‘Hampstead ‘satanic abuse’ campaigner shouts at judge and refuses to go to dock’: Ham & High

This just in from the Ham & High: apparently Neelu’s hearing this morning was even more exciting than we’d imagined!

A campaigner who claims police and prosecutors covered up satanic abuse in Hampstead shouted at a judge and claimed charges against her had been dropped.

Neelu Berry, 56, is said to have published witness statements online relating to allegations she harassed a vicar at Christ Church.

The claims of satanic abuse were originally made by two young children, who are now in foster care.

Ella Draper, mother of the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie tortured them into making the allegations which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

A High Court judge branded claims of a 100-strong Satanic paedophile ring at Christ Church Primary School “utter nonsense”.

Berry was accused of harassing the vicar by asking inappropriate questions and causing him distress during a protest in March last year.

She was charged with participating in riotous, violent or indecent behaviour under the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860, but the case was thrown out when witnesses failed to show up.

It is now claimed some witnesses were intimidated after their statements were published online by Berry and Sabine McNeill.

Berry appeared at Blackfriars Crown Court today, with several supporters sat in the public gallery.

Berry waved a piece of paper at the judge and shouted that her case had been dismissed and that she did not have to go in the dock.

She also denied having ever having seen her defence counsel before.

The case was adjourned after it emerged her co-defendant Sabine McNeill, who is believed to be the owner of the blog which published the witness lists, will appear before the court on March 7.

Both women will then appear together in court again on April 8.

Berry, of Peel Drive, Clayhall, Ilford, remains on bail.


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  2. That’s it – Lord Ashtar is not happy with her now and he’s rescinded his offer of a place for Neely in his galactic fleet. Can’t take the health & safety risk with the whole space rage thing, apparently.

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    • Sabine links to the NSW Royal Commission from 1997. There is a chapter she specifically points to on SRA as though that somehow re-reinforces her claims. Several things here:

      1. the report does not support the existence of SRA (although it does say all cases must be examined with the obvious: anything in this life is possible). It just says police must keep an open mind when investigating. But it is damning of the existence of SRA and they obviously did their homework and spoke to people worldwide.

      2. The cases described could almost be a Blueprint for the convicted criminal Abraham Cristie’s concoctions. It’s like he has read up in detail on all the false cases of SRA and created his own. The report is a complete damnation of Cristie’s questioning of the children and how he controlled them. As one psychiatrist stated : “the children are NOT lying but they also are NOT telling the truth”. They are telling a truth they been trained to believe. It also condemns activity like Cristie’s for the awful consequences it can have on those childeren in later life.

      3. The report is a damnation of people like Sabine and the Hampstead hoaxers.

      4. One alleged SRA case is mentioned which led to the police re-opening a case of a fairly infamous kidnapped after a zealous Labor female politician & SRA believer hectored the Commission (who was eventually kicked out of the party for this). She is cited by many Hampstead Hoax supporters as a brave warrior. I remember this case as it involved a terrible kidnapping of a young girl (happened long before I arrived in Oz) but friends lived in the same street she did.
      That case was eventually solved when a child abuser confessed to drugging and ‘accidentally’ smothering the girl. There was not a hint of SRA activity just another hideous child abuse case.

      Sabine has a very weird ability to either read the opposite into what is said to her or she blatantly lies. Her fixation and ability to turn any matter into an approval of her ideas is very dangerous but it can aslo be why she stridently goes onward and can have successes (but failures for all involved). Judges, police,CPS ect deal with 100s of cases a years and the actions of the Sabines of the world can be overlooked.

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      • That’s very interesting indeed, Sam–thanks for the analysis. I agree, cherry-picking and twisting facts around to suit their own agenda is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Belinda/Sabines of the world. Often they’re overlooked as ‘loonies’, but they can and do create terrible damage with their mucking about.


      • Anyone who actually bothers to read that report can see it is basically a rerun of K Lanning of the FBI’s arguments. I like you think perhaps Sabine realises no one will bother and no one will realise it doesn’t go anywhere near supporting the existence of supposed SRA. On the other hand, part of me wonders whether she has read it herself?

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        • Despite her claims of being a superior analyst etc., I have the impression that when Sabine reads things, she does so very selectively, and strings together concepts very loosely indeed. It’s hard to say whether this is deliberate on her part; judging from her general histrionic demeanour, I’d tend to think not.


  3. I usually like to take the time to read the posts in order when I get home from work..but when I saw the title of this latest one, I just had to click straight on it!
    Neelu shouting at the judge and refusing to get in the dock, this is GREAT! Better than I even expected. 😀

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      • Thinking people are imposters, or not who they claim to be when you know them is quite a big red flag for something more worrying going on, as in very serious mental health problems. One reason I have an intsy teeny bit of sympathy for Neelu, I think she is vulnerable. Didn’t the police interview her with a responsible adult? I don’t think it means she can’t be held responsible if she breaks the law. But, still. Sabine and Belinda shouldn’t feed her delusions or fan the flames of any illness or problems she has. I will try to avoid belittling her. Let the courts decide how much of what she does is mad vs bad I say.

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        • Yes–though to be honest I find it hard to determine how much of Neelu’s failure to recognise familiar people is put on, and how much is real. For instance, she seems to have no trouble at all recognising poor PC Betsy Davey, the officer tasked with arresting both her and Sabine.

          I agree that Neelu is mentally ill, and I recall that she did have a responsible adult present at her arrests. Whether she’s mentally competent in the legal sense–i.e. able to discern right from wrong–will be a matter for the courts. I do wish there were some way to cajole her into treatment, but I think her so-called friends find her antics far too useful to encourage her in that direction.


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  5. Remember also court cases are won and lost on points of law. It’s a barrister’s job to do this. Bellend may have found a barrister who perceives it to be an interesting case about law. It’s his job to nitpick and discover whether a law has been implemented exactly as it is written.

    Winning a case is not a vindication of your entire campaign. I think that’s why Neelu is in dire straights. prosecutors don’t like losing due to overlooking some point and being admonished by a judge or magistrate for that reason. I’m pretty sure they will have their ducks in a row this time.

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    • I really hope they do. You raise interesting points about barristers’ motivations–until this case my experience of the legal system was very limited, but I’m learning hand over fist these days. 🙂


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