Mr Coyote has an off day

Or is that a day off?

Coyotes are hardy, resilient beasts, but even the hardiest sometimes come down with a case of the blerg…and it seems that El Coyote is having one of those days. Or possibly two.

He’s currently curled up in his cave waiting for things to settle down, and will be back on the air and right as rain by tomorrow, he assures us. Meanwhile, he invites our readers to amuse themselves in the comments section, and he begs their forgiveness for his current state of under-the-weatherness.

Back soon….

21 thoughts on “Mr Coyote has an off day

  1. According to Detective Costa, Spiny was campaigning to expose the Hampstead hoax 6 months before the children made any accusations and a full year before the videos got put on the internet. That’s some achievement, Spiny!

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  2. Hey Marty, this post suggests that Kris Costa was one of the original plotters who planned the hoax before it was initiated involving the RD children. I have a feeling Costa made a date error though, probably meant 2015. I have been fighting this hoax since around Nov/Dec 2014.

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  3. From the same thread, this is the kind of comment Costa is happy to allow:

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  4. Pretty pathetic what some people choose to believe. The children were not eating babies, they were malnourished, starving, and eating out of the bins at the school. These people would ignore the real abusers and return the children back to them so Abe and Ella can make more videos for their own perverted pleasure.
    I just hope people who believe in this rubbish are not allowed near children. What if Angela or one of these types decides a child is under some MKUltra spell or under attack from invisible satanic cults, and does something to harm them. People like Abraham, would be only too happy to offer their services, hemp and spoon based Mind Control torture until the children repeat what he wants to hear.

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  5. I have often wondered if you have help keeping this site going EC. There must be times when it is hard going and I do admire your commitment…and talent of course. Perhaps one of the regular commenters on here could do something on a regular basis and lessen the load, so to speak. I hope you are well.


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