-and-seek. After two hours in a cupboard, waiting to be found, Frances had an epiphany: imaginary friends suck.
    Frances is sure Neelu will come to that same conclusion. It is somewhat surprising that, at her age, she still has not figured it out.

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    • Quite right. However, in this post over the weekend, we discovered that Mr Popoola of Happenstance Radio had published a leaked (from where?) letter from Sabine, indicating that Mrs Justice Pauffley had said that her current solicitor would have had a conflict of interest if he’d continued representing her: Letter from Sabine


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