Ann Widdecombe vs the troofers

Last week, ex-Tory MP turned Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe ventured to express the opinion that troofers are a bunch of ill-informed tin-foil hat wearers whose views are grounded in paranoia, guesswork, and delusion.

Hardly a revolutionary concept, and one we’re all too familiar with as regards the Hampstead satanic abuse hoax. While in general I have little time for Ms Widdecombe—her politics are slightly to the right of Attila the Hun’s, and she’s not shy expressing them—I really cannot argue with her on this one.

Here’s what she said:

Ann Widdecombe vs troofers

If I wanted to be cruel, I’d send her the link to Jeranism’s flat earth videos.

But hark! Off in the distance! Do you hear that popping noise? That’s the sound of troofers’ heads exploding.

Predictably, the comments section of the Express piece was full to the brim of frothing-at-the-mouth indignance:

“Chris Spivey is a brilliant investigative reporter – unlike the mainstream media drones. Do you actually look into his research??”

“Anne I think you are suffering cognitive dissonance from years of being part of the system. A system that had fed you for years you are quite happy to condemn a man Chris Spivey who quite clearly you know nothing about, his articles which are highly detailed and fully referenced – the fact that the man is being attacked and not his words speaks volumes. His recent “trial” for trumped up charges has been a travesty with the rule of law being set aside to conduct a witch hunt. If you cared about justice and freedom of speech you would be on his side.”

“The day of revolution will come and the scum that has been abusing our children and their own power will be left hanging in the streets. I hope that you, Widdecombe, actually do some research before swallowing tainted stories and hit pieces. Or you will be among the hung out to dry.”

“You Widdecombe are a rather large unsightly sack of undulating lard who lost all your credibility as a politician when you lined your overly huge pockets on strictly come dancing !…I would trust Spivey with my life rather than any over privileged private educated dunce _un_ repeater like you !

…and so forth, ad nauseam.

Meanwhile, Hoaxtead hawkers Sabine McNeill, ButtheadCat, Matt Taylor, et al. have been screaming blue murder:

Sabine on WiddecombeWiddecombe response-HGJBecause obviously, if you oppose conspiracy theories and their perpetrators, you must be…a witch!

Or old, or fat, or something. Uh-huh.


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  1. “Chris Spivey is a brilliant investigative reporter – unlike the mainstream media drones.”

    He’s so brilliant at being an investigative reporter that he never actually travelled to Manchester where he could have talked to the Rigby family’s neighbours or anyone in their neighbourhood. I would have thought investigative reporting meant getting off your arse and out of the house once in a while.

    I absolutely hate Widdecombe’s politics and I feel uncomfortable agreeing with her but when she says ‘paranoia, guesswork and delusion’ I wouldn’t argue with her. Perhaps we should email her with Jeran Campanella’s name in relation to the ‘flat earth’ and she can write another piece exposing more BS on the net.

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  2. Because conspiracy theories are harmless…………..

    Which is why 9/11 stuff is popular with extremists who justify murdering civilians like Chris.

    There have been real conspiracies of course.

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    • Yes, there have definitely been real conspiracies–and it’s not easy to take a rational approach when governments and big business and religious institutions are constantly being caught out doing things they shouldn’t, often in secret. It feels like an uphill battle sometimes, but I feel each story should be taken on its merits, without making unwarranted assumptions in one direction or another.


    • Not so harmless to many who lost relatives or friends in New York. I know 2 who did and 1 who slept through the entire event and missed a morning appointment at the World Trade Centre. They are furious at what they see as a failure for the US government to prevent the attacks but the far fetched conspiracies which they see as an insult to them for scooping up a terrible event to use for their own gains.
      If I was one of these troofers I’s be wary of walking into a New York fire station and expounding my theories.


      • I had a friend in Washington when the plane hit the Pentagon…it took ages to reach her, and those were some very tense hours. I find the entire business of 9/11 “trutherism” deeply offensive.


  3. Well said Miss Widdecombe, probably the best thing she has ever said. It’s annoying that folk fall for Spivey’s crap and think he does proper investigations where all he does is sit on his computer. Once i find out what ‘promulgates’ means i will start to casually drop it into conversation 🙂

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  4. I’d forgotten about Sabine, I thought she had retired to work on her amazing software.

    It was nice.

    Never could I have imagined I would see Sabine and Ann Widdicombe in the same post!

    What satanic torture is this?

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    • At the moment, I believe Sabine is on bail, awaiting a court date in early October. I imagine she’ll start gearing up for that shortly; she quieted down some after her solicitors told her that it was not cool of her to share her bail conditions with the world via her GoogleDrive. Apparently the first rule of bail conditions is: don’t talk about bail conditions! But how was she to know? She’s just a poor lonely lay-legal advisor….


  5. In answer to Mrs Widdicombe’s final question.
    Unbelievably, yes, there really are several people that still think the Earth is flat.
    (I don’t mean the joke ‘Flat-Earh society’)
    For instance, there is one loony called ‘Jeranism’ on You-Tube, who really thinks that he can ‘prove’ the Earth is flat. Needless to say, he is a nut-case (with delusions of competency) who seems to have a talent for attracting other (far more stupid) nut-cases.
    I would have included a link, but you appear to have more than enough loonies to deal with regarding this Satanic bollocks on it’s own.


  6. I see Miss Spivey has written an article explaining why the Shoreham air show plane crash was a hoax(sigh).
    The comments on his posts must surely be friends of his otherwise we have more people in need of help than I first thought.

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    • All the people who are supposed to have died have actually retired to Crisis Actor Island. Good news surely. They will join their mates from the Glasgow bin lorry crash hoax.


      And now I feel all dirty inside just making light of these events which are actually tragedies for the families of the deceased.

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        • One actual supposed hoax, obviously nothing of the sort, I knew the name of someone who died before they were named in the press. It never crossed my mind that they had spent decades undercover, waiting, and then they just go and pretend to die leaving their life and loved ones and disappear to Crisis Actor Island. It was a friend of a friend who died. I’d be seriously offended if it was someone I knew whose death was being discussed as false flag rubbish.

          Keeping a lid on a fake event seems impossible. Sort of like how despite national and local media coverage no one has come forward as witnesses to support Ella Draper and Abraham Christie. Where so many people are involved, and ordinary people, there can’t actually be no one who goes to the press to tell their story. People go to the papers with house spider bite stories FFS. Some papers have actually uncovered government scandals and supported whistleblowers and government data releasers.

          I’m not sure I’m really for complete government transparency in practice.

          I’ll give an example, was it wise to release the names and details of Baghdad’s last remaining Jews as part of a massive data leak?

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          • I knew a family deeply affected by a disaster which Spivey has called a hoax. He said this family didn’t exist, i guess the deeply traumatized remaining members of the family are all a figment of my imagination? That man doesn’t know the hurt he causes people with his ludicrous claims.

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    • At this point, any time I see a news item about a disaster of any sort, I count the minutes until some moron declares it a “false flag” and starts dredging up “evidence”. It’s depressing, but it’s the way their tiny minds work.


      • Yep, it has sadly reached the stage where absolutely nothing is a genuine disaster or tragedy in THEIR tiny minds (which they hide under their tin-foil hats.)

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      • Oh yes ‘false flag’. They love that one. They think it makes them sound like some sort of intelligence expert, rather than a twat.

        Regarding Widdicombe, I generally can’t stand her, but obviously she is correct here. Im certainly no right-winger but it seems to be the right-wingers who have the balls to cast any doubt on a lot of this nonsense.


  7. I think she has written a very good article. My political sympathies tend towards the left, by Miss Widdecombe is good at no nonsense. Should there be a TV debate between her and Chris Spivey?

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