Matt Taylor loses his shit, declares himself a ‘f*cking daddy’

Apparently Matt Taylor, whose run for Parliament last spring ended in ignominious defeat (did he get 50 votes?) seems to be under the misguided impression that he is ‘the f*cking daddy around here’.

Essentially the first several minutes consist of Matt trying to pull some kind of deranged tough guy act, shrieking hysterically at Chris Spivey, Danielle La Verite, and a bunch of other truthers, repeating the phrase “I’m the f*cking daddy of the truth movement, I’m the f*cking daddy around here”, with a lot of swears in between.

Then, against a swelling background of hilariously ominous music, he walks up to an empty church and….sticks something on the door! Gasp!!

Comedy gold, guaranteed.

34 thoughts on “Matt Taylor loses his shit, declares himself a ‘f*cking daddy’

    • I literally cannot even imagine, SV. I hope that by then, they’ll have enough distance from all this, and enough support from caring adults, to be able to weather it.

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    • You’re welcome, mate! We figured you needed a hand up.
      You’re still blocked since the last hissy fit you had here, btw. Just so you know.


    • Oh so YOU want rights now? For somebody denying the children’s right to privacy your comment is somewhat ironic. When you think of your rights, think of the lives you and your idiots have damaged in Hampstead.

      However you lack the intelligence and critical thinking to understand it, seemingly only your rights are important, not of those that you accuse and certainly not the children who’s identity you abuse.

      Which leads me to express the following:

      Fu@k you and what you think your rights are.

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  1. Frances thinks Mr. Matt was very considerate in keeping his voice lowered, so whoever was watching TV in the background, wasn’t disturbed by his Spivey Scolding. Frances applauds such courteousness, and feels that, no matter how angry one might be, it is always important to think of others.

    Frances likes to find the positive in any situation, which is why she feels that, when life sends her lemons, she then has the final ingredient in her evening martini.

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  2. I’m imagining a bit edited off the end of the video:

    Voice off: Matthew what are you doing in there, what’s all that shouting.

    MT: Nothing Mum, I’m just making another video.

    Voice: Can you keep the noise down, we’ve had complaints from the neighbours. Now come out of there your dinner is on the table.

    MT: Aw Mum! just five minutes more. PLEASE.

    Voice: Come out of there now before it gets cold! I’m not putting it back in the oven.

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  3. Can you imagine having a father like Matt Taylor with all that mad,double finger-wagging? I would be terrified as a child, even as an adult, if I were actually right in front of him, I think.

    Does Matt Taylor have a speech impediment, only he can’t say his words right. Or is it just because he’s excited?

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  4. To give him his due he is calling Chris Spivey, Danielle La Verite and Thomas Sheridan arseholes so he’s not all wrong is he.

    Let’s face it if he was in a maximum security prison his behaviour would be perfectly normal. He’d get battered of course and end up in the Vulnerable Person’s Wing but hey ho. Someone has to spend time there.

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