Neelu Watch: But wait! There’s more!

Remember how Neelu’s compulsive inability to keep her bail conditions to herself led her into an ever-murkier quagmire, eventually ending up in charges of witness intimidation with the intention of perverting the course of justice?

Oh, yes, that.

Well, she’s done it again: yesterday on ‘Sheriff’ Sands’ sad excuse for a blog, what did we find but….

Neelu-camden-030915-bail-sheetI’ve blocked out the names of the subjects of the injunction, and I’m not linking back to Sands’ site, as I don’t want to compound the crime, but suffice to say: four individuals are named. They are witnesses from the original charges, and renaming them is unlikely to go down well at Neelu’s next hearing, which I gather is on Tuesday, 15 September.

Meanwhile, I found this head-scratcher. Anyone have a clue what she and her caps-lock-impaired friend are ranting on about?

Neelu rant 2015-09-13 at 9.49.57 AMAt this point, there’s not much left to do but shake my head.



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  1. You’re so right, EC… there’s not much left to do but shake your head. Her reply above to Jon Somers is from someone who most definitely needs psychiatric help. I don’t understand why her true friends and her family are not intervening.


    • I don’t understand why the police/courts are not using this opportunity to get a proper psychiatric assessment of Neelu done . I mean, it’s one of the bail condition options listed, why not ask the judge to consider this? Perhaps at the next court appearance her bail conditions should really be reviewed.

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    • I don’t know about her family–possibly they feel helpless in the face of it, or they’re used to her–but her friends seem to encourage her in her delusions.


      • Well if he accuses other people of doing it to use MKULTRA programming to get people to believe in false blue aliens thereby disrupting the established exopolitical scene who actually work with the real aliens, he can’t be surprised when people use the same respected forensic investigative techniques on him! It’s all a mind control psyop anyway to distract the sheeple from making friends with the aliens and getting their free energy machines. Who can discern the truth in this hall of smoke and mirrors?

        Isn’t he an associate of Sabine’s?

        Webre’s a great man. Much admiration for his work.

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  2. Again I see from reading a so-called ‘witness statement’ on one the above websites that Ella says she sent her kids to the Tavistock Inst for psychiatric help re the ‘baby eating’ claims etc. Another bizarre inconsistency with this mob as one of their themes is that Tavistock is the HQ of mind control for the VIP pedo satanists. Of course society has had plenty of these borderline cases that perhaps don’t require sectioning as they can still survive in society but the big difference is with the internet now, they can all link up & indulge in their fantasies and create havoc. Hampstead is like the culmination of a dedicated group of nutters who have all aligned for a common purpose and as each component of the hoaxers slops off or becomes entangled in legal dramas, they are bound to eventually re-group and find a new target of innocents to attack.

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  3. My understanding is that she took the kids to the Tavistock for family therapy prior to meeting Abe, as she felt inadequate as a mother, and couldn’t get the kids to listen to her.

    As for the fruitloop brigade, yes, I’m afraid you’re right.


  4. According to JF Neelu doesn’t think she’s due in court.

    “Please tell anyone you know 15th at Blackfriars Crown Court is not listed for Neelu Berry

    I have asked for 7 days notice after my solicitors receive the papers before I can instruct them and attend
    Thanks & much love

    Neelu may have posted something similar on FB. I can’t access that.

    The bad news is:

    Court 4, not before 2:15pm

    For Preliminary Hearing
    BERRY Neelu

    It might be the case that she is not required to attend, but her solicitors should be there.

    Oh dear.

    Should someone try and tell her that her case is actually listed?

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