Spivey on trial for harassing murdered soldier’s family

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Result!!! Finally, the authorities are waking up to what many of us have been saying about Chris ‘Divvy’ Spivey for some time. Let this be a warning to all troofers and hate campaigners who think it’s ok to slander, libel and harass innocent families and post their personal info’ online and that actions don’t have consequences. OK, Charlotte? Sabine? Belinda? Code 2222? Debora Mahmoudieh? Got that? Good-oh.

Spivey’s trial continues.

Hear Spivey prove himself wrong on the Woolwich murder here:


20 thoughts on “Spivey on trial for harassing murdered soldier’s family

      • Yeah, I noticed that.. that’s what these people do, if they decide one of their “theories” isn’t fitting or gaining enough attention, they switch to another, making themselves look ridiculous in the process.

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    • LMAO!

      Or the photo of him dancing around his living room in his underpants. That was particularly interesting, as it clearly showed him smoking in his own living room, despite him uploadding a Social Services document, when they were investigating his child’s welfare, showing that he claimed never to smoke in the house, for the sake of his grandchild’s health!


          • YES.He issued a statement online saying that she was his “colleague” and should be supported,as did that girl,Kellie Cottam.


          • So who is he reffering to as his daughter “Danielle”? Is that a different Danielle ,there are pics of her online and she doesn’t look much like the commentor on this thread. How ever the child that the social services were looking about is his grandson,”Danielles” toddler.


            • Perhaps but Spivey, whom Danielle refers to as Chris, is absolutely 100% not Danielle la Verité’s father, of whom she has spoken extensively and uploaded several photographs and whom can’t stand.


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  2. Guilty! He wrote on his page

    “This is the last post for this website.

    After midnight tonight this site will be deleted as will the Christopher D Spivey FB page.

    I have told you for months and months that I can’t do this on my own, but apart from a dozen or so people no one was prepared to stand up and be counted… In the end you get what you deserve.

    You really are all fucked now and you brought it on yourselves.

    I leave with my integrity intact.

    See ya.”

    So it’s all your fault and you’re fucked because his page is being taken down. Big ego eh?



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