Holliehoax & Hoaxtead: Startling Parallels?


A member of our team has drawn our attention to this video by Keelan Balderson (WideShut):

The parallels between the Hollie Greig and Hampstead hoaxes are startling.

At 15:02, the (trimmed down) opening remarks from two hoaxbusters, Rachel Keeley and Sarah McLeod, will strike a real chord with Hampstead-watchers who’ve experienced the same hate-fuelled backlash from the baying mob that we have when you’ve dared to question them.

Sarah: It was…a gradual dawning for me that things didn’t match up…There were various holes in the story…

Rachel: …I jumped on the bandwagon. I listened to the videos that were being put out, the initial ones by Robert Mann [sic]. At the time I was, you know, ‘This needs to be sorted out. This is absolutely horrendous.’ So I joined and got stuck in with…the leafleting…emailing…and it wasn’t very long – I think it was after I’d seen a couple of videos and it didn’t quite match with other pieces of paperwork that…came my way – and I just started looking at this and I thought to myself, ‘This isn’t really adding up.’…It took about three or four weeks, actually, after I’d initially joined the campaign and I realised there was massive discrepancies, which made me dig even deeper and deeper and in doing that, it totally convinced me this isn’t right. I tried to help other people see these discrepancies and I was attacked and abused…Robert, we found out very quickly, wasn’t doing much investigating whatsoever. He was just making wild accusations and wild claims that everybody was believing…Since then, we’ve been given lots of other documents which totally prove that this is all false. A lie.

Sarah: …If anybody questioned it, even slightly, they were vilified, they were called paedophiles etc. and some really harsh stuff coming down.

Rachel: It’s frightening, actually…It started getting to the point where you were really frightened. These people…they didn’t ever read anything. They never wanted to hear the truth. You’d try to point things out to them and say ‘Look, this doesn’t really add up’ and you were attacked.

Then there’s an intriguing, if somewhat disturbing, insight into how the perpetrators of SRA hoaxes lie, twist information and select what info’ is put out there. This is Rachel describing the actions of Hollie’s mother Anne (though she could easily have been describing Ella Draper!):

The documents that we’ve seen that were sent to us anonymously actually has the transcript of the Police interviews and Hollie just names everybody, really, that she knows. She also names some of Anne’s family and friends, which aren’t put on the public list, for some reason…They’re just people that Anne had a gripe with and her family aren’t on the list.

It’s then very interesting, later on the video, to hear an interview in which Robert Green loses his temper when a hoaxbuster refuses to retract uncomfortable, documented truths that have clearly mad Robert squirm.

But even more satisfying is when, at 54:51, Green is caught blatantly lying (over his apparently random allegations against a sheriff). And like a fish on a hook, the frantic wriggling which ensues is sheer music to the ears and may remind you of some of the interviews you’ve seen/heard with his fellow wrigglers Sabine and Belinda.

Then at 1:11:05, we hear how, predictably, the leading lights from the dark side of the troofer movement and alternative media jumped on the bandwagon and, even though the whole thing had been irrefutable proven to be a hoax, the usual suspects – including Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Roger Hayes, Lou Collins and, of course, Belinda McKenzie – called for people to go to hoaxer Robert Green’s trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court to protest his innocence. Gerrish apparently offered to lay on coaches and Belinda “stormed the car park” (at the court) and started yelling over the wall! Does this remind you of the Christ Church protests at all? (By the way, someone please tell me that Bellender’s car park ‘invasion’ is on video somewhere!)

We then hear about how Sylvia, one of the accused, experienced angry mobs shouting abuse, death threats and slander at her in the street. Disgraceful. And again, so reminiscent of the Christ Church protests, which included Christine Sands screaming “They’re fucking your children, they’re cutting off your children’s heads” in front of two terrified toddlers; and Mark Haining, Justyna Rzeska, Neelu Berry and Leigh Ravenscroft pursuing an innocent old lady (whom they’d mistaken for Christ Church School’s head teacher, who looks nothing like her) down the street, shouting…abuse, death threats and slander.

Then, of course, there’s the round-the-clock harassment, intimidation and abuse of Hampstead residents which Belnda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill and Charlotte Ward are all on record as claiming to be acceptable. Many people wrongly accused in the Hollihoax fiasco were similarly persecuted.

But rest assured, folks – the people who leading this muck-spreading are well intentioned. They’re not just wrecking lives for their own personal gain. Right? Wrong:

Go to 1:23:35 and hear what Sarah has to say:

One of the thing that strikes me about Blinda-followers and Gerrish-followers is that they’re quite often people who are vulnerable and maybe not people who have a high level of education…And to bring it back to the Hollie Greig case…Anne, a woman with mental health problems, is surrounded by these people who are actually using her. Who’s looking after her…and Hollie? I don’t know.Is it Belinda? Is Belinda looking after her best interests? Or is Belinda just writing her website and collecting from the donate button? And this is exactly the same question I have asked Gerrish and Hayes and neither of them can give me a good answer. And that’s basically what we’re looking at. It’s a vulnerable woman surrounded by these fruitloops.

It’s a poor reflection on us a society if we don’t learn from our collective mistakes. Encouragingly, many people who had followed the Hollie Greig hoax spotted that Hampstead was a hoax from the outset, so clearly some people are capable of learning from history. Sadly, however, there are also those who don’t. Please keep continuing to educate them.

Thank you 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Holliehoax & Hoaxtead: Startling Parallels?

      • I can assure you there will be tears of joy shed on this side of the Atlantic, too, when that happy day comes – c/o me as well as many other supporters familiar with the case. By the way, outstanding article as always ! Comparing the two cases draws predictable elements common to autopsies of all modern ‘moral panics’ into sharp focus – most notably, the preying of a few opportunistic charlatans ‘at the top’ on weaker intellects and/ or more fragile psyches specifically targeted to hop aboard their delusional bandwagons. Fortunately, these very same elements guarantee their downfalls in the end…

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        • Thanks, MME 🙂
          And nicely put re. moral panic ‘syndrome’. I don’t get why this shit happens over and over with that hard core of idiots believing it again and again. Mind you, I’ve answered my own question there – they’re idiots.
          This sort of thing needs more mainstream coverage – satanic panic is a modern menace that people need to be aware of and prepared for.


  1. The Holliehoax is like a trial run for Hampstead. It makes me wonder what Belinda’s next trick will be? Accuse the entire population of Wolverhampton of molesting a toddler inside a wheelie bin?

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  2. That’s interesting considering “Ricky Dearman” isn’t even the father of those children.


    • Yes he is, Walter. LOL
      Now stop sitting at your computer all day scrounging off benefits and obsessing over conspiracy theories and get a life.

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    • For someone who was recently deriding readers of this blog for “being on benefits” and “wasting time obsessing” about conspiracy theories, you do seem to have spent a great deal of time drawing erroneous conclusions about this case, Walter.

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  3. The Hollie Greig case an the Hampstead fiasco are alike, too right they are, you only have to know who the script writers are.

    Vengeful mother, want to exact as much damage on her ex husband
    A massive long list, conjured up by the Mother
    A Mother who is clearly suffering with some kind of mental illness
    Everyone high up in the establishment involved lol
    Lawyers that will not touch the case with a barge pole
    A father who is, Satan himself according to the Mother
    Sabine and Belinda involved.
    The Father was meant to have been poisoning the children (same in both cases)
    The Father was the leader of the ring/cult and shared the children around
    The father threatening to kill the children (in Hollie’s case the dog too) something which Hollie denies on video but her Mother changes what she says to suit her agenda.
    Protests accusing innocent people

    The list of similarities is endless……shocking to the core.

    AND… non of the supporters can see this because they are so desperate for both stories to be true

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  4. Robert Green was chucked off the Hollie case ages ago Belinda put up a post saying that Robert had retired lol lol lol and then Robert put up a post saying ‘Oh no he hadn’t’ hahahhahahhahahhaha Anne fell out with Robert years ago, he was jealous because Anne moved in with Carl Sims.

    Anne use to write the most horrid letters to Robert, she had had enough of him because he was making himself a right idiot.

    He could not go back though could he he had to justify his time in prison by banging on regardless fucking twat

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