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Mr Coyote regrets to inform readers today that he is unwell and therefore unable to apply his usual keen analysis to the goings-on amongst the Hoaxtead mob. He hopes to be back to his  perky (or pesky, you be the judge) self by tomorrow.



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    • “…the eight primary school children who are alleging rape, sodomy, cannibalism, murder of babies and vampirism of baby blood on a daily basis…”

      EIGHT?! WTF? Where did the other six suddenly appear from , Neelu? LOL

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      • Perhaps one of the policemen/women that arrested Neelu before needs to be personally told of this breach of the Restraining Order. Maybe then something will be done and they can arrest her again.

        Is Neelu hoping that as it’s a sunny Bank Holiday she will get away with breaking the RO?

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    • Jesus Christ, just how many times does this psychotic bint need to blatantly breach her restraining order before the police get off their arses and nick her? She’s talking about the private parts of one of the witnesses she was accused of intimidating and accusing him of mass kiddy rape, for Christ’s sake. How far does she need to go before the police do their job? Are they waiting for her to shoot him or something? Grrr

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    • Actually getting property returned from the cops is always a bloody long rigmarole ( not found, stolen cars though as they don’t have room to store them). All this stuff that is or was ‘evidence’ goes into a big storage room. You often have to wait at least 18 months for bureaucracy to move but trust them to think it only happens to them and it’s all a plot.

      Nothing to do of course with the cops precious time being consumed chasing total ratbags and having to guard churches or schools because loonies claim cannibalism is happening there.

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    • Bugger. I have some really important meetings in late September and early October.
      Perhaps I won’t need to bother with the Rapture and all that. I’m booking a holiday in late October. I wonder if I should wait? Fares may be much cheaper if most of the planet have gone to Hell or Heaven, Christ I may get an entire Hilton Hotel to myself.

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      • Yes I wish the credible Angela had said earlier.

        I’ve got an important event and a 2 week holiday in November.

        Damn I could have saved the money and spent it before early October.

        I thought Angela had said something was happening on 2nd September?

        Has she changed her mind?

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    • September 13th….. All been predicted. Some of us saw the signs decades ago. Please watch this series of newsreel/training videos… It’s only 17 years late!

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      • And introducing all the Satan Hunter monsters such as Angela Power Disney, Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Abraham Christie, Jake Clarke, Neelu Berry, Belinda McKenzie, Ella Draper and many more…

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  1. Do you think Neelu might be some giant hoax being played upon the public? I mean she’s incredibly comical at times a bit like Patrick Cullinane:

    “MRS BERRY: What about my remedy? I wish to invoke my common law for remedy and I’m requiring you to give me a remedy today. I do not accept that you can deny me my remedy today because I was… I will issue you with a cease and desist notice and I will issue you with a notice of dishonour and I will also carry out a public citizen’s arrest on you if you do not provide me with a remedy under Uniform Commercial Code 3503, 504, 505 and 1308 without prejudice.
    THE JUDGE: Thank you very much.
    MRS BERRY: I’m hereby arresting you for the treason you’ve committed today.”

    How can judges keep a straight face? I can almost see them trying to stop from laughing out loud. Now wonder they call a quick end to the matter so they can get back to chambers and fall about laughing.

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    • Angela says she is proud of Jake.

      Why would she be proud of him?

      They’ve not even met.

      Jake is not her son.

      Jake is not her husband.

      I don’t get it. Why is Angela proud of him?

      Oh yeah, because he is falling for her MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES.

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      • Angie is “proud” of her little soldier who is willing to run into nowhere land on her behalf and take the flak on her behalf.

        She is awarding him meddles for gallantry yet Jake hasnt clocked angie gongs are for naivety and services to puppetry.He and those tasked with working towards his reintegration need to cut them strings asap.

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    • If Angela seriously believed that there was child abuse taking place in Hampstead schools wouldn’t she be recruiting people who knew about chided protection? Lawyers, teachers, police, paediatricians, nurses. People with experience who might be able to investigate and intervene. No, she prefers talking too biddable young men.

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      • They seem to have managed to rope in a bona fide chartered psychologist. One who has done the poster in the foyer thing at major conferences about “ritual abuse”. There is a slight problem, the man in question is an occupational psychologist, not a clinical, forensic, or educational psychologist as one might expect. As occupational psychology is my partner’s field, I know how unqualified this psychologist is to be pronouncing expert insight. My partner is a fellow of the BPS, and has a couple of other chartered titles too. My partner also worked in a clinical setting early on until a career change to occupational psychology.

        This psychologist worries me. He might be able to keep his interest in “ritual abuse” appropriately separate from his professional life, he may not.

        Occupational psychology is a completely irrelevant field really as far as I can see. This psychologist mainly provides references to his own previously published and non peer reviewed posters. That shows a frightening lack of insight.

        If he gets too disturbed I might have to put a word in somewhere so people can look out for his welfare, and yes, I am that worried by his behaviour. This isn’t an uneducated man, but one who is making weird illogical conclusions.

        This psychologist might have spoken at the children screaming to be heard conference.

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      • Angie wont go near trained professionals,she knows there is zilch evidence but just a poorly constructed tower of heresay,gossip and rumour.Her aim is to be “something” and be admired and create an empire,unfortunately for her only the opposite is a possibility.
        The woman has messed up her life and firmly blames “the system” and all of its component parts.
        Imagine her surprise should she ever emerge from her dark slumbers and face the abject terror of her situation.She lacks the will and remorse of conscience to cross such a gulf and is destined to decay muttering and cursing,bitter and twisted to the end.

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  2. Hey EC…sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. Some nice chicken soup might do the trick. Easy there…I said soup not coop.

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