Abraham admits to supporting the beating of children

…It’s the only way to control them, apparently.

Scroll to 1:36:48 to hear Abraham Christie give his views on the drive to curb child-beating back in the early 50s when, lest we forget, beating children was on a whole other level. For a child to be taken into care in the 50s, the abuse must have been extreme.

“…In 1951…she was promoting the idea of not smacking your children…the idea of no corporal punishment…it was part of an established agenda to steal children from parents who dared to chastise their children in the hope of guiding them right. They used this social welfare charter of no corporal punishment to break up the family, because they developed these children’s homes…for children they considered to be delinquent…or beyond parental control. Now, how did these children…get to be beyond parental control? Because the parents had lost their right to discipline their children in the same way that most wild animals give their pups or their cubs a clip round the earhole to bring them back into line.”

Nuff said?

nt1i6   Lisa-Vunk-mugshot

Abe Christie (left) and interviewer Lisa Vunk (right)

25 thoughts on “Abraham admits to supporting the beating of children

  1. My goodness, in addition to his “honourary doctorate”, Abe is now a child psychology expert! Whoever would have guessed?

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      • Your guess is as good as mine. I could spin some long theory about projecting their rage onto “out” groups à la 1930s Germany, but in reality, I think it boils down to “they’re different from us. We’re an ignorant mob and we hate them”.

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      • Jews are scapegoats for the perceived ills of society. Gawd forbid the Hoaxteaders should actually read some real analyses of why the world is in the state it is. Also the conspiracy movement is heavily influenced by Libertarian America where all this fundamentalist Christianity comes from.

        While I’m at it I’d like to remind everyone that JESUS WAS A JEW. I bet he even had a bar mitzvah.

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  2. Thank Christ you put up a time stamp, Scarlet. I started listening to the video from the start and within the first 30 seconds was considering suicide if I had to listen to the whole thing.

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    • You’re not the only one, Ray. I was gnawing at my own wrists within minutes of this starting. The time stamp saved me from another embarrassing trip to my local A&E. Their first question is always, “Have you been listening to troofer videos again?”

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  3. Abe sounds stoned!

    Wow. Removing the “right for parents to discipline their children” allows the sodomites to steal children from their families? That’s a new one on me!

    BTW, interesting timing on this. I wonder whether Lisa knows that Ella has been frantically trying to suppress videos that make her sound like a bad mum? LOL


  4. Interesting to hear Vunk (spurred on by “the Abella 2”) calling for people to stop using the term ‘whistleblower kids’. Another drive to squeeze out Sabine, perhaps? She must have really upset them 🙂

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    • Possibly! It seems that the story is getting picked up by nuttier and nuttier conspiracy whackadoos. I’m surprised Ella would allow this to be released during the hearing to get her kids back – it doesn’t exactly help her cause.

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      • I agree. They just sound loonier and loonier with every interview they give from their hidey-hole.
        I’m listening to it just now and AC is babbling on about a so-called “Illuminati Sodomite Death Cult”, Bill Maloney, PIE, the BBC, etc.
        All they’re doing is attracting conspiracy loonies. Anyone with an iota of common sense can see just what they are doing.. and it’s making them a laughing stock. They don’t exactly sound like they are concerned about the children in any interview I’ve heard.

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  5. Wow, I can’t believe I used to support these freaks! Abe, Ella, Sabine, Belinda, Neelu, Christine, Angie and especially that backstabbing bitch Jacqui – they’re a bunch of sodding loons! Can I join your team instead? You guys seem to be having a hoot over here and I was never really convinced by all this SRA crap anyway.


  6. I’d like to suggest the authorities DID have an agenda and that was to remove children from homes where there were people who were abusive towards their kids, like Abe.
    Abe thinks that humans should be allowed to act like ‘wild animals’. Actually I haven’t yet seen an animal hit anyone with a hard metal spoon.

    Ella needs a kick up the arse. She should be in the UK fighting to get her kids back and not hiding abroad. If she was arrested she’d be bailed and could organize legal representation and then she might be in with a chance.

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  9. re:Ella needs a kick up the arse. She should be in the UK fighting to get her kids back and not hiding abroad. If she was arrested she’d be bailed and could organize legal representation and then she might be in with a chance.

    Mother has ‘1’ chance of getting her kids back, and that is….”NO CHANCE”!


  10. Aby has always been a child beater,I warned Ella via text before they went on there holidays she blanked me so she don’t give a shit about her kids .I hope she never gets them backand I can’t wait for aby to be arrested he got away with this shit for to long .


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