Abe’s got a brand new mouthpiece: Bronny!

It never ceases to amaze how Abe seems to be able to find people to do his bidding.

First it was Ella, who gave him free access to abuse her young children and turn them into living, breathing sock puppets, reciting his deranged stories on video. (Of course as soon as they were safely away from him, they blurted out the truth, which made them less useful than he’d hoped.)

Next came Belinda, who saw Abe’s stories as a way to plug her “satanic paedophilic abuse cults” meme, and mobilised her army of fruitcakes, including….

Sabine, who took those videos and turned them into troofer gold by cleverly “accidentally” releasing them to various bloggers who are known for their tact, discretion, and absolute trustworthiness.

And once Sabine had become a liability, Abe found that “Jacqui Farmer”, AKA Charlotte Ward, was ready, willing, and able to become his online talking head, spewing his vitriol over anyone who’d ever angered him in Hampstead.

Of course, Charlotte soon grew too big for her britches, and started to think she could release any info’ she wanted, any time she wanted…plus, we here at Hoaxtead Research were able to ferret out her real, not-so-cleverly-hidden Sooper Seekrit Identity, so Abe had to resort to the ultra-loony Code 2222 to be his new boot-boy.

Oh, except then one of Belinda’s buddies took some nice long videos of Cody outside the Royal Courts of Justice, and people began to recognise him. As tips poured in to the police, Abe looked around for his next mouthpiece and found…

….Bronwyn Llewellyn.

Bronwyn and Humpty. Separated at birth?

Bronwyn and Humpty. Separated at birth?

humpty bl

Okay, she’s a certifiable wackadoo (that’s an official diagnosis, btw) who bears an uncanny resemblance to Humpty Dumpty, and she’s given to fits of rage that render her virtually incomprehensible. Oh, and no one really listens to her, or if they do, it’s for the amusement value and not because they actually plan to do anything she suggests demands commands, but at this point, beggars can’t be choosers, eh, Abe?

Anyhoo. Bronny has been helping Abe (and Ella, but she’s become virtually invisible, since Abe has taken over all her social media channels…one wonders how many times Ella has “fallen down the stairs” or “walked into a door” recently) set up his brand spanking new campaign to get Ella’s kids back into his clutches.

Using her ever-so-clever internet skillz, Bronny is blogging on Abe’s behalf, loudly berating the foot-draggers (and there appear to be many), and trying to rope people into helping out. She’s put a call out for “Creative WRITERS. Every LANGUAGE. Tight Copy for POSTERS and FLIERS” and “POSTER Makers – GRAPHIC Artists. Every LANGUAGE, for POSTERS and FLIERS“. Oh, and she’s trying to get people to write to MPs, march in the streets, you know, the usual palaver.

So who’s up for a volunteer gig, working for Abe and Bronny for the next 20 weeks?

I’m sure they’d be kind, respectful employers, who’d appreciate your hard work and talent, and they wouldn’t throw you under the bus until they’d wrung every speck of your creative juices out of you.

Would they?

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  1. I notice she’s peddling the same old 50,000 children disappear in the U.S. annually. The very same made up figure trashed by Ken Lanning of the FBI.

    And one child isn’t kidnapped in the UK every 4 minutes. There are very many reports made of missing children. The vast majority are found. The ones that are kidnapped are often kidnapped by parents to keep them away from the other parent. These children may still be “missing” but known to be in country X with their father for example. As far as the murders of children go, most are murdered by a parent or step parent. Very few will be murdered by a stranger, one child (U16) a month roughly.


    Any murder of a child is a tragedy, one murder annually would be one too many, but the numbers of missing and murdered children is no where near as bad as mad Bronny makes out.

    I wonder whether Bronny will be campaigning for two children and not the three children of Ella’s she says has cult fathers.

    And Ella really does seem to be MIA.

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    • Absolutely agree on all points, Tracey. The “missing children” trope is used to whip people into a frenzy…but such children are more often than not with the non-custodial parent (well, non-custodial in the legal sense, at least). Yet another way the Hoaxteaders twist the numbers to meet their own ends.


      • They are actually more often than not home within hours! A parent will get in touch with police PDQ if their child is missing. Lots are running away from chaotic home situations or local authority care. Lots do it again and again, weekly even. And if your child was late home, you couldn’t get in touch, their friends didn’t know where they are, I imagine you’d phone the police straight away.

        I’ve been a missing child myself. And here I am alive!

        The “kidnapped” children will often have been kidnapped by a parent. They are missing, it is a crime, but they’ve not been snatched by strangers and may even be known to be alive.

        I know of cases where the left-behind parent even gets to speak to their kidnapped children, but if they ask where they are they have been told by the kidnapper parent they will never get to speak to them again. Heartbreaking.

        The numbers of missing, possibly dead children, is small. Too many of course, but not one in a hundred children. Yes, I worked it out. Mad Bronny thinks roughly one in a hundred UK children are kidnapped each year never to be seen again. I think I might have noticed that one.

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  2. LOVE the Humpty – dumpy (I’m going to leave that auto – correct misspelling as is; seems screamingly appropriate) reference, as they truly are doppelgangers…well spotted !

    And : WHERE DO I SIGN UP / HOW SOON CAN I START ? Slaving away 10 – plus hours per day – unpaid – writing, editing and translating delusional drivel for a tiny circle of unhinged, sadistic sociopaths who will inevitably dump and shame me on a whim has always been my idea of boundless ecstasy !

    Pauline Réage/’O’, ‘Justine’, Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ‘Lee’ in Secretary, and the uber-insipid Anastasia Steele ain’t got NOTHIN’ on me !

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  3. Both New Zealand & Australia have a hard core cult of Satanic Fanatics who push similar (dangerous & cruel ) drivel like the Hampstead hoax but in the main they are ignored or looked upon as nutters. The hysteria hasn’t nearly caught as it has in the UK & USA . I think people may have more physical outlets in both countries rather than the UK lot of conspiracy troofers who are keyboard warriors. .
    Gathering outside the Hampstead church really was a Big Day Out for them, like going to the circus or fairground. Perhaps Bronhilda NZ sees herself as the Antipodean Boadicea slaying the Witches of North London, via the internet.
    The notion that an internet campaign is going to change legal decisions is fantastical but it evidences the nutty thinking but I see it all the time with this lot – not just urging (dwindling) supporters to turn up in court (reasonable) but the claim that somehow a Judge is going to look over and see a bunch of loonies led by Neelu and instantly change the mind in favour of the mob.
    ## Only just listened to the BBC report & interview with the dad and Sabine. She basically admits publishing the videos. Tick tock tick tock.

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