Hampstead Research removes its blog

Giving up or running scared?



Charlotte’s final post before deleting her blog (essentially a rehash of an old Sabine number):

It seems that cult members expose their mentality best in their videos on MK Ultra 666. But is that worth watching? I have long been ‘fasting’ from the mainstream media. Why should I now cloud my mind with that extreme negativity?

But since it was felt that the court needed to know about this death cult, I ended up putting a Witness Statement together and am emailing that to key people. I also published it on

Can’t wait to see what more will emerge here.

Loving the irony of that closing line, by the way XD


Eddy the Cat’s disappearing act

11 thoughts on “Hampstead Research removes its blog

  1. And as our wonderful Enid Blyton said…..they all had lashings of ginger beer…..THE FAMOUS FIVE GET CAUGHT OUT LYING……..

    Woof Grrrooowl…….oh what was that Timmy, Hampstead Research have disappeared and no one knows where they are??? Woof woof…..Woof woof woof…..’Oh my what are we going to do? Sabine Belinda Ella Angie and Abe have all been caught out lying…and are are hiding in the back of beyond…, well hey ho…..we are going to have to find them and bring them to justice!! Come on let’s go…we have to solve this before tea…..

    Woof Woof ….Yes Timmy, we have to find the cult leader Charlotte before she destroys the world

    Come on gang, lots of work to do and we only have two hours till tea.

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    • They were my favourite books as a kid but was I being groomed through them?. The Five were always uncovering shady characters and there were often underground tunnels in old houses and strange islands.
      Why were the Secret Seven, secret? Was Enid Blyton a Satanist?. Is there a the connection between Blyton & Hampstead?
      Where those lettuce sandwiches used by the cult as a way of keeping innocent kiddies under control ? Nutritionists tell us that lettuce has soporific qualities to calm the nerves.


  2. I enjoyed reading Neelu’s update.
    Especially how she’s busted the local bookshop & has now fingered Colin Firth in some film about a criminal pig (or was the pig the victim?). Her exposure of criminal use of resources- 2 coppers in a 10 seater van- should be applauded.
    Barking. Absolutely barking.

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