New video from Christine Ann Sands

A reader sent this to us, with a note asking whether we had the slightest idea what it was about. We must admit we are stumped.

We can tell you who’s in it:

  1. Kevin Weaver, aka Kevin Wearechange, aka Kevin Justice, aka KevinIAmAPrat: he likes to affect a plastic made-in-China ‘Anonymous’ mask, and if this video is any example, he’s not overly fond of being filmed. Oh, and he runs the AllModernCons YouTube channel, where he’s published a great many videos about Hoaxtead, including illegal videos of the children.
  2. Ex-cop Ray Savage, famous for his ability to detect guilt or innocence through dowsing; never met a UFO theory he didn’t like; interviewed Ella for 3 hours and was ‘110% convinced of her innocence’…of what?
  3. Jacqueline Lynch, pogo-jumping leftish-leaning supporter of all things Belinda and Hoaxtead, not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed but always willing to lend her signature to a petition.

…but why Christine would think this somehow re-release-worthy we cannot begin to say.

We do find it funny that this crew seemed to be having such a great time together at what was meant to be a Very Serious Vigil outside a church where they allegedly thought babies had been murdered and eaten, and small children routinely raped.

But whatever—any excuse for a nice bounce, eh, Jacqui?


23 thoughts on “New video from Christine Ann Sands

  1. It has to be something to do with the pineal gland, that cone. Haven’t you seen all those youtube videos about it? You know, the one that is stimulated by sodomy. The nerve endings by the spine and all that crap Abe likes to spout off about or used to till we picked him up on it. That is the connection here. It must be.

    From the comments under that video:

    Jack Burton 3 days ago
    FORMER officer Ray Savage is a complete loon. He is the laughing stock of the police service and has been for years, the mental-case.
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    Tiny Magical Fruitcake 23 hours ago
    This is weird. What’s it about?

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  2. Yessir, I’ll prove how right-on I am by wearing a mask made in a Chinese sweat-shop!

    If Kevin is ‘allmoderncons’ he’s got some nice videos of Patrick Cullinane on his You Tube account. Funny how they never see Mr Cullinane’s anti-semitism as a barrier isn’t it. Of course, they never see the insanity of some of their friends as a barrier either.

    Here’s a nice example of what ‘allmoderncons’ uploads. Good one this.

    I don’t mind giving allmoderncons publicity because I happen to know that anyone WITH A SHRED OF DECENCY will find this video disgusting. Just sayin’.

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  3. If anyone needs a break from Christine’s crap videos, the master of macabre has a new one up:


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  5. Shouldn’t allmoderncons have his collar felt for persistent breaches of a High Court order?. I’ve seem Savage’s enthusiastic claim that he believes Ella so that proves the kid’s original tale. But Ella is not a witness to anything so thank God this dope is no longer a copper.

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  6. my favourite Cullinane videos are when he is on the phone badgering hapless receptionists and saying they are ‘his servants”. Especially the one where he said the council is driving people to suicide and the person on the other end of the phone offers to send an ambulance to him.

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  7. Ahh yes the idiotic article by Christopher Booker famed for his detailed research (not). His last effort on promoting an heroic mother who fled to France ended with her being jailed recently for life for running a vile paedophile ring.

    These loonies are very selective and cherry pick newspapers articles that (rarely/) support their claims, or so they think. When every newspaper reported the crimes of Ella & Abraham of course they had been nobbled by the Cult.

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  8. The shit people must put up with from these eejits boggles the mind. I’m reminded of the police when confronted by Neelu: invariably polite, never openly laugh at her–honestly, they’re bloody saints as far as I’m concerned.


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