Neelu Watch: Breaks injunction, attacks Ham&High reporters

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recall that Neelu had her day in court last week, and since none of the scheduled witnesses would consent to appear in court, the charges were dismissed.

However, a week before that appearance, Neelu was a busy little bee, sending out commercial liens to the Ham&High newspaper.

She was hot under the collar because they’d used a photo of her with a megaphone (you may join us in a collective shudder at that thought) in regard to the September 24 story of her criminal charge of perverting the course of justice via witness intimidation:

Neelu Ham&High-24 Sept2015The lucky reporters and administrators at the Ham&High found this in their email inboxes on 29 September:

Ham&High letter-2015-09-29Ham&High letter-2015-09-29-2We are informed that those who clicked the links (circled, above) were greeted with graphically detailed photographs of a dead baby.

We cannot imagine the horror and disgust they must have felt, confronted with those images. If this does not qualify as harassment, we’d like to know what does.

Of course we also know that Neelu is under a lifetime injunction against discussing the circumstances her niece’s death; she’s been not only ignoring that injunction, but embroidering the story with each new retelling.

So at what point will the CPS step up with charges against Neelu that actually stick? This woman needs to be stopped from pursuing her deranged, cruel campaign, and the sooner the better.


19 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Breaks injunction, attacks Ham&High reporters

  1. In Neelu’s world anything is acceptable if it means pushing her causes. I find it harder and harder to understand how this woman has been left to her own devices, managing to stay free. She is a prime case for sectioning and I think her family should shoulder some of the blame for Neelu’s present predicament. They should really have taken steps a few years ago. She has been left to fall further and further into the world of insanity.

    Do her family really care, or have they washed their hands of the nutty Neelu?

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  2. She’s gone too far with these links. Do the Courts even care about the lifetime injunction?? Why are they simply leaving her to do as she wants?.. spreading constant lies.
    The woman is so skewed in her thinking, she should be sectioned. End of.

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    • I think the problem here is that those who originally obtained the Injunction have to go back to the court to have it reinforced which obviously costs money & given her history, she would simply ignore any new orders. There is a real problem when people try to deal with someone totally out of touch with reality like Neelu. They can make people’s lives an absolute misery whilst having nil comprehension of the harm they cause. I coming to the conclusion that she also suffers from a narcissistic personality or is a sociopath as evidenced by how she co-opts every action by others into her view that she is always the victim.
      These are the most difficult psychiatric problems to deal with.

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  3. Why are the police not liaising with psychiatric services for an assessment. Neelu is harming others and causing them great anxiety and that should be the deciding factor. If she does not agree to the assessment surely liaison have powers/can apply for powers to assess. I have been listening to Ella and Abe tapes and am convinced they too will never see that they are deluded. What to do with delusional people that are dangers to others? Can someone with such knowledge please educate us as to the legal or treatment remedies there are in such situations?

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    • We’ll be interested in any expert advice we can get, as well. The fact that Neelu is allowed to run about damaging people in this way astounds us.


      • Efforts are being made to try and stop her but getting different bodies to connect, whilst working within the legal limits of confidentiality, is difficult. None of the original doctors named in the perpetual restraining order still work at King George’s but their head of legal services is aware of Neelu’s activities. Will keep you posted.

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    • When her compatriot Patrick Culinane was assessed by a psychiatrist for a court case the doctor produced a report stating poor Patrick was suffering from paranoid delusions with a touch of narcissism. Patrick was having none of that and wrote back to the shrink accusing of him of libel and ‘projecting’ his own complaints onto the noted Freeman lawyer.
      I know a policeman who told me they have to deal with likes of Neelu all the time and they really do drive the coppers so crazy that each cop is only allowed, once a complainant is judged to be a nutter, to deal with one a year for their own sanity.

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  4. I believe that the DR Laverty mentioned above is bit of a Twitter troll another one on the CSA survivors topic & quite frequently posts on Spivey’s website in the comments. He and Jimmy Jones have been at each others throats for quite a while now.

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    • @Angie – the links to the controversial Doc Laverty’s blog were not intended to endorse anything other than the conveniently laid-out explanations of that act and how it works.

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  5. @Justin I realise that,I wasn’t trying to imply that you endorse him in any way. Apologies for any misunderstanding caused.

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