Neelu Watch: Court report from the Ham&High

Many thanks to our friends in Hampstead for forwarding us this article from today’s Ham&High regarding Neelu’s non-attendance at court yesterday and the day before.

Well, that's one way to get your name in the papers.

Well, that’s one way to get your name in the papers.

A woman accused of perverting the course of justice in a case concerning false allegations a satanic paedophile ring was operating in Hampstead has been warned she faces arrest should she fail to appear at her next hearing.

Neelu Berry, 56, pictured, is alleged to have published online witness statements relating to a High Court hearing into claims a child abuse ring was operating out of Christ Church Primary School.

The claims, made by two children last year and which were seen by millions of people over the internet, led to a witch hunt in which innocent families in Hampstead saw their names and addresses published online. Many received death threats and abuse from those believing the allegations.

In March, a High Court judge found the claims to be “nothing other than utter nonsense”, and said they formed part of a custody dispute between the children’s mother, Ella Draper, and the innocent father, Ricky Dearman.

Ms Draper and her partner, Abraham Christie, were said by Justice Pauffley to have tortured the children into making the false claims.

Berry, of Peel Drive, Ilford, has been a supporter of the mother’s claims and the charge against her follows her involvement in the campaign. She was due to appear at Blackfriars Court on Wednesday but failed to attend.

Her defence, Ms Adele Harrison, showed the court a medical certificate to excuse her from appearing.

This was despite Berry claiming she had not attended a previous hearing the day before because she was confused about the date.

On Wednesday, judge Henry Blacksell QC said, “I do not accept the medical certificate for the purposes of non-attendance at the crown court. Ms Berry must attend on December 2. A warrant will be issued if she does not.”

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  1. So she was sick. Or she went to the wrong court. Or she didn’t want to go. Or she was watching Jeremy Kyle. Or she was sick. Or she was squatting in an empty house. Or she went to the wrong court…

    You know that song, ‘I Am Slowly Going Crazy?’ That’s Neelu. At the beginning of her psychosis, she was singing it at 33.3 rpm. But now, she’s singing it at 78.

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  2. LMAO! You know who I feel sorry for (aside from her family and neighbours, that is)? Her solicitor. Pity poor Ms Adele Harrison, having to cover for Nutty Neelu…and do it with a straight face.

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  3. So Neelu, who normally jumps at any and all opportunities to be in a court room, under the most fatuous pretexts to apply her learned judgements of the activities therein somehow got the wrong fucking day?? No chance. She’s bricking it. The encounter with The Claw will have destablised her too. I mean, she told the judge the fine was void, so it should have been void shouldn’t it? The penny may be slowly dropping, if a penny can slowly drop.
    If I were her family I would be extremely concerned for her personal safety.

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  4. I don’t understand why Neelu doesn’t just turn up to court and then proceed to arrest the judge. Problem solved, simples. She could also gain a few million quid by issuing another lien which will come in handy for Christmas 🙂

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  5. Had a peak at Charlotte’s blog and found this from Neelu:

    “Received 23rd Sept (affidavit to follow)
    Aseem of Hanson Young called me yesterday around 12pm, saying I was supposed to be in “court” earlier, which I told him I knew nothing about and I don’t know which court he was referring to. He then asked at what time I could attend court yesterday. I informed him of the medical certificate of ill-health and sent it (sending failed my end). He called me again today at 10am to say it is on today, it was adjourned yesterday to today, asking what time I could get there today. I sent him a copy of the sick note and informed him in the email below that I will not be participating in the crimes by the cult members who are actually perverting the course of justice by the 4 kidnaps in a Police cell in Holborn without any evidence of any crime by me having been produced in court. He later sent me a text to say it is adjourned to 02 Dec 2015 and could I call him.
    I am being terrorised by the Hampstead cults, as are Belinda, Sabine Ella & Abraham, and the children of course, not just the two whistleblowers, but all the other children at all the nurseries and primary schools run by satanic cults (we know there are millions of practising satanists in the UK who feed off the energies of torturing babies and children).
    I need not remind you of the recent press releases in mainstream media regarding David Cameron doing oral sex in a dead pig’s mouth during his initiation ceremony (source a book by Lord Ashcroft)
    I have received this mysterious communication from Police dated 17 September 2015, which I know nothing about, saying I have complained about oppressive conduct or harassment saying they will not be investigating it because there is an unidentified staff I have complained about warrant number 999999, investigating officer Jeren=my Graves appointed 17 Sept 2015 will do nothing???
    which is an invitation to contract with me in the crimes of cover-up by Police playing psychology ref PC/04627/15. So they don’t disclose against which named officers they are no longer investigating???
    Just so you know what is going on – feedback appreciated
    Much love
    Neelu Berry”

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  6. I was following along pretty well until the part about Cameron and the pig; does she think that’s somehow related to Hampstead? And then the thing about her complaining of police harassment…anyone care to translate?


  7. Yes, the translation is pretty simple once you get an ok understanding of things, and it goes like this….

    David C, is related by way of six degrees of separation, to the brother in-laws sister of the person who owed the pig, which is 666, you know six degrees x the people invloved.

    But here is where the underlying, undercover importance to this comes into it….

    In Hampstead, and you may know this, but though it is easy to find, goes amiss with day to day people, and that is there are houses in Hampstead with the door number of “6”!

    And the police, their involvment is that they dont live in Hampstead, but they should, but they dont, as it would give the game away of the cult.

    Like i said, once you get the gist of it, it is quite easy to follow along.

    Look, here is another one…
    Graves appointed 17 Sept 2015

    Add the numbers together, and you get…. 16, add the 1 & 6= 7 which gives you the seven days of the week, and this allows neelu by law, to attend the court ONLY on the days of the weeks left over, which is of course 0.

    Makes perfect sense!

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  8. HAM-pstead you see! It is all connected! Add the letters up and divide by five and you get the phone number of British Gas.

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