Dear Neelu: Please shut up. No, seriously.

Honestly, it’s like a compulsion for her.

Here’s an excerpt from Neelu’s Facebook page yesterday:

My life, and many good people’s lives are in danger from satanic cults in churches which control all public services. This affidavit was issued in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on 26 June 2015 – yet I was kidnapped in the Holborn Police station and incarcerated on the 01 & 02 September 2015 in a Police cell without cause, law or warrant by the agents of these satanic cults

And then, for anyone who missed it back in June, this “Affidavit of Truth of Honour” (whatever that means):

Court 1 26 June 2015
Case No 011500887352
URN 01EO0170415


I, Neelu Berry of the Chaudhari Clan, hereby give this Affidavit of truth of my honour in attending Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, 51 Holloway Road, London N7 8JA at 10am on Friday 26 June 2015 in Court 1, in honour of the two children from Hampstead, who gave evidence of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) at Christ Church in Hampstead, to Police, in September 2014, which remains un-investigated to date.

I came across the SRA in Hampstead churches and schools as part of my research into Satanic Ritual abuse following the death of my baby niece Sunaina Chaudhari in the care of London Borough of Redbridge social services whilst she was drug-overdosed at King George Hospital and subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse, (1) exactly as detailed by these children with evidence of oral rape, disembowelment, eyeball removal, drug overdoses, injections in neck, unlawful organ removal, forced care without cause based on perjury by public servants.

The prosecution were required by District Judge McPhee on 6th April 2015 to review whether to proceed against me on grounds that the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 for “vexing a priest” was not a known criminal offence – which Camden has failed to review. I was kidnapped on 4 April, on two further occasions on 24 April & 30 April 2015, handcuffed, kidnapped, searched, imprisoned, without cause, law, due process or warrant, with theft of laptops, computer hard drives, cameras & phone – with two forced entries at my home, by the same Police team (who have failed to investigate the allegations by the Hampstead kids) and locked in a cell in Holborn Police Station on three occasions, to pervert the course of justice.

The remedy I seek is the return of my stolen property, an injunction to stop further theft and kidnaps of victims, witnesses and whistleblowers (including return of the two Hampstead children into their mother’s care), I require the highest common law jurisdiction, with a jury, to deal with the dishonour in public service all over the UK, under UCC 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 without prejudice 1-308 see – with daily kidnappings of children by satanic agents of satanic cults running all public services in the UK, putting profit before honour including forced kidnaps of children for SRA under the guise of child protection, child care and forced adoptions.

It is in the public interests that London Borough of Camden stop the dishonour of routinely acting above the law, covering up crimes by public servants. In this case, Camden prosecution acted outside the directions of Judge McPhee at a hearing on 6th April, as witnessed by at least 8 supporters.

My kidnappings, by the same Police in London Borough of Camden, who have failed to investigate those allegations of SRA is to pervert the course of justice on behalf of satanic cults within public service in the UK .

I do consent to the prosecuting London Borough of Camden’s application for an adjournment to vacate the trial date of 04 August 2015 due to some of its six witnesses, who have given witness statements against me to pervert the course of justice in the allegations made by the Hampstead kids. (2) These six witnesses have perjured against me and at least 3 dozen others who held a silent vigil on 22 March 2015 in honour of hundreds of thousands of babies, allegedly raped, sodomised, killed, cannibalised and vampirised at the church and primary schools, daily, for decades, possibly, over a century. On behalf of the UK public, it is required that the six witnesses, be subpoenaed into court so they may be cross-examined about any allegations of SRA made by the Hampstead kids against them and their cover-up of the allegations of SRA by the kidnaps and robberies against me by satanic agents under their control.

The Highbury Corner Magistrates Court is not the appropriate jurisdiction to deal with this complex and most serious matter of the most horrendous crimes of rapes, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, vampirism, extreme physical, mental and psychological torture of babies and children in local authority care throughout the UK. This requires a proper jurisdictional common law court with a jury of peers, with equality of arms, in a matter of public interests and great general public importance (16,000 signatures on a petition calling for a new and proper investigation into the children’s allegations of SRA.)

There is no law or cause for this matter to proceed in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court against me. There is law and cause in my counter charges against the agents of satanic cults in the UK as follows:-

1. Immediate return of my families’ personal property, three Apple Mac’s (2 macbook pro laptops and 1 Apple minimac), 1 Samsung Q1 Tablet PC, 1 Dell laptop, 1 hard drive, 1 silver Nikon camera, 1 red Nikon camera with SD card, 1 black samsung camera with SD card, laptop chargers (3)

2. An injunction against all agents and members of satanic cults in the UK acting dishonourably in UK public services and a requirement of honour in public service at all times or immediate removal by four good men under common law and Uniform Commercial Code see

3. Details of the Public liability Insurance bonds in my commercial lien against the United Kingdom Corporation to bring all public service into honour, see
A. Christ Church Hampstead
B. All affiliated primary schools and nurseries, Hampstead,
C. London Borough of Camden,
D. Holborn Police Station

4. Referral to a proper common law jurisdiction, common law court with a jury of peers, equality of arms, in the public interests a matter of great general public importance

5. Penal Compensation by the above named in 3. above in the sum of Ā£200,000, (4) as a deterrent against further crimes against me, my clan and other whistleblowers by agents and members of satanic cults within public service in the UK.

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

Neelu Berry
Declared this 26th June day 2015
On behalf of We The People, Humanity

(1) “death of my baby niece Sunaina Chaudhari in the care of London Borough of Redbridge social services whilst she was drug-overdosed at King George Hospital and subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse,” Neelu’s reaction to this baby’s sad death resulted in a lifetime injunction against Neelu and her sister, who are NOT SUPPOSED TO DISCUSS THE CASE ONLINE. What part of this does Neelu not get?

(2) “due to some of its six witnesses, who have given witness statements against me to pervert the course of justice in the allegations made by the Hampstead kids” These would be the same six witnesses whose statements, including personal information, Neelu published online, leading to her current charges of perverting the course of justice. Not cool, Neelu.

(3) “three Apple Mac’s (2 macbook pro laptops and 1 Apple minimac), 1 Samsung Q1 Tablet PC, 1 Dell laptop, 1 hard drive, 1 silver Nikon camera, 1 red Nikon camera with SD card, 1 black samsung camera with SD card, laptop chargers” That’s some serious collection of hardware! Apparently all those commercial liens are finally paying off.

(4) “Penal Compensation by the above named in 3. above in the sum of Ā£200,000,” See (3), above.

It’s not all doom and gloom on the Neelu front, though. Apparently she’s made some friends down at the cop shop:

Neelu on FB 2015-09-12 at 6.04.48 PM

Mr Walmsley ought to be a bit more cautious about making death threats against police officers in public places, such as on Neelu’s Facebook page. Just a suggestion.



22 thoughts on “Dear Neelu: Please shut up. No, seriously.

  1. At the risk of coming off as a Cosby apologist (which I most definitely am not), I’d like to proffer a gently humanitarian suggestion : could someone pleasepleaseplease slip a safe but effective dose of Seroquel into her afternoon tea? Or ‘accidentally’ poke her with an umbrella tip chock-full-o’- long-acting, time – released Risperdal? I honestly can’t think of a more effective way (for everyone concerned, particularly Vedhead herself) to confer some desperately – needed mental clarity and mitigate this endlessly exasperating insanity, even if only temporarily. Nothing else seems to work, after all.

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  2. Poor Neelu. The penalty for the vexing charge (which is a law) is almost a nominal fine but the intimidation charge that follows is really serious.
    Have these freeman / common law advocates actually read the Magna Carta which they regard as their bible? There is no mention of ‘jury’ in it. Just ‘peers’ which is open to interpretation. Juries came much later after much tweaking of the law, the way it changes over decades & centuries but they are not only stuck in another century the whole basis of their claims is non-existent.
    I expect she will be re-bailed for psychiatric evaluation much like her pal Patrick Cullinane was, who then wrote a furious letter back to the shrink and claimed it was the psychiatrist who was bonkers.

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  3. OMG she’s posted her bail conditions & the names (I assume) of witnesses. So serious. But on a lighter note I do hope someone will go and film the event outside the court. Can’t wait for the Youtube video.

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  4. I wish the Hampstead citizens re-named on websites would get these creatures in court for libel. Some of these crazies have house. Relieve them of them and bankrupt the bastards. Legal fees alone would do them in. They deserve it

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      • I know any legal action has to be thought out carefully but I’ve sued 3 times over various civil matters re contracts and the first question my solicitor asks is “do they own a house”. He even did quick searches to confirm for the obvious reason, suing a ‘man of straw’ can be a debilitating and fruitless task. But suing does not always have to lead to a court case- it can have the affect of stopping attackers in their tracks. For most people, just legal fees defending an action would crucify them. A settlement can be reached long before a case reaches court and the Hoaxers are unique as unlike say a newspaper report, they have libeled over numerous forums and persistently.
        I just hope the Hampstead people will pursue the hoax promoters legally to the very bitter end.
        And on that note : BronHilda NZ is on the warpath again and I can’t see why Hampstead residents can’t commission a NZ lawyer to get her into court on harassment charges. NZ law is similar to the UK in that respect. These people need to be taught a tough lesson as I think some will pursue the matter as the kids grow into teens. Of course Bronnie may be potless and live in a (NZ) council home but she’s not exempt from laws.

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  5. The law often has a difficult time dealing with people like Neelu. They just don’t know what to do with them, which is why the prisons are full of people with mental health problems. Quite often they have a psychiatric evaluation and are deemed untreatable because they won’t cooperate.

    The likes of Neelu and her friends are costing the country a fortune though – spurious law suits and the policing needed when they show up and make ridiculous protests against non-existent crimes. I really don’t know what the answer to this is.

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    • I have come across people with boarder line personality disorders in my own life. The problem is that they are too sane to justify sectioning but mad enough to cause havoc in society. This is wher proper assylums were useful in the past.

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    • I expect her to be named a vexatious ligitant at some point. And while I don’t think prison is the right place for her, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where she lands up.


  6. According to JF Neelu doesn’t think she’s due in court.

    “Please tell anyone you know 15th at Blackfriars Crown Court is not listed for Neelu Berry

    I have asked for 7 days notice after my solicitors receive the papers before I can instruct them and attend
    Thanks & much love

    Neelu may have posted something similar on FB. I can’t access that.

    The bad news is:

    Court 4, not before 2:15pm

    For Preliminary Hearing
    BERRY Neelu

    It might be the case that she is not required to attend, but her solicitors should be there.

    Oh dear.

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