BREAKING: Neelu fails to appear in court

Many thanks to reader YdychyncachuTracey for bringing this to our attention:

Yes, we’re as surprised as you are, as we thought her court date was set for 2nd December…but according to Court News UK, Neelu’s done it again:


CLAYHALL An activist at the centre of claims of satanic abuse at a Hampstead church failed to attend court today where it was proposed that she face three new charges of witness intimidation. Neelu Berry, 56, is said to have published witness statements relating to satanic child abuse claims levelled at a paedophile cult allegedly operating out of the Christ Church. The claims were originally made by two young children, who are now in foster care, in a campaign that was derided by a High Court Judge earlier this year as ‘evil’ and ‘baseless’. Ella Draper, mother to the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie tortured the pair into making the false allegations which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that this is far from the first time that Neelu has decided not to bother attending her own court date. However, we dare to suppose that skipping a court date where one is meant to face three new charges of witness intimidation might not be in in one’s own long-term best interests.

In fact, last time she failed to show, the judge was quite firm in stating that next time, she’d be arrested.

This one took us by surprise, but we’ll catch you up as soon as we get further information.

Neelu Berry 2015-10-07


21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Neelu fails to appear in court

  1. Surely she should have an arrest warrant out in her name now for failing to appear in court? No doubt we will soon have mobile phone footahe of the police kidnapping and trying to murder her again. Never one to bend the facts is she?

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  2. Never! 🙂 According to the judge last time round, she’d be arrested if she tried this stunt again. We’ll have to see what happens.


  3. In fairness, Neelu has much more urgent priorities than the piffling matter of staying out of prison. These are from her Facebook page in the last 24 hours:

    “EXCITING EVENT OF once in 26,000 years is about HAPPEN ANYTIME NOW! to rise the love frequencies to upper 4th to lower 5th dimensions with NESARA joys of prosperity of divine love and light with paradise on Ascended Earth.”

    “I woke up this morning to this rainbow to one side- disappeared after 2mins, and Mother Sekhmet’s Mother ship all over the horizon – I guess its a good sign – Thanks to everyone for your prayers for the babies…Thanks to Mother Sehmet.”

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  4. I guess we’ll find out. No doubt she’ll film it, or have one of her friends on hand to do so. She’ll need to be practicing her ‘you just assaulted me!’ and ‘Help! I’m being illegally kidnapped!’ voice.

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  5. Bit confusing this. According Neelu’s case was for ‘mention’. My understanding is that the defendant doesn’t necessarily have to attend unless s/he was bailed to do so.

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  6. I know, I was puzzled by this too. She was bailed, but don’t know if it would apply. On the other hand, the court newswire service seemed to think it important enough to rate a mention.


  7. Perhaps the Mother Ship rescued Neelu from this darstardly planet of kidnappings and baby omelettes and transported her to the Crystal Galaxy far far away.

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  8. the article does say that new charges were to be instigated & I think the alleged perp must be in court for that. Perhaps it started as a mention and poor Neelu had the usual confused communications from her lawyer. Remember communications are difficult when trying to contact the Mother Ship that transports Neelu across the skies.

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  9. There may have been new charges but the defendant doesn’t have to be there unless they were Summoned or it was already a condition of bail that they return to Court that day. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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