HR welcomes a new writer on board


Well, I say ‘new’ but most of you will already be aware of El Coyote‘s awesome work with his wonderful cartoons, most notably the Hoaxtenders series, as well as many other contributions. Some might know him as Snake Logan on Google+, and I’m pleased to announce that he’s now been added as an official writer. He’s now got his own set of keys, his own room and everything! And for a coyote he’s remarkably well house-trained too.

It’s a relief to have a second pair of hands, as the sheer volume of all your wonderful contributions is making everything increasingly difficult to keep up with and to follow up.


Stats for 22nd August

You may recall me saying for some time now that I would retire at 1000 posts and leave all the existing material up for reference and discussion. The 1000 we reached last week included the main pages linked at the top. And now we’ve reached 1000 actual posts.


So strictly speaking, I should now bugger off! However, so much new info’ is still coming to light about Belinda, Angela, Deborah et al that I’ve decided to stick around for a bit longer. And although the battle is well and truly won, I’d be nice to see those loose ends tied up too (such as Charlotte, Belinda and Sabine facing justice for their crimes). But due to work commitments, it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up. Which is where El Coyote comes in. Please make him feel welcome. And if his music keeps you awake, let me know and I’ll bang on his door 🙂

It’s exciting, isn’t it! To paraphrase a long forgotten philosopher, “Hoaxtead Research 2.0 is now entering a more serious phase of research.” 😉

Thanks, everyone 🙂

Scarlet x


11 thoughts on “HR welcomes a new writer on board

  1. Your work here has been excellent and I’m glad you’re getting some help from the talented El Coyote.
    I’m sure with the remaining idiots still on board the hoax-train there will still be some worthwhile posts alerting us to them!

    I think it’s also good (albeit tiresome at times for you) that you are getting in excess of 120 comments per day at the moment. Not only the posts, but the humour here has been top-notch over the past few months!!

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    • Thanks, Justin. And thank you – thanks to all of you – for your wonderful contributions, links and information 🙂

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  2. Take your corsets off and put your feet up Scarlet. El Coyote will do a good job! I heard he dances a mean Fandango!

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  3. It is has been great to follow the events as reported via Hoaxtead Research, I hope you do keep going, even if is posts every other day.

    Hi to El Coyote, your cartoons gave me a few laughs, really good quality.

    Although the battle is won, the characters behind the hoax mostly remain at large, and the legal process for those that have been arrested moves slowly, so I see lots of opportunities to report developments for a long time yet.

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  4. Thanks so much for the kind introduction, Scarlet! I’m really excited to be teaming up with you. Thanks to your hard work, this blog has become the definitive and trusted resource for all things Hoaxtead…I only hope I can live up to your shining example!

    Yes, things are quieting down on the Hoaxtead front, but the remaining stragglers and hangers-on still want watching, and we’ll be here to do just that.

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  5. I am glad you are sticking around Miss Scarlet and El Coyote is a fantastic addition and i’m very pleased to see him here. You have put a tremendous amount of work into this blog and always managed to keep the posts concise,informative and humorous also which is no easy feat. As has already been mentioned Hoaxtead Research has been and remains the one place we can come to for up to date and correct information and i am so glad for that. Thank you Miss Scarlet

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